Mexico City In February: Worth A Visit?

As a seasoned traveler, checking flight prices has become a routine part of my travel planning, especially during the off-season, to snag those savings. 

Just at the start of last year, I stumbled upon some irresistible flight deals to Mexico, and before I knew it, I was in Mexico City right in the heart of February. 

Was it a spur-of-the-moment decision or perhaps the best leap of faith I’ve ever taken? 

Hint: The city is a mosaic of colors, tastes, and celebrations, sparking your wanderlust in ways you’ve never imagined. Let me guide you through the enchanting streets of Mexico City, where its allure is most captivating amidst the crisp air of February.

Is February a good time to visit Mexico City?

As someone who has visited Mexico multiple times over the years, I can confidently say yes. Some might even say it’s the best month because there are so many festivals and activities! 

Although it’s technically winter, I always found Mexico City Weather in February to be quite pleasant. It’s not too hot, but it’s not cold either.

Also, the festive atmosphere this time of the year adds to the excitement of visiting this wonderful city. There are a variety of cultural events and celebrations you can explore to get a real feel of the city. 

Also, there are plenty of venues and events where people can enjoy live music in Mexico City, which becomes more enjoyable in February with the good weather. The streets are usually filled with music, colors, and delicious food. 

Even better, because February is not the “tourist season,” you can enjoy your stay at budget prices! I guess the only time you’ll find more tourists would be Valentine’s Day.  

What is Mexico’s weather like in February?

As I mentioned earlier, the weather is one of the highlights of visiting Mexico this time of the year. The temperature in Mexico City in February averages around 50°F to 75°F (10°C to 24°C). In my opinion, that’s pretty comfortable weather to go sightseeing and enjoy outdoor activities. 

More so, there’s minimal rainfall during the dry season. For me, that means less having to worry about sudden bouts of rain interrupting my hike or exploration of the city. 

February is generally considered the driest month of the year in Mexico. That means sunny days that aren’t too hot and pleasant nights perfect for taking a stroll through the city.

How to pack for Mexico City in February?

I never thought that packing for CDMX was too complicated during the dry season. Still, here are my tips on what you should pack:

  • Layers: Pack lightweight clothing that you can layer, as the weather can vary from cool mornings to warmer afternoons.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Bring comfortable walking shoes to explore the city’s streets and attractions.
  • Sun Protection: Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Rain Gear: February can bring occasional rain showers, so a compact umbrella or a rain jacket is handy.
  • Evening Attire: Include a few dressier outfits if you plan to enjoy Mexico City’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene.
  • Adaptable Accessories: Pack versatile accessories like scarves or shawls that can add warmth or style to your outfits.
  • Travel Essentials: Don’t forget your travel documents, camera, portable charger, and any medications you may need.

9 places you can visit in Mexico City in February

Although February is technically the off-season in Mexico City, there are plenty of activities for visitors. The following are 9 of my favorite places to visit in February:

1. Chapultepec Castle

Inside of Chapultepec Castle

This is one of the only two palaces in Mexico City that were inhabited by Monarchs. Naturally, exploring its grand halls and historic rooms was a captivating experience. 

If you’re interested in architecture, you’ll truly appreciate the stunning designs throughout the castle. I especially liked the panoramic views of the city—that’s something to take your breath away!

The weather was perfect when I visited the castle. So, I was able to enjoy a peaceful escape into the gardens that are full of beautiful landscapes and exquisite sculptures. This trip was a blend of history, culture, nature, and architectural beauty. 

2. Chapultepec Zoo 

Deers in Chapultepec Zoo 

Opened almost a century ago, this government-run zoo is a great activity to add to your itinerary. It’s perfect for families with kids, but I think that even solo travelers can enjoy the variety of attractions available. 

The lush tropical forest pathways and a large variety of wildlife make this zoo a special place to visit. There is also a savanna region in the zoo where animals from other habitats are located. 

More importantly, their conservation efforts are evident, and there are plenty of educational exhibits that highlight the importance of protecting endangered species. 

I especially enjoyed the interactive experiences, such as feeding giraffes and watching colorful birds in flight. Here are some of the other attractions the zoo offers:

  • Herpetarium
  • Butterfly House
  • Elephant Museum

3. Bellas Artes 

Bellas Artes 

Also known as the Palace of Fine Arts, this striking architectural gem was great to visit with a friend who was an art major. The blend of neoclassical and Nouveau styles reflects the rich artistic heritage of the palace. 

Even if you are a total newbie when it comes to art, you can appreciate the inspiring murals painted by famous artists such as Diego Rivera. This is a place to understand Mexico’s vibrant history and culture truly. 

Then, there’s the theater. Opulent interiors and world-class ballets, operas, and concerts. This was a memorable experience for me, as I don’t usually get the chance to enjoy the performing arts. Bellas Artes is a living masterpiece that everyone needs to see once to be artistically inspired.

4. Six Flags 

Six Flags 

If you’re looking for fun places to visit in Mexico City in February, this is the place for you. Six Flags is an amusement park that promises adrenaline-packed activities and doesn’t hold back. There are attractions suitable for all ages, so solo travelers and families can enjoy the rides alike. 

The lively atmosphere and colorful rides are palpable from the moment you enter this place. If you’re a thrill seeker like me, you’ll love the roller coasters and water attractions this destination offers. It was a great way to take a break from cultural exploration and more serious sightseeing endeavors. 

5. Teotihuacan 


Mexico has a rich history with ancient landmarks, and Teotihuacan is a pre-hispanic city that’s only 30-40 km (25 miles) from Mexico City. It’s the perfect day trip because the ride is considerably short, and there’s a lot to explore. 

I preferred visiting Teotihuacan in February because the weather is pleasant enough to allow me to truly appreciate the ancient wonders of this Mesoamerican city. 

There are also fewer tourists, so it’s less crowded. Great for taking photos without others getting in the way!

Here are some of the things you can do in Teotihuacan:

  • Explore the Avenue of the Dead: A 1.5-mile stretch that showcases Teotihuacan’s urban layout.
  • Climb the Pyramid of the Sun: The iconic pyramid towers at 216 feet. This archaeological site is the third-largest pyramid in the world. The views from the top are breathtaking, and you can truly see the scale of the ancient city. 
  • Visit the Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl): Characterized by its intricate stone carvings and mythological motifs, this structure is a must-see for anyone visiting Teotihuacan. The temple was a focal point for rituals and ceremonies, and I found that it was a great place to learn about the ancient beliefs of this ancient civilization. 

6. Soumaya Museum 

Soumaya Museum 

This cultural institution houses a diverse collection of art that anyone can appreciate. It was designed by the infamous architect Fernando Romero, and I found the striking architectural design a lovely sight to behold.

Inside, the range of artwork spans continents. There’s everything from Rodin and Van Gogh to Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo. 

I might not be an art buff, but it’s tough not to find something that draws your attention at this museum. 

I suggest visiting the Museum if the weather gets too hot because air-conditioned interiors will give you respite from the February sun. 

7. National Anthropology Museum 

National Anthropology Museum 

This is a treasure trove of ancient artifacts and cultural insights that offer a deep dive into the rich history and heritage of Mexico’s indigenous peoples.

The museum’s exhibits are organized thematically, covering topics such as pre-Hispanic Mexico, ethnography, and contemporary indigenous cultures.

I particularly enjoyed the Aztec room, which showcases remarkable artifacts like the Piedra del Sol (Sun Stone) and the Aztec calendar. 

Other exhibits that caught my attention were those of the Mayan civilization. The intricately carved ceramic vessels with mythological scenes are fascinating to explore. 

Visiting the National Anthropology Museum in February is perfect because the pleasant weather allowed me to explore the outdoor exhibits better. 

Also, fewer crowds meant that I got the attention of guides and could take my time viewing the extensive collection. 

8. Gilardi House (the original house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera) 

Gilardi House

Gilardi House, once the residence of renowned artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, is a must-visit attraction in CDMX. After all, who visits Mexico City without knowing about the volatile love story between these two cultural icons? 

Stepping into this historic house is like stepping back in time, where you can explore the spaces where these iconic figures lived and worked. The house is filled with personal items, artwork, and memorabilia that offer a glimpse into their lives and artistic endeavors.

I loved strolling through the beautiful garden and reflecting on the creative energy that once permeated this iconic residence.

9. Papalote Museum (for the kids)

Papalote Museum

The Papalote Museum in Mexico City is a fantastic destination for kids, offering a blend of fun and educational experiences. This interactive museum features a wide range of exhibits and activities designed to spark curiosity and creativity in children. 

From hands-on science experiments to interactive displays about nature, technology, and culture—Papalote Museum provides an engaging learning environment for young minds.

Visiting the Papalote Museum in February is ideal, as the weather allows for enjoyable indoor activities. Children can immerse themselves in the museum’s interactive exhibits, learn new things, and have a memorable experience exploring the fascinating world of science, art, and technology. 

It’s a perfect outing for families looking to engage their kids in a fun and educational way during their visit to Mexico City.

Places to Go for Food in Mexico City in February

One of my favorite things to do during my travels is experience the food. Mexico is well-known for its amazing cuisine, so it’s tough to boil it down to a few suggestions. Yet, these were my favorite places to eat in CDMX:

1. CHETITO’s Gourmet tacos

📍Location: Calle Guanajuato 239 Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City 

This may be a small restaurant, but they served up some of the best tacos I have ever tasted. They were so good, we ordered a second round after thinking we could have a light lunch. 

It’s still not very “famous” so there’s no line to wait or anything, and the flavors are so unique. I’d say that these aren’t regular tacos—they’re gourmet tacos. Not to mention that the ingredients taste fresh.

2. Pinche Gringo BBQ’s Authentic BBQ (similar to what you’d find in Texas)

📍Location: Cumbres de Maltrata 360 Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez, Mexico City

If you feel like stepping back from Mexican cuisine for a day or just want something different, try this place. 

This restaurant delivers such an unforgettable barbecue experience you might think you’re actually in Texas. You can’t go wrong with melt-in-your-mouth brisket and ribs that fall off the bone. 

Despite its popularity, the wait times are reasonable, and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. If you’re craving authentic barbecue done right, Pinche Gringo BBQ is a must-visit spot that will leave you craving more.

3. Peltre lonchería’s breakfast

📍Location: Avenida Alvaro Obregon 85 Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City

This comfy restaurant is great for Mexican food with a twist. The ambiance is cozy and inviting, perfect for a casual meal or a quick bite, but I think it’s best for breakfast. Did I mention that the coffee is astoundingly good? 

There are many large pastries and rich options for breakfast, and I also recommend the concha and the garibaldi. The retro-urban design gives this place a laid-back vibe, and they offer seating both inside and outside the cafe. 

4. Cancino’s Pizza 

📍Location: Calle Julio Verne 112 Polanco, Mexico City 

This pizza chain has branches all over CDMX, but I tried the one on Julio Verne. If you’re craving great pizzas with Mexican flair, this is the place to go. There isn’t usually a long wait time unless you come during rush hour. 

The pizzas are a perfect balance of flavors and top-notch ingredients that elevate them to gourmet status in my opinion. The staff are friendly, and the ambiance is great for an informal quick meal. I’d say the price was in the mid-range, but the taste is worth it!

5. Casa de Toño’s Traditional Mexican comfort food

📍Location: Sabino 166, Col. Santa Ma. Insurgentes, Mexico City

Lastly, this cherished dining spot is renowned for its delectable Mexican cuisine and warm hospitality. The restaurant offers a cozy ambiance perfect for a delightful meal with friends or family. Casa de Toño offers a range of traditional dishes full of authentic flavors. 

In my opinion, the portion sizes were generous. The friendly staff added to the welcoming atmosphere, which made my experience of Mexican cuisine all the more exciting. 

How Do You Get Around Mexico City?

Getting around Mexico City is quite easy and convenient. I usually rely on the extensive public transportation system, including the Metro Subway, which covers most of the city and has affordable fares. 

For shorter distances or exploring specific neighborhoods, I prefer using taxis or ridesharing services like Uber or Didi, which are readily available and offer a comfortable way to navigate the city.

Walking is also enjoyable, especially in areas like Roma, Condesa, or the historic center, where you can soak in the vibrant atmosphere and discover hidden gems along the way. Overall, there are plenty of options for convenient and efficient travel in Mexico City.

Why Is Mexico City So Expensive In February?

One of the main reasons is the high tourist season during this time, especially around Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day weekend. 

This influx of tourists leads to increased demand for accommodation, dining, and entertainment, causing prices to rise.

Additionally, February marks the end of the dry season and the beginning of spring, making it a popular time for outdoor activities and events, further driving up costs. 

It’s essential to plan and budget accordingly if visiting Mexico City in February to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience without overspending.

Final Thoughts

From exploring historic landmarks like Chapultepec Castle to savoring the delicious flavors of Chetito’s gourmet tacos, every moment in Mexico City was filled with wonder. 

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or a food lover, Mexico City offers something special for everyone. Embrace the festive atmosphere, indulge in the diverse cuisine, and immerse yourself in the city’s unique charm.