The 13 Safest Cities In Mexico For Tourists

Embark on a journey through some of Mexico’s safest destinations as we unveil the thirteen cities where tranquility, adventure, and safety come together. 

In a country that pulsates with rich culture, vibrant history, and picturesque landscapes, you can explore these cities with safety as your companion.

Experience the historical charms of San Miguel de Allende or sunbathe on the beaches of Cancun to enjoy Mexico’s unique allure. 

From cobblestone streets to sandy shores, revel in the beauty and hospitality of a country that not only captivates the heart but also promises a worry-free travel experience.  

Top 13 Safest Cities In Mexico To Visit

You can plan your next vacation in one of these thirteen safest cities in Mexico.

1. Merida, Yucatan


Located in the heart of the Yucatan, Merida is not just a regular city; it’s rather a sanctuary of cultural splendor without compromising your safety.

Crowned as the second safest city in the continent, right after Quebec, Canada, Merida has a low crime rate and a rich traditional history. 

Soak yourself in the artistic vibe of the city. Roam around and marvel at the colonial architecture that comes with a vibrant history and savor mouthwatering food.

Make sure you visit iconic landmarks like Palacio del Gobierno and the Cathedral of San Ildefonso that stand tall in the city center. Navigate through the lively streets, dodge the traffic, and take day trips to nearby hotspots like Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

When you’re out and about in one of the safest vacation spots in Mexico, keep your belongings close as like most famous tourist locations, Merida too isn’t safe from the epidemic of pickpockets.

2. Mexico City

Mexico City

The crowning jewel of tourism is the country’s capital, Mexico City. While it once had a tainted reputation, this vibrant metropolitan city has transformed into a haven for travelers and is now considered one of the safest places in Mexico.

With increased police presence from 2009 to 2011, the city center has seen a notable drop in crime rates. Feel the pulse of this cultural wonderland, where every corner tells a tale of history and art.

When you’re in the capital don’t miss out on their delectable local cuisine and explore the cultural treasures. But it’s best to keep away from the extreme northern and southern neighborhoods, and around Tepito or Merced, especially after dark.

While you embrace the city, remember to be street-smart and uncover the magic of Mexico City.

3. Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Dive into the beach wonderland of Playa del Carmen, located on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. Over the last few years, this beach town has become a go-to paradise for digital nomads and retirees.

They have all been lured into this area thanks to its expanding economy, wallet-friendly living, and fast WiFi. You’ll notice the town’s multicultural flair with international cuisine restaurants, yogic vibes, chic cafes, and apartments with a spectacular view of the beachfront and ocean.

Enjoy the magic of Playa del Carmen, where the beach is your office and life is like a vacation. Safety is the name of the game here. Low crime rates make it one of the safest Mexican cities.

Yet, like any popular destination, you need to be cautious wherever you go and try to avoid walking around at night, especially in dimly lit areas. 

4. Querétaro City

Querétaro City

Nestled in the heart of Mexico, get ready to fall in love with Queretaro, the perfect amalgamation of safety and charm. 

Picturesque cobblestone streets with friendly vibes. With lots of ex-pats all around, Queretaro City is all about art, rich history, and a culinary scene so good that it’ll have your taste buds dancing after each bite.

Things here are very pocket-friendly, and with a low cost of living, this destination is ideal for the budget traveler. You can visit a variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Sierra Gorda, a mesmerizing biosphere reserve.

But remember to stick to the Centro Historico (Historic Downtown Area), and Queretaro will be safe for you, including solo female travelers. 

You can also jump on a historic bus tour and let the city take you in. Trust me, there’s a lot to see in and around the area.

5. Puebla


Located two hours from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, an escapade to Puebla is not just a trip, it’s a lifestyle upgrade. This city is the perfect combo of safety, cleanliness, and affordability. 

This gem is a stone’s throw away from Veracruz’s beaches, numerous hiking trails around volcanoes, and a convenient day trip away from the country’s capital. 

Where you’re considering beach bumming, hiking, or exploring around, Puebla is the place to be. You can fly in with ease thanks to its own airport and seamless connection to other cities. 

You can also live in large and spacious apartments without burning a hole in your pocket. I’d also recommend checking out Puebla’s renowned Talavera pottery and buying some souvenirs.

Also, make sure to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Cholula, where ancient wonders will simply wow you. You can easily add Puebla to your list of safe places to travel in Mexico. 

6. Valladolid


Step into the enchanting world of Valladolid, it has to be the ultimate combination of the cheapest and safest place to visit in Mexico. It’s a budget traveler’s dream come true.

Located in the Yucatan state, this city is the perfect blend of new-world vibes and old-world charm, making it a must-visit place. The streets are lined with colonial-styled buildings and haciendas that have been transformed into fun cafes, open-air restaurants, and boutiques that sell one-of-a-kind items. 

Valladolid offers all the safety where petty crime and criminal activity are pretty much non-existent. Explore the heart of downtown, where food, nature, history, and art collide to create the most vibrant fiesta.

With bustling markets and top-notch restaurants, every corner of the city has something to offer. You can even go for safe road trips to explore the city and beyond.

7. Cancun


This has to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Cancun is the place where the sea, sun, sand, and safety create the perfect symphony for vacation bliss.

This tourist hotspot is known for its pristine beaches and opulent resorts. Besides being a tropical paradise, it’s a guaranteed ticket to worry-free fun!

The local government’s recent investments in increasing safety have resulted in making it one of Mexico’s safest havens, including surveillance cameras on street corners and police patrolling the area. 

The city is also well-connected with a budget-friendly 24-hour bus to get around. You can also opt for other reliable forms of transport like taxis, public transport, and even popular cab services like Uber and DiDi. Consider Cancun to be a worry-free destination where safety meets adventure.  

8. Holbox


Escape to the best-kept secret of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is nestled just off the coast like a precious pearl. Isla Holbox is a car-free paradise that some also consider to be Cancun’s chic cousin. Although they are located 2 hours apart, the experiences they provide are very different. 

Over here, you’ll find no chain restaurants, skyscrapers, or even cars. Once a sleepy fishing town, it is now a dreamy haven, fiercely guarded against mega-resorts and chain hotels. 

Experience the bliss of a gentle sea breeze around you with sand between your toes and beaches kissed by serenity, away from the touristy chaos of Cancun.

With crime rates so low that they’re almost non-existent, you can enjoy the island carefree. It’s so small that everyone knows each other by name, so there is really no place to hide crime. So take that moonlit stroll and enjoy this haven of safety and serenity.

9. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest travel destinations where you can enjoy the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant culture without a care in the world. This tourist hotspot isn’t just a pretty face; it is said to be one of the safest beach towns in Mexico, and you won’t regret visiting.

The city is guarded by a troop of police officers, surveillance cameras in all corners of the road, and a community that is committed to keeping their town safe. With the tourism industry majorly contributing to their revenue, local authorities take tourist safety very seriously.

You will enjoy top-notch infrastructure, buzzing connectivity, and a retiree-friendly vibe, it is a haven for ex-pats looking to enjoy the Mexican vibe. A town where neighborhood watch groups thrive, the community there is also LGBTQ+ friendly.

But beware, as petty crimes like bag-snatching and pickpocketing may still sneak a peek. So standard precautions should be taken as you enjoy this beautiful beach town.

10. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

San Miguel de Allende

With UNESCO’s nod of approval, San Miguel de Allende is a World Heritage Site where cobblestone streets tell tales and the charm is as abundant as the vibrant art that colors the city.

The vibe of the place screams historical. It’s like a living canvas of history with colonial buildings, picturesque churches, and an outstanding local food scene. The city’s reputation for safety has attracted over 8,000 American, Canadian, and British ex-pats, who enjoy the charm of San Miguel.

In 2020, San Miguel was the first non-beach destination in Latin America to earn the World Travel and Tourism Council’s “Safe Travels Stamp”. The city is not just an art lover’s dream, it is filled with history, culinary delights, and safety.

11. Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City

Dive into the experience that is Oaxaca City, where traditions are vibrant, and every corner sings a melody of Mexico’s rich history and culture. Cradled by the Sierra Madre mountains, this haven is visually captivating.

From the flamboyant Day of the Dead fiesta to historic architecture, the city’s corners have a tale to tell. Oaxaca City has a lot to offer to its visitors, like mouth-watering local cuisine, including world-famous mole sauces and artisanal mezcals. It’s truly the food capital of Mexico.

Tantalize your tastebuds with delights like Tlayudas, roasted Chaipulines, and Enfrijoladas. And don’t forget to explore the lanes of local markets to soak yourself in the city’s culture.

Safety is sure a huge priority for Oaxaca, with crime rates at an all-time low and the locals are very warm and hospitable too! The city is the perfect combination of safety and gastronomical bliss.

12. Campeche


On the shore of Mexico, where safety meets serenity, Campeche is truly the jewel of the Gulf. With vibrant and colorful buildings, military fortifications, and historically rich culture, this city is a noted World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Campeche is a vibrant city that is also a safe haven when it comes to the country’s cartel chaos. So you can enjoy some leisurely strolls as you marvel at the Baroque architecture-lined city walls.

You can also explore and learn more about Mayan culture and history at local museums and architectural sites. Then you can take a quick bus or walk to one of the beaches and enjoy some time in the sun. This is the perfect Mexican getaway where safety meets relaxation.

13. Cozumel Island

Cozumel Island

Just a stone’s throw away from Playa del Carmen, Cozumel Island is all about Caribbean bliss. The biggest island off the Yucatan Peninsula, this isn’t just any vacation destination, it’s a break from the crowded and commercialized destinations like Cancun and Tulum.

With lush tropical forests, natural reserves, and secluded beaches, this is an untouched haven for those seeking a relaxing and unfrequented vacation, away from the chaos of life.

If you time your visit right, Cozumel will feel like a private paradise. Explore the Mayan ruins, mangrove swamps, and national parks at your own pace.

The island is fringed by the Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second-largest barrier reef (after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia), which makes it a scuba diver’s dream come true. You must expect nothing less than a tranquil and safe vacation.


What Mexican states are ranked by safety?

The eight safest states in Mexico for tourists and Ex-pats in 2024 are Yucatan, Chiapas, Baja California Sur, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Queretaro, and lastly, Puebla.

What state in Mexico has the least crime?

Yucatan State has the lowest crime rates in Mexico. It is categorized as a Level 1 Zone and has no travel advisories by governments. A Level 1 Travel Zone only needs to exercise ‘regular precautions’ while visiting this state. Yucatan State has been considered safe for quite a long time.

Is Mexico City safer than New York City?

If you directly compare Mexico City and New York City, the stats give you a clear picture. Mexico City has a higher a higher homicide rate than New York. However, crimes in both cities are concentrated in certain parts. So it’s ideal to stick to the safer parts when visiting. 

Final thoughts

In a vivid world of diverse Mexican wonders, safety adds an extra stroke of color to the traveler’s palette. From the lively streets of Puerto Vallarta to the tranquil beaches of Campeche, each city is an adventurous ride without a worry.

Mexico is home to welcoming locals and improved security measures that allow travelers to explore the cities with peace of mind.

So get ready to travel to the heart of Mexico and experience the vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse landscape.