Tequila Cove Beach: A Guide To Cabo’s Relaxing Beach

Tequila Cove Beach, or Playa Bledito as it is locally known, is a stunning beach in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination for its golden sand, turquoise water, and diverse water sports and other activities.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete guide to Tequila Cove Beach, including how to get there, what to do, where to stay, and what to expect.

Visit Tequila Cove Beach

Things to Know Before Visiting Tequila Cove Beach

Before we dive in any further, Let us discuss a few things to know before you plan your trip to this Secluded beach.

Is Tequila Cove Beach Safe?

Tequila Cove Beach in Cabo is a safe place to visit. The beach is located in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, which is a relatively safe and well-developed area.

It is also close to two luxury hotels, which offer security and comfort to their guests. You can enjoy the beach and the nearby attractions without worrying too much about crime or violence.

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Where Is Tequila Cove Beach Located?

Tequila Cove Beach is located in Los Cabos, Mexico along the Tourist Corridor. The Tourist Corridor is Federal Highway 1, connecting Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

This beach is situated between two magnificent beach resorts, Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort and Paradisus Los Cabos. It’s important to note that the turnoff to Tequila Cove Beach is not marked, so pay close attention while driving so that you don’t miss it.

Is Tequila Cove Beach Free?

Tequila Cove Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, is not entirely accessible to the general public. A significant part of the beach has limited access and is primarily available to the guests of beach hotels.

Day passes can be purchased online or through the hotel to access the beach club and cabanas. However, there is public access to the beach, which is through the Palmilla beach entrance.

Is Tequila Cove Beach Swimmable?

It is one of the rare beaches in the region that are safe for swimming, thanks to the artificial breakwater that shields it from the powerful waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean.

However, you should only swim behind the breakwater and stay as close to the coast as possible as there are areas where you can’t swim in Los Cabos.

If you’re looking for more great swimmable beaches in Cabo, then you can visit and explore Medano Beach, Lovers Beach, Cannery Beaches, Santa Maria Beach, and Chileno Beach.

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Parking In Tequila Cove Beach

There is public parking near the beach within 300 meters. Turn right onto the dirt road and park at the top of the hill.

Best Time to Visit Tequila Cove Beach

The weather in Los Cabos is characterized by long stretches of sunshine and relatively low precipitation. The region experiences a desert climate, with mild winters and hot summers.

The average temperature in Los Cabos ranges from the mid-70s Fahrenheit (around 24 degrees Celsius) in the winter months to the mid-90s Fahrenheit (about 35 degrees Celsius) during the summer.

For the ultimate Tequila Cove Beach experience, it is best to visit between May and July. The weather is pleasant during this period, with clear skies and temperatures averaging 85°F. It is the ideal time to swim, sunbathe, relax by the beach, and take boat trips.

The water is also warm during these months, making it perfect for surfing. Moreover, waves are steady at the beach due to swells from the Southern Hemisphere, allowing for ideal conditions for beginner and experienced surfers.

The beach is also less crowded after the spring break celebrations end in March and April, allowing tourists, particularly young families, to enjoy the area slower and more relaxed.

Tequila Cove Beach also offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and diving throughout the year. However, for the ultimate experience, the best time for snorkeling and diving runs from early October through early November.

How to Get To Tequila Cove Beach?

There are different ways to get to Tequila Cove Beach. The best way to gain full access to the beach is by staying at a hotel near the beach, such as the Hilton Los Cabos Beach Resort or Dreams Los Cabos Suites Resort.

You can walk to the beach or use the hotel’s shuttle service. Moreover, this way, you will enjoy the full range of amenities provided exclusively for hotel guests.

If that’s not your plan, then here are a few alternative ways to consider to get to the beach easily.

Hiring a Car – The most convenient

If you prefer a more flexible and convenient option, you can hire a car for $8 per day and explore Tequila Cove Beach. Take the Transpeninsular Highway (Mexico 1) from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. Turn into the Hilton Los Cabos Beach or the Meliá Cabo Real hotels at 19.5 Kilometers.

From there, take the Tourist Corridor eastward toward San Jose del Cabo to reach the public beach access point.

Get ready to pull over to the side of the road and slow down immediately after Dreams Los Cabos.

You’ll enter the arroyo and park at the unpaved beach access area 300 meters from the beach. This location is labeled “Desert Park Natural Reserve” on Google Maps.

Take The Public Bus

Another option is to take the public bus that runs every day from 6 am to 10 pm between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas to the Tourist Corridor. There should be little traffic at 8:00/9:00, so the ride will take about 45 minutes, and the bus fare costs around $2.

Don’t forget to ask the driver to drop you off at the access point or the Hilton Los Cabos Beach or the Meliá Cabo Real hotels, which are both in front of the beach. From there, walk to the beach through the hotels or the arroyo.

Tequila Cove Beach in Cabo

Best Things to Do At Tequila Cove Beach

Tequila Cove Beach offers a variety of activities for all preferences. Check out these top picks to make the most of your visit!

1. Go Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the many water-related activities available in Tequila Cove Beach. You can admire the aquatic life in the area if you take a deep dive into its waters.

There are different dive companies available from small ones like Baja Dive to large ones like Cabo Acuadeportes and Ocean Scuba. Besides kayaking, they also offer jet skis, wave runners, parasailing, and banana boats.

The prices range from $90 to $150, usually including a guide, a boat ride, a life jacket, a kayak, and drinks.

2. Enjoy Snorkeling

Tequila Cove Beach is a great choice for snorkeling enthusiasts. It’s where the desert meets the sea. One side has cacti, while the other side is home to beautiful fish.

The cove has a variety of fish and marine life, like parrotfish, pufferfish, sea stars, and sometimes even sea turtles and rays. The best place to snorkel is around the rocks to the left of the beach. There, you can see colorful coral formations and fish.

Remember that there are usually no rentals available, so it’s best to bring your snorkeling gear.

3. Swimming & Sunbathing

Tequila Beach is one of the few beaches in Los Cabos that is safe for swimming, thanks to the manmade breakwater that protects the cove from strong waves and currents.

The calm, clear water, coupled with the sun-drenched atmosphere, provides an ideal setting for swimming or leisurely relaxation on the sandy shoreline. Even without extra amenities, Tequila Cove is a wonderful destination.

4. Horseback Riding

For an unforgettable experience of Los Cabos’ natural wonders, horseback riding at Playa Bledito offers a unique perspective. Gallop on the sand, trot along the waves, and admire the desert landscape and the ocean views.

Reputable companies such as Fun Cabo provide these tours. Prices range from $69 USD to $110 USD for beginners. Intermediate and advanced levels cost around $112-$150 depending on the duration and inclusions.

Generally, the package includes a well-trained horse, a protective helmet, and refreshing beverages to keep you hydrated along the way.

5. Try Golfing

If you are a golf lover, you can also play a round of golf at the Cabo Real Golf Course, which is adjacent to the beach. The course is designed by Robert Trent Jones II and has 18 holes with stunning views of the sea and the desert. It is challenging and scenic and has hosted several PGA tournaments.

Other golf courses that are close to Playa Bledito are Club Campestre Golf Course and Puerto Los Cabos Golf Course.

The prices vary depending on the season, the time of the day, and the golf course. The price usually includes a golf cart, a caddy, and drinks.

Tequila Cove Beach in Mexico

6. Spa and wellness

There are a few spa options in Tequila Beach. You can relax and rejuvenate at the spa and wellness centers of the Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort or the Meliá Cabo Real.

They offer a variety of treatments and services, such as massages, facials, body wraps, aromatherapy, and more. You can make a reservation online.

7. Shopping

If you’re looking for a fun shopping and dining experience, head over to the nearby Plaza del Pescador. It’s a lovely place with unique souvenirs, local crafts, and delicious food.

On Friday nights from 6 pm to 10 pm, they also have a Music Festival with live music and entertainment. It’s a great way to enjoy your evening!

Where to Stay Near Tequila Cove Beach?

The next important part of the journey is where to stay. Therefore, I’ll share three of my favorite places to stay when visiting the Tequila Cove area.

Hilton Los Cabos Beach Resort

Hilton Los Cabos 5-star resort is located right on Tequila Cove Beach, offering stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. It features a spa, a fitness center, a golf course, several restaurants and bars, and a large infinity pool. The rooms are spacious and elegant, with balconies. The average price per night is $349.

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort

Dreams Los Cabos resort is located 0.9 miles from the beach and offers stunning ocean views from every suite. It features a full-service spa, three pools, and yoga on the beach. The suites include private terraces, stocked minibars, and luxurious marble bathrooms. The average price is $185 to $410.

Villa La Valencia Beachfront Resort

Villa La Valencia Beach Resort is 1.2 miles from the beach. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a fitness center, and a garden. The rooms are air-conditioned and come with a private bathroom. Some rooms even have a kitchen. The average price is $321 USD per room/per night.

Tequila Beach in Los Cabos

Where to Eat Near Tequila Cove Beach?

There is no shortage of restaurants since the beach is surrounded by resorts. Let me share with you a list of my favorite restaurants that I’m confident you’ll absolutely love.

Gastro Bar

This is the closest place, located 180 meters from the beach. It is a restaurant and bar that serves international dishes, cocktails, and wines. The menu includes salads, soups, burgers, pizzas, pastas, seafood, and meat. The prices range from $10 to $30 USD per person.

Enclave Beach Club

Just 280 meters away from the beach, this waterfront bar and lounge is part of the Hilton Los Cabos resort. The beach club features a boardwalk, umbrellas, and loungers on the sand. The bar offers craft cocktails and a tapas-style menu, such as nachos, sliders, wings, and tacos. The prices range from $25 to $60 USD per person.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Tequila Cove Beach, or Hilton Cove Beach, is a beautiful and relaxing destination in Los Cabos, Mexico. It offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests all year round.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Tequila Cove Beach has something for you.

If you are planning a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tequila Cove Beach. You will not regret spending some time at this amazing beach and creating unforgettable memories.