The 17 Best Tulum Hotels on The Beach

tulum hotel on the beach

Imagine your toes dipped in powdery sand with teal ocean waves crashing at your feet: there’s nothing quite like the island paradise that is Tulum. My favorite thing about any oceanside destination is the beach. If it were up to me, I’d have spent my entire vacation lying at the beach sipping margaritas! Beachfront hotels … Read more

The 17 Top 5-Star Resorts in Tulum

5 star resorts in tulum

Tulum is always charming, but the way to truly elevate it is by finding a stay that ticks off all the boxes of your desire. For a truly opulent experience, a 5-star hotel in Tulum is the way to go. Be prepared to get blown away, as I guide you through the best this lovely … Read more

Traveling To Cabo in March: Weather & Activities

cabo in march

Catch the last waves of the whale-watching season and dive into unforgettable spring break fiestas. A perfect combination of sun-soaked days, epic nightlife, and aquatic adventures that’ll have you swooning, visiting Cabo in spring is like hitting the vacation jackpot. March ushers you into a coastal carnival in Cabo. You can go snorkeling with whales, … Read more

Travelling From Cabo to La Paz: The 4 Best Options

cabo to la paz

The picturesque journey from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz is a travel escapade that I always felt unveils the heart of Baja California Sur. As a seasoned traveler who has explored the vibrant corners of Latin America, this route remains a gem. We’ll navigate the various transportation options available. From shared shuttles to the … Read more

Traveling To Cabo in August: Is It a Good Time?

Cabo in August

Ready for a sizzling adventure? Join me as we dive into the sunny haven of Cabo San Lucas, right near the end of summer! We are about to uncover the magic of summer vibes against the backdrop of a breathtaking oceanic horizon.  From the warm embrace of the Sea of Cortez to the vibrant town … Read more

The 11 Best Resorts In Cabo For Couples

resort in cabo for couples

As you plan your escape to the romantic paradise of Cabo, read through this guide with the best resorts for couples. From breathtaking ocean views to intimate amenities, and couples spa treatments, discover the perfect retreats to revel in love and luxury. Whether you’re craving exclusivity, adult-only fun, or beachfront bliss, Cabo has a lot … Read more

The 11 Best Wedding Resorts in Cabo

wedding resort in cabo

Celebrating your union with your partner is one of the most crucial milestones of your life, and if the event takes place in Cabo, your wedding day can be straight out of a dream. I am here to spill the beans on the creme de la creme of wedding resorts in Cabo so you can … Read more

The 11 Best Boutique Hotels in Cabo For A Unique Vibe

Best Boutique Hotels in Cabo

Where you stay often defines how your vacation will go. So, if you want an experience that is quaint, luxurious, and brimming with local charm, staying at a boutique hotel is often the best option. Nestled in the shores of the Pacific, the sunkissed paradise of Baja California beckons visitors from around the globe into … Read more

Cabo in February: Is It The Right Time To Visit?

cabo in february

Located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, Cabo is a sweet spot for a getaway. During February, the lively vibe and mild temperatures conspire to create the perfect harmony for an unforgettable escape here.  Experience the Mexican fiesta you’ve all been dreaming of. From beach days to whale-watching tours, I’ve shared the inside … Read more

The 13 Safest Cities In Mexico For Tourists

safest cities in mexico

Embark on a journey through some of Mexico’s safest destinations as we unveil the thirteen cities where tranquility, adventure, and safety come together.  In a country that pulsates with rich culture, vibrant history, and picturesque landscapes, you can explore these cities with safety as your companion. Experience the historical charms of San Miguel de Allende … Read more

The 5 Top Horseback Riding Tulum Tours

horseback riding tulum

Saddle up for an exhilarating journey through the equestrian paradise of Tulum. While the rhythmic hoofbeats echo, gallop along the sun-kissed shores of the Rivera Maya as you explore the pristine beaches, ancient ruins, lush jungles, and a variety of landscapes.  Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, the unique connection you’ll feel with … Read more