31 Best Restaurants in Mexico City

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I’m a foodie at heart, so experiencing a different culture’s food is one of my priorities during my travels.  After exploring Mexico City for some time, I’ve tried a variety of restaurants, ranging from the good to the bad. Let’s explore my list of the top restaurants in Mexico City. El Turix 📍Location: Av. Emilio … Read more

The 17 Best Hotels in Mexico City: Elevate Your Stay

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I took my time exploring CDMX, staying in a variety of accommodations. I’ve stayed in the best and the worst hotels in Mexico City. Today, I want to share the top accommodation options in this vibrant city based on my experience. Best Hotels in Mexico City Let me jump right in. These are the hotels … Read more

Best Time to Visit Mexico City

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Looking to unlock the secrets of Mexico City’s charm? Plan your perfect getaway with insider tips on the best time to visit! From vibrant festivals to optimal weather conditions, timing is everything when exploring this dynamic city.  Whether you’re a culture connoisseur, foodie fanatic, or history buff, this comprehensive guide will help you find your … Read more

Best Tacos in Mexico City You Must Try

tacos in mexico city

When you think of Mexican cuisine, the first thing that often comes to mind is tacos! This fun, delicious, and healthy dish is a soul food for Mexico. Some historians even argue that tacos predate the arrival of the Spanish. There are so many different Taco options in CDMX that it is difficult to say … Read more

Does it Snow in Mexico City? Exploring the Winter Weather Phenomenon

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Welcome to the great Mexican snow debate! Nestled amidst Mexico City’s bustling streets and the colorful culture of Mexico City, one might wonder: does snow ever grace this vibrant city? Let’s unravel the truth behind the elusive snowflakes in this city’s sky. Delve into the city’s unique climate, historical snowfall events, and the factors that … Read more

Best Mexico City landmarks

mexico city landmarks

After my first couple of days in Mexico City, I noticed that even exploring the streets was an activity in and of itself. Many historical places in Mexico City have become landmarks. From neoclassical buildings to contemporary murals, these are all worth taking a closer look at.  Whether you’re an art enthusiast like me, an … Read more

11 Best Mexico City Museums You Must Visit

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Mexico has so much to offer tourists that you can never really get tired. While the beaches are often what draws vacationers to the country, visiting the capital also offers a lot more to explore. Mexico City offers a more rounded experience than its beach-centric siblings. The capital has plenty of Museums to visit that … Read more

Is Mexico City Safe?

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I find no other city comparable to the vibrant streets of Mexico City, bustling with life. The aroma of street food wafting through the air and the colorful tapestry of culture woven into every corner. But is Mexico City safe to visit? While the media might paint a different picture, but trust me, there’s nothing … Read more

Mexico City In February: Worth A Visit?

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As a seasoned traveler, checking flight prices has become a routine part of my travel planning, especially during the off-season, to snag those savings.  Just at the start of last year, I stumbled upon some irresistible flight deals to Mexico, and before I knew it, I was in Mexico City right in the heart of … Read more

Top 8 Most Famous Mexico City Library

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As a travel enthusiast and avid reader, I explored Mexico City to discover not just its vibrant culture and history but also its hidden literary treasures. In this article, I’ll take you on a journey through the city’s top libraries, each offering a unique aspect that captivates any book lover’s heart. Best Libraries in Mexico … Read more

The 10 Best Mexico City Neighborhoods For Your Next Visit

Mexico City Neighborhoods

Tourist towns like Cancun get all the hype when people are thinking of visiting Mexico. But after visiting Mexico City, I was mesmerized by its bustling charm. The vibrant energy is palpable everywhere, but the best areas in Mexico City are somewhere between tourist traps and local suburbs. So, I’m here to tell you about … Read more

Uber in Mexico City: An Ultimate Travel Guide About Safety & Rates

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When traveling to Mexico, the big question mostly is, does Uber work in Mexico City? The answer is definitely yes. Hold on to your sombreros, and get ready to enter the Mexican capital in style and comfort. Navigating this vibrant metropolis has never been easier and more exciting. From the convenience of cash payments to … Read more