Traveling To Cabo in March: Weather & Activities

Catch the last waves of the whale-watching season and dive into unforgettable spring break fiestas.

A perfect combination of sun-soaked days, epic nightlife, and aquatic adventures that’ll have you swooning, visiting Cabo in spring is like hitting the vacation jackpot.

March ushers you into a coastal carnival in Cabo. You can go snorkeling with whales, bask in the sun at the beach, dance the night away at a club, or embark on fishing adventures. It is the recipe for a celebratory, fun-filled getaway. 

Cabo in March

So, what does traveling to Cabo in March look like? Let’s find out.


weather in cabo

March has to be the prime time when it comes to basking in the coastal charm of Cabo San Lucas. This month gets the temperature dancing between the low seventies and mid-eighties, so you get a combination of warm days and cool nights.

And rain, you might ask? It’s practically a myth, with a mere 0.04 inches of rain over the whole month. The fun isn’t only for beach bums who enjoy the sun, it’s an adventurer’s dream too!

Dive into crystal-clear water for snorkeling, book whale-watching expeditions, tread the hiking trails, or enjoy a game at one of the luxury golf courses. With average highs of a blissful 81°F, cloud cover is minimal, and you get almost ten hours of sunshine on any average day.     


people at The Official Art Walk San José Del Cabo festival
People at The Official Art Walk San José Del Cabo festival

With breathtaking ocean views and luxurious beachfront resorts, Cabo in March is like the ultimate playground for non-stop fiestas.

There are plenty of festivals in Cabo San Lucas. You get a wholesome combination of dynamic culture, diverse attractions, and sun-soaked locales. 

Mark your calendar for the Festival of San Jose del Cabo – a party bash honoring St. Joseph, the town’s patron saint. It’s eleven epic days of parties, parades, carnivals, music, dance, and amazing food.

And don’t miss out on the Benito Juarez Day extravaganza on the third Monday in March – it’s a fiesta full of fireworks, beats, parades, and delightful treats.    

Surfing (Pacific Ocean)

Surfing at ocean

You can ride the waves in Los Cabos any time of the year. But out of all the things to do in Cabo San Lucas in March, surfing should be at the top of your list for the ultimate Pacific thrill. 

With easily accessible dirt roads off the highway, you can enter a surfer’s utopia, especially on the northwest side with consistent rock reef breaks.

Cerritos Beach is like the pictures you see on a computer lock screen, especially during the west and northwest swells. But be aware of the weekend surfer traffic.

San Pedrito or Pescadero is the spot to be if you want the most exhilarating surf experience. So seize the waves while they’re hot!  


people having fun in bars

In March, Cabo is simply Spring Break madness. If you’re ready to dial up the fun, this is your golden ticket to non-stop partying. 

As spring break approaches, Cabo’s nightlife hits the turbo button, and each bar and nightclub becomes an epicenter of youthful fun and revelry. It’s practically a guaranteed way of having an absolute blast. 

Make sure to check out places like the Plaza Bonita, a playground, especially with bachelor(ette) parties ruling the scene. But Cabo Wabo and El Squid Roe rule the party scene. However, remember that all the beach spots call it a night at 10 pm every day.  

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

March in Cabo isn’t just about sun-soaked beaches, it’s a pure whale wonderland. This month is like the grand finale of whale-watching season as gray whales and whale sharks take center stage.

Go for snorkeling sessions before these majestic creatures bid farewell until next winter. Imagine these gray whales covering 10,000-12,000 miles from their cozy Mexican warm water lagoons to the chilly Arctic feasting grounds.

As March flags off the finale, this is your last chance to spot these gigantic creatures. It’s like their last dance before they embark on their annual journey. You can even book tours specifically to look for gray whales, whale sharks, and humpback whales.   


old man fishing in the sea

Fishing is an all-year-round affair in Cabo, which makes it an angler’s paradise. Whether you’re after a specific fish or just want to dive into a thrilling tournament, Cabo’s can hook you up. 

If you’re an avid fisher, fishing tournaments are a great opportunity to shine. Though striped marlins are swimming around, their number appears to have been reducing drastically. But worry not! March is also the time when swordfish choose to give an appearance.

As you get closer to the shore, yellowtails and the ever-stylish roosterfish can be spotted. So pack your tackle as the fish are ready to dance and Cabo’s calling.  


Is March a Good Time to Go to Cabo? 

With a tropical desert climate, to experience Cabo at its best, you should plan your vacation between December and March when the weather is pretty much perfect. The temperature in Cabo in March is warm enough during the day (between the low 70s to mid-80s), the skies are clear, and the evenings get cooler with time.  

Can You Swim in Cabo in March?

The seawater temperatures are low in March, going as low as 70°F. This makes the ocean feel a bit chilly, but it’s still very comfortable for swimming as well as other water activities, something you can look forward to on your next vacation to Cabo.   

Is Cabo Crowded in March?

March is considered peak tourist season in Cabo, so you’ll have to deal with more crowds during this time. Even spring break happens between March and April, which can mean a lot of overcrowded spots and noise around as a lot of students from the United States show up during this time. 

Is it Cold at Night in Cabo in March?

As March approaches, temperatures tend to start rising. They hover in the early 80s during the day, but nights are cooler, with temperatures in the 60s. It’s best to pack a few light layers so that you can step out late evening and night for a stroll along the beach. 

Final Thoughts

As you plan your March escapades, Cabo has to be on top of the list. It promises you nothing but sun-soaked memories and a heart brimming with adventure. 

With thrilling surf sessions, spring break fiesta, whale watching, partying, beachfront bliss, or even attending the month’s events, you can enjoy the magic stuff you only get to see on postcards. Cabo is an unforgettable coastal symphony of fun and sun-kissed bliss.