Medina of Marrakech: History, Culture, and Must-Do Activities

Medina of Marrakech

While Marrakech is a big city with many interesting neighborhoods, the Medina of Marrakesh is the historical part that many tourists imagine. No trip to Marrakech is complete without visiting Medina, so don’t listen to the fearmongering tourists who tell you there are too many beggars or it’s too busy. With my guide, you’ll be … Read more

Marrakech Travel Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Trip

Marrakech Travel Tips

By now, I’m sure you’re enchanted by Marrakech and thinking of visiting. Before you go, I’d like to give you my top Marrakech travel tips to ensure your trip goes smoothly and you have the best experience. Today’s post is not only based on my knowledge as a local but also on some of my … Read more

Shopping in Marrakech: Top Markets and Souks in Marrakech

best places for shopping in Marrakech

Go on a sensory adventure through the vibrant markets and hidden treasures of Marrakech! From the bustling souks of the Medina to the modern boutiques of Gueliz, this Moroccan city is a shopper’s paradise.  Join me as I uncover the secrets of shopping in Marrakech, from haggling for handmade rugs to discovering exquisite jewelry in … Read more

Marrakech Hot Air Balloon Rides: Experience Marrakech from Above

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Marrakech

Experience this sky-high adventure and discover the enchanting beauty of Marrakech like never before with hot air balloon rides! Drift above ancient cityscapes and rugged Atlas foothills as the sun paints the landscapes in hues of gold and pink. From helping inflate the balloon to indulging in a sumptuous Berber breakfast post-flight, experience the magic … Read more

Is Marrakech Worth Visiting?


After all, I’ve told you about Marrakech and its glorious Medina, I wouldn’t blame you for being intrigued. But I understand that many are skeptical because it’s such a crowded place. If you ask me, “Is Marrakech worth visiting?” Yes! Absolutely. That’s an undeniable fact in my opinion. Let me tell you why.  What I … Read more

Top Cooking Class in Marrakech: Master Moroccan Dishes

Cooking in Marrakech

Discover the flavors of Morroco with immersive cooking classes in Marrakech! Dive into the heart of Moroccan cuisine as you embark on a culinary journey through vibrant markets, fragrant spice souks, and traditional riads.  From mastering the art of tagine cooking to perfecting the delicate balance of spices in Moroccan tea, these classes offer a … Read more

Souks of Marrakech: An Insider’s Guide to Shopping

souks of Marrakech

If all you’ve ever experienced is the North American-style mall, shopping at the souks of Marrakech is bound to leave a lasting impression. As soon as you step in, you’ll find that your senses are overwhelmed—by sights, aromas, colors, and even tastes! Let me walk you through everything you need to know before you go … Read more

Marrakech Food: Local Delicacies of the Red City

Marrakech foods

There’s a lot to see in Marrakech. But just as there are many wonderful sights, aromas, and tastes to explore in this wonderful city. As a Moroccan, I’m proud of the cuisine of my country, and I’m here to show you what to eat in Marrakech for the ultimate experience.  What To Eat in Marrakech? … Read more

What to Wear in Marrakech?

bag pack for Marrakech

Respecting cultural norms when visiting a different country is a crucial aspect to consider, especially when it comes to clothing. You also need to take into account the weather—really hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. Many people ask me for advice regarding what to wear in Marrakech. While dressing modestly is preferred, … Read more

Marrakech to Fes: Journey Through Morocco

Marrakech to Fes

Embark on a journey through the heart of Morocco as I unravel the adventure of covering the distance from Marrakech to Fes. From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the ancient medinas of Fes, this route is a showcase of culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes.  Join me as I explore the various modes of transport, … Read more

Where to Stay in Marrakech? Accommodation Options Revealed

Marrakech hotel

Discover the ultimate guide to finding the best place to stay in Marrakech! From mesmerizing riads in the heart of the medina to luxurious resorts offering panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech has accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you are looking for authentic old city charm or the modern comforts of the … Read more

Casablanca to Marrakech: Echoes of Morocco

Casablanca to Marrakech

Gear up for a journey through Morocco’s mesmerizing landscapes, from the lively streets of Casablanca to the enchanting allure of Marrakech! Let’s navigate the options for travel, uncover hidden gems along the way, and delve into the rich tapestry of culture and history that awaits between these two cities. Get ready to embark on an … Read more