The 8 Best Swimmable Beaches In Cabo + Safety Tips

Los Cabos is undoubtedly one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. For many years, this city has been the preferred beach spot for millions of visitors due to its abundance of stunning beaches it has.

Whether you enjoy swimming, surfing, or simply relaxing while sipping on a tropical drink, the beaches in Cabo have something for everyone. However, it is important to note that not all beaches there are swimmable.

In this post, I’ll tell you all about the best swimmable beaches in Cabo, the different types of beaches there are, and also reveal my tips for a fun swimming.

So, without further delay, Let’s get started (:

Best Swimmable beach in Cabo

Can You Swim In Los Cabos?

There are plenty of amazing beaches to swim in Los Cabos including the famous Lover’s beach near El Arco and Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. However, it is important to exercise caution as there are a significant number of other beaches in Los Cabos that are not suitable for swimming due to strong currents, undercurrents, large waves, and powerful winds.

To assist you in determining the safety level of a beach, Let’s explain a few things regarding various safety flags that you will usually see at the beach.

  • The Blue flag indicates that the water is deemed safe for swimming.
  • Black and red flags indicate the water is unsafe for swimming due to strong currents or hazardous waves.
  • Yellow flags are used to indicate the presence of strong currents.
  • green flags are used to indicate the presence of gentle currents.

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8 Swimmable Beaches in Cabo You Need To Know (Explained)

If you enjoy relaxing on a swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas and would like some recommendations.

In short, here are the best swimmable beaches in Cabo:

  1. Medano Beach
  2. Lover’s Beach
  3. Cannery Beach
  4. Chileno Beach
  5. Palmilla Beach
  6. Tequila Cove Beach
  7. El Ganzo Beach
  8. Santa Maria Beach

1. Medano Beach

Medano beach - Swimmable beaches in Cabo

This is a popular swimming spot in Los Cabos, and it’s also known as a lively nightlife and entertainment hub.

Medano Beach is perfect for whatever you’re in the mood for lounging on the powdery white sand, swimming in crystal clear waters, or partying with friends at one of the many beachside bars and restaurants.

Medano Beach is centrally situated between Cabo San Lucas’s waterfront and commercial district. Beautiful vistas of Land’s End’s iconic rock formations, such as El Arco, are displayed.

When you visit Medano Beach, you will truly appreciate the soft sand, clear water, and the safe swimming conditions it offers. You will be delighted to know that this beach has incredible amenities, including luxurious full-service spas and exquisite fine dining establishments.

If you are a fan of water sports, there are numerous amazing activities you can participate in, such as snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and lots more.

2. Lover’s Beach – Playa del Amor

Lover's Beach - Swimmable beaches in Cabo

Playa del Amor, also known as Lover’s Beach, is a tiny, secluded stretch of sand widely considered the most popular and sublime of Los Cabos’ swimmable beaches. The beach, sandwiched between two large outcroppings of jagged granite, is a popular destination for visitors to Cabo San Lucas.

One side of this beach faces the Sea of Cortez, while the other faces the Pacific Ocean, commonly called Divorce Beach. Swimming is safe and pleasant on the Sea of Cortez side, but the Pacific Ocean side is not. The waves and currents are consistently more powerful there.

When visiting Lovers Beach, there are no hotels or high-end resorts near this beach because it is not developed. However, this is still a beautiful beach where you and your loved ones can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lovers Beach is perfect for those who want to stroll hand in hand or take a dip in the water to cool off. You should wear shoes because the sand gets hot in the afternoon, and you don’t want to risk burning your feet.

Enjoy water sports, purchase tasty treats from street vendors, and relax in the sun with a cold drink at a beachside bar. When swimming or snorkeling at Lover’s Beach, you can see all the fish swimming around you because of the crystal-clear water.

3. Cannery Beach

Cannery Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

Cannery Beach is a popular destination for locals and tourists looking for a relaxed and peaceful swimming beach. This beach in comparison to Medano, has a smaller number of beach vendors. This can be a relief as the abundance of vendors at Medano can sometimes become overwhelming.

Cannery Beach is situated against a backdrop of rugged cliffs that gradually cast a shadow as the day progresses and portable toilets are the only available amenities.

To access the following beach areas along the coast, you may need to navigate through various means, such as climbing, kayaking, or swimming, depending on the tide conditions. In addition to everything else, the water at this beach is exceptionally clear.

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4. Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

Chileno Beach is a popular destination for snorkelers due to its calm and shallow waters. The main reason I love this beach is because it doesn’t have the noisy bars and restaurants that are common in other Los Cabos beaches. However, this implies that you must bring your snacks and beverages and depend on public facilities.

Chileno Beach offers several notable features, including its pristine, crystal-clear waters, a stunning reef in the bay’s center, and convenient restroom facilities. While the availability of restaurants and other amenities may be limited, there is an abundance of palapas where one can seek refuge from the sun and enjoy a refreshing break on a hot day.

The beach here has been granted Blue Flag status, indicating that the waters are calm and clear, making it an excellent location for swimming and snorkeling. Although it can become crowded during the day, this place is ideal for families or if you are looking for fun.

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5. Palmilla Beach (Playa Palmilla)

Palmilla Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

Located in the Mexican municipality of San Jose del Cabo, Playa Palmilla, or Palmilla Beach, is renowned for its stunning white sand. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or relax on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, as the waters here are always calm and protected.

One of the standout features that captured my heart about Palmilla Beach is its excellent water quality and the gentle waves. This means that you can swim and relax in clean and safe waters, which allows you to enjoy the azure beauty of the beach with peace of mind.

Please be aware that there are limited amenities available along the beach. There are no restaurants, only bathrooms, and the only items available for rent are umbrellas, loungers, and paddleboards. Therefore, bringing your necessities, such as food and snacks, is advisable when visiting this beach.

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6. Tequila Cove Beach

Tequila Cove Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

Tequila Cove Beach is a quiet, picturesque coastal retreat in a picture-perfect part of Mexico. This lovely beach isn’t too long but has a gentle wave and offers a peaceful haven where white sands meet turquoise water.

The beach amenities, including loungers, umbrellas, a beach restaurant, and toilets, are exclusively accessible to hotel guests. You can enjoy various activities based on your preferences, such as sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

Additionally, nearby restaurants provide a delightful array of dining options, ranging from local delicacies to international cuisine. To add to the Tequila Cove Beach activities, you can indulge in various culinary delights, ranging from delectable seafood specialties to mouthwatering Mexican delicacies.

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7. El Ganzo Beach

El Ganzo Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

El Ganzo Beach is a hidden gem in Mexico, situated just south of the vibrant town of Los Cabos. It provides a tranquil environment to unwind and embark on exciting adventures.

It offers sparkling white sands, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views of the nearby Sea of Cortez. The beach offers a variety of amazing activities, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunbathing. Additionally, you can take a leisurely walk along the beach to appreciate its natural beauty fully.

To ensure a truly memorable experience, explore the exceptional amenities offered at the beach, such as a world-class rooftop bar and pool, private beach cabanas, and incredible spa services.

8. Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach - Swimmable beach in Cabo

One of Cabo’s most beautiful beaches, Santa Maria, is a sight to behold. The beach is a great place to swim, and it’s also great for snorkeling.

Umbrellas are available for rent from street vendors, providing welcome relief from the heat after a day spent sightseeing. In case you find yourself in need of one, there are public restrooms and showers located conveniently close to the parking lot.

What I find attractive about Santa Maria Beach are its clear waters and soft sands. However, it is important to note that this beach is composed of crushed shells, therefore, it is advisable to wear waterproof shoes when visiting.

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What Are The Different Types Of Beaches In Cabo?

Now, let’s discuss the different types of beaches in Cabo, describe their characteristics, provide examples, and suggest the most enjoyable activities at type.

Rocky Beaches

Rocky beaches form as a result of the gradual erosion of coastal cliffs. The cliffs along the shoreline have crumbled into rocks of various sizes.

Rock beaches are challenging to navigate in vehicles, so it is necessary to approach them on foot. However, these beaches are an incredible choice for a picnic with your loved ones. Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are Cabo’s most stunning rocky beaches.

Sandy beaches

Sandy beaches are widely recognized as the most iconic type of beach, with their characteristic sand being the fundamental element that defines a beach. We would not have the delightful memories of building sandcastles and creating sand angels without sand.

This type of beach is typically found on coasts that have low-energy waves. These waves carry sand and deposit it on the beach through ocean currents. Medano Beach and Santa Maria Beach are two examples of sandy beaches in Los Cabos.

Furthermore, a sandy beach is ideal for families and individuals seeking a vibrant beach atmosphere. The sandy beaches in Los Cabos are also a great choice if you want to engage in various water sports, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and paddle boarding.

Additionally, these beaches provide an excellent setting for more traditional beach activities like sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball.

Cove beaches

The beaches of Cabo’s Cove are nestled in sheltered bays and coves, making them perfect for swimming, even in strong currents.

These bodies of water are usually characterized by their peaceful transparent waters and are surrounded by towering, rocky cliffs. Some examples of beaches in the area include Chileno Beach and Palmilla Beach.

The Cove beaches in Los Cabos are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and paddle boarding due to their calm waters and rich marine life. Furthermore, they are ideal for unwinding and enjoying a delightful seaside day.

Tips For Swimming in Cabo Beaches (Revealed)

It has been a while since you last visited the beach, and you are excited to dive in and enjoy the water. How can you be certain that the beach is safe? What about the tides? Are there any currents that you should be aware of? Are the waves huge? In which direction is the wind currently blowing?

As many of us plan to visit Los Cabos to enjoy its swimmable beaches, it is crucial to know some important tips to guarantee a fun and safe swimming experience.

1. Check water quality before swimming

To ensure a safe swimming experience, assessing the water quality beforehand is important. This will help prevent itching, infections, and other potential health concerns.

However, suppose you find yourself swimming in water of lower quality. In that case, I would advise you to use earplugs, nose plugs, goggles, and a swimsuit to protect yourself from any potential harm.

2. Avoid areas with strong currents

One of the greatest risks faced by frequent swimmers is the presence of strong currents. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or an Olympic marathon swimmer, it is important to note that certain currents can still catch you off guard.

Be vigilant for any signs of water discoloration. The currents often stir up the sand, causing the water to become discolored.

3. Do not swim alone

We all need to stay alone sometimes. I understand. But no matter how experienced or good you are at swimming, you should always do it with others. Someone needs to be around to help you or call for help if you get hurt, get a cramp, or slip and fall.

4. Be aware of the tides

Riptides are strong currents created when the tide pulls water out of an inlet.

Before jumping in, look around and swim close to the shore to avoid riptides. However, if you find yourself caught in a riptide, one way to escape is by swimming against the direction of the tide or current. If you require assistance, signal a lifeguard.

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5. Be aware of marine life

Remember that when swimming in open water, you’re swimming in the wild. These natural bodies of water are managed differently than your local pool.

Some risks come with it, like logs, seaweed, trash, and even sharks, depending on where you are. Keep an eye out for these things on any Los Cabos beach.

6. Don’t swim after drinking alcohol

One of the main reasons why people get hurt while swimming is because they make bad decisions. It might sound like a good idea to drink alcohol and go swimming, but that can quickly turn into a deadly mistake.

The best thing to do is swim sober during the day and drink cocktails at night.

7. Do not swim at night

Visibility is greatly reduced, if not completely lost, during nighttime. This reduces your ability to perceive hazards and threats in your surroundings. Therefore, never try to swim at night in Cabo or any other place.

The Bottom Line

In summary, By engaging in physical activities such as swimming, running, snorkeling, or simply taking a stroll along the water, your time in Los Cabos will be filled with memorable and lasting experiences. But, don’t forget your personal safety!

Now that you know the top swimmable beaches in Cabo, it’s time to book your tickets, pack your sunscreen and swimsuit, and prepare yourself for a lifetime of fun!