Top Cooking Class in Marrakech: Master Moroccan Dishes

Discover the flavors of Morroco with immersive cooking classes in Marrakech! Dive into the heart of Moroccan cuisine as you embark on a culinary journey through vibrant markets, fragrant spice souks, and traditional riads. 

From mastering the art of tagine cooking to perfecting the delicate balance of spices in Moroccan tea, these classes offer a hands-on experience like no other. Led by passionate local chefs, each session promises to tantalize your taste buds and enrich your cultural understanding.    

8 Best Cooking Classes in Marrakech

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll enjoy learning about the local cuisine of Marrakech. Here are the top nine cooking classes in the city that you would like to keep an eye out for.

1. Moroccan Cooking Class & Marrakech Market Visit with Chef Khmisa

Moroccan Cooking Class with Chef Khmisa
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Experience the essence of Marrakech cuisine with Khmisa and Kawtar in Marrakech’s heart, the medina. Khmisa, a seasoned chef with 25 years of expertise in Moroccan cuisine and pastry, invites you to her traditional Moroccan house.

Accompanied by Kawtar, a hospitality and tourism graduate, the duo promises a delightful cooking class starting at 10:00 am till lunchtime. 

Begin with a warm welcome of traditional mint tea as you discuss the day’s menu, featuring authentic Moroccan dishes.

Embark on a journey through the Old Souk, immersing in the vibrant atmosphere to gather fresh ingredients. Return to Khmisa’s cozy abode to start the culinary adventure, crafting a starter, main course, and dessert in a warm, family-like ambiance.

2. Marrakesh Cooking Class With Chef Hassan – Local Dishes

Marrakesh Cooking Class With Chef Hassan
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Book this cooking class for a unique experience while vacationing in Marrakech. Spanning over 4 hours, it amps up your culinary skills and delves into Moroccan traditions and history.

Beginning with a market tour to procure fresh ingredients, you’ll be served traditional mint tea to bond over. 

Don’t worry about your skill levels, as you’ll be taught all traditional techniques, including peeling, chopping, and seasoning tagines with local spices. All participants collaborate on multiple dishes, fostering a diverse learning environment.

Upon completion, everyone indulges in their creations. Chef Hassan is always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and will gladly share all the recipes at the end of the class. Even kids are welcome to join. 

3. Moroccan Cooking Class for Lunch or Dinner at Our Cozy Kitchen

Moroccan Cooking Class at Our Cozy Kitchen
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Embark on a culinary journey in Marrakech with a dynamic 4-hour cooking class. Held either at 10:30 am or at 5:30 pm, participants gather in a well-equipped kitchen just minutes away from the central square.

Led by expert instructors, attendees explore local markets to select the freshest ingredients, an exclusive feature of the morning session.

From peeling to spicing, lean traditional Moroccan cooking techniques while engaging in discussion about Moroccan culture and history. The highlight? Crafting multiple dishes using a variety of spices.

Cap off the experience by savoring the creations together. The menu features starters like Zaalouk and Taktouka, a choice of Tajine, and the dessert Mehncha.  

4. La Maison Arabe’s Cooking Class

La Maison Arabe’s Cooking Class

Experience the essence of Moroccan cuisine at La Maison Arabe’s cooking classes in Marrakesh. Each participant enjoys a personal workstation, learning to craft traditional dishes using fresh local ingredients under the guidance of a Moroccan cook.

Following the instructions, guests prepare a meal and then savor their creations. The workshop includes an introduction to the course with interpreters available in French and/or English, a Moroccan tea ceremony, and a demonstration of bread-making.

Participants can explore Moroccan wines in a tasting session. With flexible duration options, this workshop offers an immersive culinary journey into Moroccan gastronomy.  

5. Cooking Class With Chef Fatima

Cooking Class With Chef Fatima

Immerse yourself in Moroccan culinary traditions with Chef Fatima’s cooking class in Marrakech, set in a vintage and traditional space within the heart of the old Medina.

Guests convene at a designated meeting point before going to the local Souk, where they handpick fresh ingredients for their course. 

Accompanied by Chef Fatima, participants stroll through the vibrant Medina to her family’s traditional house.

The chosen souk varies depending on the day and climate, except on Fridays, a Muslim public holiday when markets are typically closed in the afternoon.

The menu features starters like Tomato Salad and Moroccan Salad, alongside mains such as Chicken Tagine with Lemon and traditional Couscous. 

6. Half-Day Cooking Class With Local Chef Laila in Marrakech

Cooking Class With Local Chef Laila in Marrakech
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Set out on a culinary journey with local chef Laila during a half-day cooking class, unraveling the secrets of Moroccan cuisine.

Join Laila as she guides you through the vibrant market, selecting fresh produce and enlightening you about traditional herbs and spices. Under Laila’s expert guidance, participants craft an appetizer, main course, and dessert in the kitchen. 

The class caters to various dietary preferences, including allergies, vegetarians, and vegans. Beginning at a designated meeting point, guests undergo a brief allergy check before delving into the culinary adventure.

The menu showcases Moroccan specialties such as Zaalouk, Chicken Preserved Lemon, and Orange a la Cannelle.

7. Cooking Class With Chef Najla

Cooking Class With Chef Najla

Join Chef Najla’s cooking class for an immersive experience in Moroccan cuisine. Instead of a market, participants will visit nearby shops to gather ingredients before heading to Chef Najla’s home.

The session kicks off with a lesson on making Moroccan tea, followed by a delightful tea time featuring Moroccan cookies and cakes.

The guests will then be guided through the preparation of starters and main courses, sharing her personal techniques and unique blend of herbs and spices. But for afternoon classes, skip the shopping step, as the vegetables are pre-purchased.

The menu showcases a variety of Moroccan salads and tagines, including options like Lamb Tagine with Caramelized Prunes and Vegetarian Tagine.  

8. Cooking Classes Farm to Table Marrakech

Cooking Classes Farm to Table Marrakech
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Join a small group Moroccan cooking class with no prior preparation at all. Meet the guide inside the bustling medina of Marrakech to embark on a culinary adventure. Begin by exploring the local market to discover an array of fresh ingredients and learn about their significance in Moroccan cuisine. 

Provided with aprons, participants then proceed to their stations to prepare a traditional tajine. Immerse yourself in the cooking process while also gaining insights into Moroccan culture.

After cooking for half a day, enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure. Return to the farm for Moroccan tea and sweets before delving into the outdoor kitchen to craft your tajines amidst the picturesque surroundings. 


Inspired by the rich tapestry of Moroccan cuisine, cooking classes in Marrakech offer more than just recipes; they’re a gateway to cultural immersion.

As the aroma of spices lingers and the memories of vibrant market visits dance in your mind, you’ll leave with more than just a culinary experience – you’ll carry a piece of Marrakech’s soul in every dish you create.