Top Bike Rentals in Tulum You Can Try

Exploring Tulum by bike is a must-do adventure. Picture this: pedaling through refreshing sea breezes, taking in ancient archaeological wonders, meandering down boho-inspired streets, and discovering vibrant wall art—all within one charming town.

Hop on a bicycle for a carefree, eco-friendly way to navigate the pueblo at your own pace—cruise through the laid-back vibes of Zona Hotelera, embracing the beauty of its pristine beaches.

However, bike rentals in Tulum are all the rage online, and prices can soar. Secure your bike rental in advance to ensure you get the joy of discovering this picturesque town on two wheels.

I’ve simplified your research—check out my list of Tulum’s bike rental options, personally vetted or recommended by locals. Happy riding!

Best Bike Rentals in Tulum

girl with a bi cycle

Tulum is dotted with numerous bike rental spots, and finding the best and most affordable ones is crucial. Many of these rentals are affiliated with hotels, which often translates to higher costs and limited availability. 

To ensure a smooth ride, conducting some pre-trip research is wise. I strongly advise making a booking, especially if your visit coincides with peak season. This way, you can lock in the cheapest bike rentals in Tulum and secure your wheels hassle-free

Ola Bike Tulum 

Rent a bike from Ola Bike Tulum in Pueblo. They have the iconic turquoise bikes with pink baskets, and these are the very ones you’ve likely spotted online. 

Despite the abundance of bike shops along the same road, Ola Bike stands out for its exceptionally well-maintained bicycles. They offer a range of sizes and optional add-ons, such as baby carriers and baskets. The rental fee for Ola Bikes is 200 MXN (approximately 12 USD) per day, and their location on Coba Ave is open from 9 AM to 7 PM daily.

For those who prefer planning, consider booking your bikes in advance, and Ola Bike even provides a convenient delivery service to your hotel. 

At the end of your rental period, take advantage of their pickup service, a real boon, especially when your vacation is winding down, and you find yourself amidst the hustle and bustle.

iBike Tulum 

Another great choice for bike rentals is iBike, with pricing comparable to Ola Bikes. 

In case Ola Bikes is fully booked, and you prefer to secure your rental in advance, iBike is worth exploring. Their rental rates start at 180 MXN (approximately 11 USD), depending on the accessories you desire for your bike. Situated on Ave Coba next to Avis Rental, iBike operates from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Saturday.

While their overall rating might be slightly lower than Ola Bikes, iBike is renowned for offering quality bike rental options. 

However, unlike Ola Bikes, iBike doesn’t provide drop-off and pickup services, so you must pick up your rented bike personally.

Ryde Electric 

Ryde Electric is comparatively a newer player in Tulum’s bike rental market. 

They offer electric bikes and electric scooters for rent starting at 400 MXN (approximately 23 USD) per day, depending on what you choose. Located on Av Tulum, their hours of operation are 9.30 AM to 7 PM. Ryde also offers hotel drop-offs and picks at an additional cost. 

Electric bike rentals in Tulum are more convenient, especially if you plan to explore a little outside Zona Hotelera. It can feel like a blessing on hotter days when temperatures are soaring.

Tulum Area Experiences Scooter Daily Rental

While leisurely pedaling through town may seem idyllic, it doesn’t align with many’s vacation vibe. 

An alternative worth considering is renting a scooter. Priced at around 800 MXN (approximately $45) per day, it’s more expensive than a bicycle rental, but it offers a faster and less strenuous way to explore your surroundings.

Bike Rental in Aldea Zamá, Tulum 

Like most bike rental options, Aldea Zama Bike Rentals also offers online bookings and pick-up and drop service to your hotels. 

But the highlight for me was, unlike others, they also provide roadside assistance to their customers free of cost. They offer both regular bicycles as well as scooters. And I’ve been told you can also refill your fuel from them during your rental period.  

Tulum Area Experiences E-Bike Daily Rental 

If cycling around town seems too cumbersome and renting a scooter with fuel costs is beyond your budget, consider exploring electric bike rentals. 

Priced at around 800 MXN (approximately $45) daily, these electric bikes don’t have additional fuel expenses. You can navigate Tulum flexibly and comfortably without straining your wallet.

Motorcycle Rentals

To ride around in style while exploring the street of Tulum, you can also rent motorcycles. You’ll be able to find both electric and gasoline motorbikes if you make a booking in advance. 

Thanks to the prevalent bike culture, you can handle parking spaces since plenty are available throughout Tulum.

Tulum Area Experiences ATV Daily Rental 

For an adventurous experience, explore Tulum on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Popular for their durability, these vehicles offer a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.

The added convenience is parking ATVs in the same spaces designated for bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. This eliminates the need for a lengthy walk to entrances, similar to what you might encounter with cars. Renting an ATV typically costs around 1600 MXN (approximately $93).

Where Can You Go in Tulum with a Bike? 

You can easily explore the entire town of Tulum on a bicycle. From Zona Hotelera to Tulum Ruins, everything lies within convenient biking distance. 

The most appealing aspect? 

Thanks to the abundance of bike parking spaces throughout the town, you can make countless stops along your journey without any hassle.

Public Beaches

cycling in beach

Biking to the public beaches is the ideal mode of transport if you’re staying in town. 

Follow the path along Coba Avenue for a 15-20 minute ride, leading to a fork where the left path takes you to the ruins and the right to the hotel zone. Continue for 10 minutes, and you’ll arrive at the Playa Paraiso public beaches.

For those with a sense of adventure, consider heading south on the beach road for 7 kilometers to reach Arco Maya, the entrance to the Sian Ka’an biosphere. Keep in mind that you’ll need to cover the same distance on your return journey.

Hotel Zone

cycling near hotel zone

Even if you’re staying in the hotel zone, remember how long it takes to bike and see the whole area. A non-stop ride from one end to the other will take approximately 45 minutes, but with numerous attractions, you will likely discover many worthwhile stops.

There are many hotels, shops, restaurants, and other fun spots. Check out and experience the grandeur of the Ven a la Luz statue, accessed through the Ahau Eco Hotel. 

It can get crowded quickly, and if biking through heavy traffic seems daunting, feel free to dismount and stroll along instead.  

Tulum Town

tourist cycling in the town

You can’t get a better experience of this town than leisurely biking around and exploring the pueblo. You can easily get around quickly and wander into streets and alleys. 

Following the bike path along the main avenue will take you through places with a very tropical boho-inspired vibe (the kind you see on Instagram).

You’ll come across many picturesque shops, taco stands, local restaurants, and ice cream parlors. I even wandered off to some backstreets, where I discovered some mind-blowingly painted murals that are a part of Tulum’s street art scene. 

Tulum Ruins

If you are lodged in Tulum Downtown (or El Centro), an approximately 30-minute bike ride along Coba Avenue will lead you to the ruins. 

Alternatively, opt for the quicker route by cycling on the right side of Highway 307, and you should arrive in 15-20 minutes. This path directs you to the designated entrance for cars and larger vehicles.

However, if you’re in the hotel zone, expect a 30-minute journey to reach the ruins. To optimize your excursion, consider planning your visit to the ruins on the same day as the public beaches, as they are just a brief 10-minute bike ride south from the ruins.

Safety Tips for Biking in Tulum 

Biking in Tulum is a very simple yet enjoyable experience. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to get reckless while biking around this beautiful beach town. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Always plan your route in advance. Remember that if you bike to a location, you’ll have to cover the same distance again on your way back. 
  • Use a helmet. The laidback atmosphere in Tulum can make it very easy to get carefree. 
  • Carry drinking water with you. Biking in the sun can dehydrate your body very fast. So, carrying water will help you stay hydrated throughout the trip.
  • Avoid uneven roads. Keep your eye on the road and watch out for potholes and unpaved paths.
  • Hire a bicycle with a bell. This helps fellow travelers on the road know you’re coming. 
  • Avoid biking at night. Due to poor visibility, it’s best to avoid biking at night.  
  • Keep your bike locked. Be a responsible renter, and take care of the bicycle.   


Cycling is the most enjoyable and thrilling method for discovering the charm of Tulum’s beautiful beach town.

Absorb the breathtaking views, shop leisurely, make spontaneous stops, and even burn a few calories while on vacation. This way, you can fully savor Tulum’s incredible food scene. 
This guide to bicycle rentals in Tulum assists you in navigating the town safely and cost-effectively during your upcoming visit.