El Tecolote Beach Travel Guide (Updated)

La Paz is a stunning city in Mexico that boasts numerous breathtaking beaches, one of which is El Tecolote Beach. It is a vibrant and popular beach that offer a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. With its laid-back atmosphere and crystal-clear water, this beach is ideal for a delightful afternoon.

So, in this article, I will give you the full scoop on how to have a wonderful time on this beach, including the best time to go, fun things to do, places to stay and eat, and much more.

Where is Tecolote Beach?

El Tecolote Beach

It is located on the eastern shore of the Baja California Peninsula, next to the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. It takes approximately 2 hours to drive from the Cabo airport to this location. The closest major city is La Paz, which is just a 30 to 40-minute drive away. Furthermore, Tecolote Beach is conveniently located near Playa Balandra, also known as Balandra Beach.

How to get To Tecolote Beach?

There are several ways to reach this beach.

1. Taxis

A taxi is a good option if you are looking for a convenient way to reach Tecolote Beach. You can typically find them at the airport, bus station, or on the street. Please remember that agreeing on the price before getting in the vehicle or confirming that the driver will use the meter is important.

2. Buses

Opting for the public bus as a means of transportation to reach the beach offers a more affordable option than other modes of travel. Still, it also presents an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow travelers and immerse oneself in the local culture. To avoid getting lost, it is advisable to study the bus route and familiarize yourself with the stops in advance.

3. Rental cars

If you choose to rent a car, I assure you that you will have an enjoyable driving experience. Begin by obtaining your rental car and ensuring it is equipped with a GPS or a map. Please remember to bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Note: Arriving at the beach early is recommended to secure a convenient parking space.

Furthermore, you can search for park-and-ride facilities close to Tecolote Beach. These facilities are designed to cater to beachgoers and usually provide enough parking space.

Best Time To Visit Tecolote Beach

beautiful scenery of El Tecolote Beach

The ideal time to visit is typically during the fall and winter, which typically range from November to April. During these months, the sea is calm, which makes it ideal for swimming and participating in other water activities. Moreover, there is an increased likelihood of encountering marine life, such as dolphins and whales, during this time.

Things to Do at Tecolote Beach

1. Swimming

At the top of my list is swimming, the oldest water sport known to humankind. There is no better way to fully appreciate the pristine waters of Tecolote Beach and the scorching summer sun than by going for a swim.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the captivating beauty of marine life beneath the sea’s surface at Tecolote Beach. It’s easy to learn, even if this is your first time doing it. All you need is the ability to swim and make minor adjustments to your breathing while wearing the mask and snorkel.

3. Sunbathing

woman enjoying sunbath

Sunbathing at Telecote Beach is an amazing experience that lets you see the beauty of this beach paradise from all sides. Once you get to the beach, all you have to do is find a good spot, put down your towel or beach chair, and close your eyes. Let the sun’s warmth caress your skin.

4. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

You find yourself standing on a stable paddleboard, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. The gentle waves of Telecote Beach gently lap at your feet, and a big, friendly smile graces your face. That is the beauty of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

Whether a beginner or a pro, you’ll have a great time with this activity because it’s easy to learn.

5. Kitesurfing

man with kitesurf board

Kitesurfing is a sport that will push you to your limits if you want an activity with a lot of action and adrenaline.

This beach is ideal for hours of play due to its flat, shallow waters and reliable winds. If you bring your gear, it is completely free. But if you’re a beginner and want to learn, you can rent the gear and take lessons simultaneously.

Where to Stay Near Tecolote Beach?

beach hotel in El tecolote

Since this beach is close to La Paz, many affordable lodging options are available.

1. Costa Baja Resort & Spa

With a view of the majestic Sea of Cortez, this property is a haven of beauty and tranquility. In addition, there is a huge selection of things to do there for people of all interests, ages, and abilities. Depending on the amenities you select, you can expect to pay anywhere from $280 to $900 per night.

2. Amazing Vista Coral Condo

Amazing Vista Coral Condo resort lives up to its name with breathtaking ocean views, the city, and the surrounding mountains.You will enjoy free Wi-Fi and have exclusive access to a private beach. Note that the average cost per night is $135, but it may vary depending on factors such as the season of your visit.

3. Casa al Mar

This hotel features a nine uniquely decorated rooms with amenities like a flat-screen TV, air conditioning,private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service to enhance the quality and enjoyment of your stay. While a room will cost $268 on average, this number can rise or fall depending on the time of year.

4. Pension Baja Paradise

The property offers free Wi-Fi access, and each room has a cable flat-screen TV and air conditioning. You can socialize with other guests on the communal terrace and garden or showcase your culinary skills in the shared kitchen. If you enjoy grilling, there is a BBQ facility available for use.

5. Hyatt Place La Paz

Hyatt Place provides contemporary lodging and first-rate amenities like an outdoor pool, restaurant, and bar, all just 10 minutes from the heart of La Paz. Everything from free Wi-Fi and air conditioning to cable TV is included in each room.

Where to Eat Near El Tecolote Beach?

girl eating food in a beach restaurant

1. Beach Club El Tecolote

This restaurant is one of my favorites because it serves mouthwatering foods and drinks. Club El Tecolote has got you covered whether you’re craving margaritas or a variety of dishes such as ceviche, shrimp tacos, agua chile, seafood cocktails, and other delightful beach treats.

2. Palapa Azul

The unique design of Palapa Azul adds to its charm, but the fresh seafood is what draws people there. I recommend getting a table close to the shoreline to get the most out of Palapa Azul. Once seated, enjoy a bucket of ice-cold Pacficos while you taste the delicious chocolate clams and corn tortillas.

3. Mariscos El Coromuel

Mariscos El Coromuel is a Mexican and international restaurant conveniently situated just a short distance from Tecolote Beach. This restaurant is renowned for its seafood and offers a delectable selection of authentic Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and tacos.

4. Palapa Los Tecolotes

La Palapa de Tecolote is a charming beachfront restaurant that offers a traditional and open-air dining experience. Its thatched roof and serene beachfront location provide the ideal setting for savoring its delicious grilled octopus, fresh fish, and refreshing Paloma (a cocktail).

5. Bismarkcito

Bismark-cito is a renowned restaurant that has become increasingly popular due to its delectable fish and shrimp tacos. The restaurant provides a diverse range of salsas and toppings for their tacos, allowing you to customize your meal based on your preferences.

Tips for visiting Playa El Tecolote

Here are some guidelines to make your travels as seamless as possible.

1. Arrive early

I highly recommend visiting Playa El Tecolote early in the morning. Doing so lets you enjoy a peaceful and quiet time on the beach without navigating through large crowds. Additionally, arriving early provides a perfect opportunity for beachcombing and capturing stunning sunrise photos.

2. Pack plenty of water

There are a few quick-service restaurants nearby where you can buy water. However, if you intend to spend an extended period at the beach, it is crucial to remember to bring a large amount of water to prevent dehydration.

3. Be respectful of the wildlife

I’m sure you know that all sea creatures, regardless of their size, require food, water, and shelter to survive. Please remember that these animals also require space.

Wildlife experiences significant stress and may respond negatively when individuals with good intentions invade their habitat but who pose a threat. However, treat them with respect if you cannot refrain from playing with them.

4. Leave no trace

The “leave no trace” principle encourages people to return to natural areas with no leftovers.  Trash, cigarette ends, plastic bottles and containers, old clothes, and other junk are all part of it.

Some argue that picking up any trash that others may have left behind is important. While it may not be the most enjoyable activity, it is a meaningful way to contribute to preserving animals and the environment.


Tecolote Beach is like an undiscovered, priceless gem. Beautiful sunsets, pristine waters, and white sands make this the ideal vacation spot. So bring your swimsuit and sunscreen and see how beautiful Tecolote Beach is. I promise you won’t be sorry.