The 11 Best Wedding Resorts in Cabo

Celebrating your union with your partner is one of the most crucial milestones of your life, and if the event takes place in Cabo, your wedding day can be straight out of a dream.

I am here to spill the beans on the creme de la creme of wedding resorts in Cabo so you can choose a venue that is perfect for your special day.

Romantic backdrops of sun-kissed beaches and aquamarine waters await you on this little seaside Mexican pearl. Let’s look at some of the best resorts for destination weddings in Cabo, to immortalize your nuptials. 

Top 11 Cabo Wedding Resorts

Here are the top eleven Cabo San Lucas wedding resorts you need to know.

1. Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

A tall and beautiful gazebo awaits you at Riu Palace on the Baja Peninsula. Here, you can exchange vows, with the vast cerulean ocean as your witness and the crashing of gentle waves of the Pacific becoming the perfect soundtrack to your wedding.

Riu Palace is great for wedding celebrations, offering everything from on-site nightclub parties to private infinity pools. As your wedding day approaches, relax and unwind at Renova Spa, which has top-notch facilities with a sauna, hydro-massage tub, and a beauty area.

You can also explore Lovers’ Beach, go parasailing, or relax by the poolside with your swim-out suite and enjoy some brilliant cocktails and 24/7 service. It’s the perfect wedding destination in Cabo.    

Weddings at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

gazebo at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas
Wedding Gazebo At Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Weddings at Riu Palace are beautiful. They offer four wedding packages with varying options to fit different budgets. You even get to choose between two different venues: the gazebo and the beach.  

Wedding Packages

  • Classic – $1199 for 2 
  • Royal – $2999 for 20 guests
  • Caprice – $4999 for 40 guests
  • Indulgence – $7999 for 50 guests

Each package includes the ceremony, wedding cake, and reception dinner. You can add more amenities if you increase your budget.  

2. Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort

Nestled in the chic community of Puerto Los Cabos, it is surrounded by mountain magic and desert vibes. This adult-only, all-inclusive property is considered the ultimate destination for your dream ceremony.

All the rooms have a Mexican Hacienda charm, a variety of dining delights for all the guests to enjoy, and plenty of romantic nooks.

You don’t need to worry about all the wedding planning as there’s a squad of wedding wizards on standby, from pampering you during your pre-wedding fun, all the way to your departure.

Your guests can enjoy pre-wedding adventures like a stroll along the Pacific or a visit to the on-site botanical garden. It’s the ultimate choice for destination weddings in Cabo.  

Wedding at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

gazebo at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort
Wedding Gazebo

With a choice of five wedding packages, there is something for every couple, even a special one for those planning to elope. And there are six wedding venues for you to pick from. 

Wedding Packages

  • Wedding in Paradise – $999 for 10 guests
  • Secrets of Love – $3399 for 30 guests
  • Secret Ultimate – $3799 for 30 guests
  • Beyond Memorable – $7500 for 79 guests, $11999 for 100 guests

Each package includes the ceremony, wedding cake, spa discounts, and a variety of other amenities. 

3. Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas has wedding resorts of all types, but Hyatt Ziva offers the ultimate fiesta. Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, it offers jaw-dropping views of the vibrant San Jose Del Cabo, a real jackpot when it comes to wedding destinations.

The ceremony is hosted with a picturesque backdrop of pristine blue waters, spectacular sunsets, and the most ideal Pacific weather.

With 35,000 square feet of event space, you can customize, you can also say your “I dos” on Central Beach, Zaffiro Beach, or Hacienda Beach.  

Weddings at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

wedding decoration of Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Hyatt Ziva offered three wedding packages with either 10, 20, or more guests. You get a variety of nine venues to choose from, including several beaches, a gazebo, and ballrooms. 

Wedding Packages

  • Intimate Elegance – $2149 for 10 guests 
  • Lavish & Opulent – $6409 for 20 guests
  • Luxury – $13070 for 38 guests

All packages include the ceremony, wedding cake, bouquet, boutonniere, and a lot more. 

4. Grand Velas Los Cabos

Grand Velas Los Cabos

If you’re looking for a swanky Mexican resort to host your destination wedding, Grand Velas it is! The resort takes the concept of “destination weddings” and elevates it to a whole new level of luxury.

They offer the best seaside venue with a jaw-dropping view, seven fine dining restaurants that offer gourmet cuisine that’ll have your guests’ tastebuds dancing, and a wedding planner to take away all your worries.

Whether you want to host an intimate ceremony or a full-blown shindig, Grand Velas has beautifully spacious suites, multi-layered infinity pools, and pampering services. Oh! And by the way, they’re an award-winning property, too! So, get ready to get married in style!

Weddings at Grand Velas Los Cabos

wddding zone at Grand Velas Los Cabos

Weddings at Grand Velas are a little different. They don’t offer their guests fixed wedding packages; they rather let you customize your wedding to the tee. You can choose between catering and gourmet food for 10 or 200 guests. It’s all up to you.

Since there are no fixed packages, you can pick from an a la carte menu, but that does make things a little pricier. Choose from a catalog of decor and six venues, including beaches and terraces, for your perfect wedding day.  

5. Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Gear up for your superhero love story at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. Imagine this: a high-quality electric guitar strumming as you walk down the picturesque aisle on the beach. The property offers stunning venues, seaside gazebos, and views that will make you do the happy dance.

You can host the most epic reception party, they have four spaces that can accommodate anywhere between 100 to 500 guests. From picturesque sunset beach altars to mesmerizing indoor chapels, make sure you book your dates in advance so that you don’t miss out on this beautiful venue.    

Weddings at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

The hotel offers five wedding packages, and one of them is even for free! You can pick from eleven eclectic venues, including a chapel and multiple terraces. 

Wedding Packages

  • Complimentary – Free for up to 30 guests
  • Free Spirit – $3500 for 32 guests
  • Tropical Paradise – $4000 for 32 guests
  • Modern Enchantment – $4500 for 32 guests
  • Lavish Daydream – $5000 for 32 guests 

Each package includes decor, the wedding ceremony, wedding cake, flowers, and more, depending on the package you choose. 

6. Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort

Get ready to say “I do” in the lap of the Pacific Ocean and the tranquil Sea of Cortez. In a sea of Cabo’s all-inclusive wedding resorts, Pueblo Bonito Beach Resort is the dream canvas for Cabo weddings.

The venue is a stunning blend of nature and luxury, offering an elegant setting for the most important day of your life. Picture yourself exchanging vows with the panoramic ocean and lush landscapes in the backdrop.

From intimate ceremonies by the water to lavish receptions in the most beautifully designed spaces, you can have it all.  

Weddings at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

wedding party of Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort

With four beautiful wedding packages to offer, there is one just for the groom and bride. They have a wide price range with multiple amenities and three beautiful venues to choose from.  

Wedding Packages

  • The Runaway Ceremony – $1399 for 2
  • The Sea of Love – $2990 for 10 guests
  • The Moonlight Romance – $3799 for 20 guests
  • The Golden Ocean – $4899 for 20 guests

All packages vary but include services like ceremony decor, sparkling wine, a wedding cake, a bouquet, a boutonniere, and much more.

7. The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

A gem of the Hyatt Group, The Cape is located in Baja California Sur and looks straight out of a dream. This slice of paradise is secluded as it is located in the surfer’s haven of Los Cabos.

You can’t find a more picturesque place to host your wedding. This beachside dream has a beautiful indoor space called A-Frame that can seat up to 130 guests. Then, there is The Green Room for an intimate ceremony with up to 12 guests, or the marvelous Glass Box for 45 guests.

But the real showstopper is Glimpse, a whopping 3000 sq ft rooftop venue. There’s a lot of variety to pick from. 

Weddings at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos 

Though they do not offer any fixed packages for weddings, the approximate charges per head can range from $135 to $350 depending on the number of guests you host, the amenities you choose, and the venue of the wedding.

You can host the ceremony and reception in one of their indoor and outdoor venue that includes the rooftop, pool-side terrace, surfer’s villa, and glass box. All locations boast the most beautiful view, making the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. 

8. Breathless Los Cabos

Breathless Los Cabos

Immerse yourself in the ultimate vibe of love and celebrate your day at Breathless Cabo San Lucas. This place combines luxury, passion, elegance, and the perfect setup for your wedding.

They have eight spectacular wedding venues for you to pick from, including a private beach and even their exclusive Purple rooftop Lounge. The best part is they only host one wedding a day, so you won’t have to worry about any confusion or wars over the perfect venue.

You’ll also be located close to Cabo’s Party Central so the bridal party and groomsmen can dive into the vibrant nightlife.  

Weddings at Breathless Los Cabos

wedding party at Breathless Los Cabos

This stunning resort has five wedding packages for all budgets. You can pick from venues including the beach, terrace, ballroom, lounge, and more.

Wedding Packages

  • Elope in Luxury – $1100 for 2
  • First Comes Love – $999 or free for 10 guests
  • Lucky In Love – $3399 for 30 guests
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Married – $3799 for 30 guests
  • Beyond Memorable – $7500 for 79 guests, $11999 for 100 guests

These packages include the wedding ceremony, discounted spa treatments, special turndown service, and much more. 

9. Paradisus Los Cabos

Paradisus Los Cabos

Celebrate your wedding day as you bask in the sunny glory of Cabo San Lucas. Paradisus has to be the dreamiest venue for a wedding extravaganza. This beautiful resort is a perfectly intertwined combination of elegance and beachy vibes, creating the ultimate setting for a romantic celebration.

With golden sand beneath your feet, azure waters, and the Sea of Cortez as your backdrop, you can have the most intimate wedding ceremony followed by an extravagant blowout in their beautifully done-up event space.

You will find top-notch service and impeccable amenities, this resort will be your best decision ever.   

Weddings at Paradisus Los Cabos

beach area of Paradisus Los Cabos

They offer three great wedding packages for an amazingly low price. You can pick from two beautiful venues (a beach and a terrace) with stunning views.

Wedding Packages

  • No Shows Allowed – $5000 for 20 guests
  • Nature Vibes – $5000 for 20 guests
  • Out with a Bang – $8500 for 40 guests

These packages include amenities like a decorated archway, wedding ceremony, bouquet and boutonniere, personalized food menu, and much more!

10. Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos

Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos

Le Blanc Spa Resort is where romance meets pure enchantment, and that too in the lap of luxury. You say “I do” in the presence of your loved ones as they watch you stroll down the white sand beach as the sun plunges into the Pacific, creating the perfect backdrop with warm hues.

If that’s not your vibe, go for something more chic with muted decor, crystal blue water, and infinity pools.

This property is adult-only and all-inclusive, so every desire – whether it’s chasing adventures or just sitting around with friends and family – will be fulfilled by the lovely people at Le Blanc Spa Resort.  

Weddings at Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos

wedding party at Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos

They offer three surprisingly affordable wedding packages. You can also pick from seven stunning venues, including the beach, terrace, and ballroom. 

Wedding Packages

  • Complimentary Collection – Free for up to 20 guests
  • Oceanside Elegance – $3000 for 30 guests
  • Desert Dreams – $4400 for 30 guests

These packages include amenities like the ceremony, themed wedding cake, bouquet and boutonniere, and a lot more!  

11. Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All-Inclusive Golf & Spa

Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All-Inclusive Golf & Spa

With bluer-than-blue waters, this resort is the ideal location for the most memorable beach wedding. You can start your pre-wedding relaxation at the Somma Wine Spa with amazing massages, spa treatments, and facials with a beautiful variety of wine and sushi to enjoy. It sure will take away all the stress of wedding planning.

This resort has the ultimate views of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and luxurious amenities like six massive pools, six bars, dining options, and a humungous golf course. 

Weddings at Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos

wedding zone at Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All-Inclusive Golf & Spa

Reasonably priced below $5000 for as many as 30 guests, the couple gets to choose between three wedding packages and seven beautiful venues that are indoor or outdoor. 

Wedding Packages

  • Serenata – $1579 for 2
  • Beso – $1952 for 20 guests
  • Abrazo – $4868 for 30 guests

Each package includes a ceremony venue, wedding cake, private meals, and more!


What is The Best Season For a Cabo Wedding?

November through April is high season and is the best time to get married in  Cabo as the weather is perfect during the day and night. 

Is Cabo a Good Place to Get Married?

Cabo is the ideal destination for a beach wedding. It has beautiful beaches, picturesque sunsets, and stunning landscapes, making it a popular wedding destination choice. 

Final Thoughts

As you step into the paradise that is Cabo, these resorts redefine romance, destination weddings, and luxury. Experience the crystal blue waters, lavish spas, indulgent food menus, and white sand beaches as you make this lifelong commitment to each other.

Say your “I do” in Cabo with breathtaking vistas in the backdrop, and make memories with your loved ones who are there to celebrate your special day.