Nightlife in Tulum: Exciting Party Guides and Ideas

Did you set out in search of the perfect party destination in Mexico and unexpectedly find yourself in Tulum? Whether seeking a tranquil paradise during the day or a vibrant nightlife scene, you’ve discovered the prime spot along the Mexican coastline.

This little seaside town’s club scene is unparalleled. You’ll find parties of your choice from the Tuluminati day clubs on the beach or raves at night. 

I’ve compiled this simple guide to help you navigate Tulum’s flood of party options. So get ready to wear your party clothes, sip on fancy cocktails, and dance the night away.

Nightlife in Tulum – Best Tips to Follow 

woman dancing in a party

While planning my two-week trip to Tulum, I practically raided the internet to find information on Tulum’s nightlife. I wanted to make sure there were no missed opportunities. 

Although, to my surprise, there were some things unmatched. So, as an experienced visitor, here is my list of unfiltered tips for those planning a trip to Tulum! 

Bring Enough Cash

man standing with cash money

The cash payment situation can get confusing in most clubs and bars in Tulum.

Many places display prices in both pesos and USD, so carry both currencies when you go out. Pesos are often preferred in the Pueblo and downtown area, but various places around town may have different currency preferences for payments.

Keep in mind that several clubs and bars may not accept credit cards. Even if they do, the bill usually has a 3% markup, excluding the tip. Avoid taking the exchange rate the machine offers when paying with a foreign card. Choosing the local currency for a slightly better rate your bank provides is better.

Don’t Forget to Tip

Like most places in Mexico, it is customary to tip the servers and other staff. The basic rate is 10-15%, depending on your choice. But you’ll be surprised to notice that some bars and clubs may give you the bill with the added tip. Look for the word called ‘propina’ on the receipts to spot the tip inclusion. 

If it’s not already there, consider adding a tip, as the local community is dedicated to making your visit enjoyable. 

It’s common to tip 10-20% to the servers in bars and nightclubs. In restaurants, 10% is usually the standard. However, you don’t have to give 10% to the hotel housekeeping staff. Leave a tip that you feel is right for their service.      

Get Proper Knowledge of The Locations

Tulum’s nightlife has something for everyone, like pool parties, beachfront bars, and hidden clubs. Most tourists go to the main town and middle beach zone, and these places are more affordable and not too fancy. 

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, head to the beach on the jungle side, but be ready for higher prices.

Check out options online to make the most of your stay. Tulum has all sorts of parties and events happening all over town.

Take Safety Precautions

Be sure to know the place you’re going to. It’s best to avoid poorly lit streets or empty areas at night. Walk around with friends or in a group.

Take care of your things and avoid carrying valuable items when you’re out. Like in many tourist spots, pickpocketing is common in Tulum. 

It’s a good idea to plan your transportation ahead of time. This way, you can find cabs and avoid any tricky pricing from drivers, especially if you’re a tourist.

Designated Party Spot for Each Day of The Week

people doing cheers in a bar

What’s special about Tulum’s nightlife is that there’s a big event every day of the week (except Monday). The popular bars in town take turns hosting parties, which makes it easier to decide when and where to go.

Check out Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar in the Pueblo on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Casa Jaguar in the beach zone is the place to be on Thursdays, and Gitano hosts Fridays in the beach zone. 

For a Saturday night out, head to Papaya Playa Project in the northern beach zone, and on Sundays, enjoy Salsa Night at La Zebra Hotel. The whole week is filled with parties and events.

Tulum Nightlife Costs

Tulum is a party town that fits any budget. You can have a great time without spending a lot. The cost depends on where you’re going and which clubs or bars you choose.

If you aim for Tulum’s top bars and nightclubs, be prepared to spend more, especially during busy times. These places are closer to the beach. As you move toward the town, prices become more budget-friendly.

Must Visit Areas During Night

Check out these thrilling nighttime spots for a must-visit experience.

The Beach Zone

The fancier and pricier party places are in the beach zone. You get an exclusive experience of partying on the beach at spots like Casa Jaguar, Gitano, and Papaya Playa Project.


If you’re on a budget, avoid the beachside nightclubs and bars. However, you can still enjoy Tulum’s nightlife by exploring popular downtown spots like Santino, Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar, and Animal Night Club.

Jungle (parties)

Tulum has a special treat for visitors – jungle-themed party nights all around town. The classic Caribbean open-air clubs give off a foresty atmosphere, something you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Best Bars and Clubs in Tulum to Enjoy The Nightlife

Here is a list of Tulum’s top bars and clubs for a fun night.

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro

🍸 Best known for: Fresh fruit mojitos

A great hangout spot for any time, this centrally located bar serves reasonably priced, delicious food and drinks. Try relaxing here with a drink during the day, and as it transcends into the evening, watch this place transform into a lively party hub with live flamenco performances and vibrant music. While they may not have the best Mojitos in town, they are made from freshly squeezed sugarcane juice that you get to see them hand-crank! You also get them in many flavors like mango and watermelon.

Casa Jaguar  

casa jaguar tulum
Credit: Casa Jaguar  

📍 Location: Middle Beach Zone

🍸 Best known for: Caribbean open-air jungle setting

Savor fresh fruit cocktails and delicious seafood any day. But make sure to check out their signature Thursdays if you enjoy dancing. After 11 pm, local and international DJs bring the party to life with electrifying beats in electro and house music.


gitano club
Credit: Gitano

📍 Location: Middle Beach Zone 

🍸 Best known for: Gypsy disco in the jungle

Among Gitano’s various locations, the standout is the Gitano Tulum jungle venue, especially on Friday nights. Experience an extensive modern Mexican menu, a bar offering over 50 mezcal-infused cocktails, and dance beneath a giant disco ball.

Papaya Playa Project 

📍 Location: North Beach Zone

🍸 Best known for: Moonlight Parties

Saturday nights at Papaya Playa Project on the beach are a must, especially under the full moon. It’s a night you’ll never forget, with renowned international DJs. Arrive before 10 pm to avoid the crowds, or consider booking ahead to secure your spot.

La Zebra Hotel 

La Zebra Hotel
Credit: La Zebra Hotel 

📍 Location: South Beach Zone

🍸 Best known for: Salsa dance night

This place is perfect for singles, couples, and families. They have free dance classes from 6:30 to 7:30 pm before the party starts with live music. On Sundays, you can enjoy 1-for-1 cocktail offers, especially their mojitos.  

Kin Toh

Kin Toh
Credit: Kin Toh

📍 Location: Azulik Resort

🍸 Best known for: Hanging nests

This is a fancy restaurant and bar in the renowned Azulik resort. You must see the special sunset view over the Yucatan jungle from one of the hanging nests while enjoying cocktails. It’s a bit pricey, but I suggest going at least once for the unique experience. 

I Scream Bar 

I Scream Bar
Credit: I Scream Bar 

📍 Location: Middle Beach Zone

🍸 Best known for: Gelato

Take a break from regular party spots and enjoy delicious gelatos and cocktails in this laid-back bar. Their staff is friendly and hospitable, making the experience very enjoyable.


Santino tulum bar
Credit: Santino 

📍 Location: Tulum Downtown

🍸 Best known for: Reggae music

A favorite among locals, Santino is cheaper than most places in Tulum. They offer delicious drinks, food, and a lively dancefloor that is the complete Mexican beach town experience.

Bonbonniere Tulum

📍 Location: Beach Zone

🍸 Best known for: Luxury nightclub

This Caribbean-themed nightclub gives you a top-notch and intense clubbing experience. Some of the world’s best DJs play here, and they have fantastic sound systems and cool lighting. Be ready to pay more for cover charges, depending on when you go.

Animal Night Club

📍 Location: Pueblo

🍸 Best known for: Jungle theme

Animal Night Club is a must-visit, known for featuring both popular and underground artists. They host some of the best events in Tulum, catering to all musical tastes. It’s a top destination for a great party experience.  


Keep in mind that Tulum is ever-evolving, with newness continually emerging. So, explore beyond this list of Tulum’s best bars and nightclubs. 

Whether indulging in high-end beachside parties or enjoying budget-friendly downtown spots, Tulum accommodates every preference. Cheers to an extraordinary experience in this captivating destination!