Best Neighborhood to Stay in Mexico City

Welcome to the vibrant and eclectic Mexico City. Plan your stay in this bustling capital for an exhilarating and adventurous experience, and pick from some of the best neighborhoods that offer a unique allure and charm.

From the trendy streets of Condesa and Roma, full of classy cafes and lush parks, to the historic grandeur of Centro Historico, where vibrant street life collides with historical richness, there is a neighborhood to suit every traveler’s taste.

So, get ready to discover the best place to stay in Mexico City.    

For Culture Seekers: Coyoacán 


Step into the enchanting realm of Coyoacan, where history whispers through cobblestone streets and the most vibrant hues paint the scenery. Located in the southern district, the name translates to “the place of coyotes” in Nahuatl, it immerses you in a world of cultural wonders.

Once considered the city’s outskirts, Coyoacan boasts opulent mansions and sprawling country estates while preserving the old-world charm. 

Embark on a journey through time as you wander around leafy canopies, it’ll feel like you’re ages away from the hustle and bustle.

Make sure to explore iconic landmarks like Frida Kahlo Museum and Casa Azul, where the legendary artist once dwelled, or delve into the Casa Museo Leo Trotsky, steeped in rich history.

Then, indulge your senses in the culinary delights of local gems like Corazon de Maguey and Los Danzantes, located amidst quaint markets and eclectic boutiques.

A leisurely stroll through Jardin Centenario is a must, where a coyote fountains stands proud, seeking you out with its timeless charm. 

Every corner of Coyoacan has a story to tell about adventures, so uncover the magic of history that the area promises.             

Hotels to Stay

Here are two of your best options in Coyoacan.

Mansión de Papilio

Mansión de Papilio

Experience the allure of Mansion de Papilio, where a beautiful colonial mansion has been transformed into an intimate retreat.

Dive into luxury in one of the six exclusive suites, with each paying tribute to the elegance of classic literary figures like Jaime Sabines. 

Immerse into the tranquil relaxation in the expansive pool house, boasting an indoor oasis, while the sprawling garden sets the stage for unforgettable events.

Then savor the sophistication of the classic bar with a wine cellar that boasts over 200 labels, or enjoy a delectable breakfast or lunch that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

Casa Tamayo

Casa Tamayo

Discover Casa Tamayo, a haven in the heart of the city. With four charming suites, this boutique hotel is full of warmth and classic Mexican hospitality.

Lounge in their common living area or whip up some culinary delights using local ingredients in their guest kitchen.

This place is located steps away from the busy Avenida Fransisco Sosa, where convenience meets comfort in a cozy retreat. With its charm and warmth, it’ll feel like a home away from home.

For Jet Setters: Polanco


Prepare yourself to dive into the beating heart of Mexico City’s soul, a place where some of the richest history lies. It’s your gateway to an immersive journey through the city’s vivid character, architecture, culture, and, not to forget, the yummiest local food ever.

Not convinced? Well, you’ll also be a stone’s throw away from iconic attractions and bustling markets, with the convenience of top-notch public transportation to explore the area.

For the most tantalizing culinary experience, you have to check out Polanco. Rub shoulders with the city’s elite as you walk past sleek office buildings, luxury apartments, and grand historic homes.

Indulge your tastebuds at world-class restaurants, shop at international brands, and explore the local galleries and museums. 

Feeling adventurous? Take a leisurely stroll down Presidente Masaryk Avenue, where upscale boutiques beckon with irresistible treasures.

Appreciate some art at Museo Saumaya, boasting an impressive Rodin collection, or treat yourself to a gastronomic extravaganza at Quintonil, an infamous culinary gem.

Wrap up the day with a toast at the Limantour Polanco, considered at the peak of Latin American Bar culture. Polanco is literally about all the finer things in life.

Hotels to Stay

Here are the trendiest stays in Polanco.

Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Hyatt Regency reigns supreme as a top-notch hotel, perched in a prime location within walking distance from some of the coolest spots in the area.

Wake up to the breathtaking views of Polance or Chapultepec Park from every room. Indulge in the city’s best weekend breakfast at Rulfo Paraje Latino, all at an unbeatable 5-star value.

With freshly renovated rooms exuding sleek modernity, your stay here is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary.

W Mexico City

W Mexico City

Get ready to sit back and take in the vibrant vibes at the W Hotel. With 237 guest rooms bursting with modern flair and trendy furnishings, every corner of the property screams style.

Oversized art, funky lights, and fun touches with checkered bathroom walls or bed setups with floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you’re traveling with a pet, their PAW (Pets are Welcome) Program with pet toys, treats, special tags, and pet pampering services will be icing on the cake.

Las Alcobas, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mexico City

Las Alcobas

Located right in the center of Polanco’s pulsating heart, Las Alcobas is not a regular luxury hotel – it is a cozy and warm haven oozing with Mexican charm.

Imagine yourself in adorable alcoves, once a palatial residence, and now your whimsical retreat. Indulge in boutique vibes with a dash of local flair and top-notch amenities, from heavenly bath butler services to complimentary wake-up smoothies.

And don’t miss Anatol, the place where all culinary dreams come true.

For Bleisure Travelers: Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the new shiny kid on the block in Mexico City. This trendy neighborhood may be buzzing with big-box headquarters and sleek apartments, but there is more than what meets the eye between the skyscrapers and highways.

Hit Centro Santa Fe for the best retail therapy ever, with over 500 stores, two food courts, a luxury wing, and even an ice rink – all spread across six million square feet of pure shopping bliss.

But that’s not all! Foodies get to rejoice at Santa Fe’s culinary scene, with top-notch eateries like Nobu, Toro, and Central Central serving up gastronomical delights that’ll make your taste buds dance.

And yes, Santa Fe isn’t just about suits and ties, it’s a playground for couples too! Discover romantic hideaway spots amidst the city’s best bars, hotels, and restaurants, catering to every budget and whim.

So whether you’re looking for urban adventures in the skyline or a cozy cabin escape, Santa Fe’s got you covered. Get ready to marvel at Mexico’s most impressive modern architecture and dive headfirst into the vibrant energy of Santa Fe – where the fun neither stops nor does the city sleep.

Hotels to Stay

Drip in luxury at some of the finest stays in Santa Fe.

Hotel Distrito Capital

Hotel Distrito Capital

Prepare to up your hotel game with Hotel Distrito Capital! It’ll be like your dose of innovation with fresh modern design and killer vibes.

Picture yourself here with mountain views from your room, cityscape bathtubs, and chic minimalist decor. Don’t skip the rooftop pool and huge outdoor terrace – it’s pure paradise!

Live Aqua Urban Resort México

Live Aqua Urban Resort México

Fall into the lap of luxury with Live Aqua, the true pinnacle of posh by the Mexican Hotel group Grupo Posadas. Just a 15-minute drive from the chaos of Santa Fe, this oasis welcomes you with open arms.

Say goodbye to the drab and boring front desks and hello to the lush greenery, soothing fountains, and walls adorned with books.

And did I mention the aromatherapy kits, a pillow menu, and Nespresso machines in every elegant room? It’s pure bliss, baby!



The vibe at Westin is something you have to experience for yourself. Get ready for a classic stay with all the bells and whistles.

This hotel is smack dab in the heart of the action, offering primo programs to chillax after those busy business meetings. They have all the hoopla, from a swanky spa, in-suite massages, and top-notch gym gear, to a farm-to-table feast – all under one roof!

For Urbanites: Condesa and Roma

Double your fun in Mexico City’s dynamic duo: Condesa and Roma! These adjacent neighborhoods are practically twins, blending uber-cool with boho charm.


First stop: Roma, the heart of Mexico City’s quirky scene. Once the home to wealthy Europeans, this area boasts French-style mansions amidst its vibrant streets.

After a rough patch, it bounced back, with art installations and hipster hangouts galore! You will definitely be mesmerized by the murals and spoiled for choice, with every corner housing a trendy shop or bar. It’s the ultimate cool kid hangout.

Next up: La Condesa is the epitome of chic. Made up of three barrios but known simply as Condesa, it’s where fun meets fashion.

La Condesa

With designer boutiques, swanky bars, and lush parks, it’s the place to be for nightlife aficionados. Join the partying crowd, from students to artists, taking in the laid-back vibes at unique restaurants and cafes.

Condesa and Roma are waiting to show you a good time. It has to be one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City.

Hotels to Stay

Kick back and relax at some of the finest hotels in Condesa and Roma.

Ignacia Guest House

Ignacia Guest House

Calling all travelers! Step into a mansion makeover like no other in Roma. Ignacia Guest House is the perfect blend of classic charm and modern pizzazz. With nine funky suites bursting with personality, each room is a riot of color guaranteed to jazz up your stay.

And while we’re talking about jazzing up, breakfast in the garden is a must-do – imagine sipping on your morning coffee with lush greenery all around. But there’s more!

Dive into Mexican literature in the cozy library of chill in the central patio garden. Whether you’re lounging in the gold-suite glam or soaking up sleek vibes in the all-black hideaway, Ignacia Guest House is where old-world elegance meets contemporary cool.

Hotel CondesaDF

Hotel CondesaDF

Step into the time machine and land in 1928 – but with a modern twist. Hotel CondesaDF is where heritage meets modern chic right in the heart of Mexico City.

Prepare yourself for a blast from the past with a contemporary twist in the guest rooms, where simple elegance collides with retro vibes.

Even the on-site restaurant is buzzing with hip energy, drawing from both hotel guests and locals alike. Whether you’re craving an early dinner at EL Patio or sushi on the terrace, it’s all about cool vibes at CondesaDF.

And don’t miss the treetop terrace bar, where hip locals gather for cocktails amongst the chaos of Mexico City. It’s a cool and calm getaway from all the hustle and bustle with Art Deco charm and playful vibes.

For History Buffs: Reforma


Welcome to Reforma, where you’ll feel the electric energy and endless sense of adventure. You’ll get to soak in the urban oasis vibes, surrounded by lush greenery and chirping birds.

Located just off the sprawling Bosque de Chapultepec, this sought-after spot is a dream come true for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

But Reforma is also a bustling business hub, with the iconic Paseo de la Reforma stealing the spotlight. This historic area is a feast for your senses, lined with majestic monuments, towering skyscrapers, and top-notch museums that’ll have your jaw on the floor.

And don’t forget the Chapultepec, a crowning jewel of Latin American parks! From the enchanting Castillo de Chapultepec to the iconic Diana the Huntress Fountain, every step along this picturesque street is a journey through culture and history.

And a stone’s throw away lies El Zocalo, Mexico City’s History Centre – a UNESCO World Heritage Site bursting with colonial charm, ancient Aztec wonders, and Baroque wonders. It’s a melting pot of history, culture, art, and adventure.

Hotels to Stay

Here are the top stays in Reforma.

The St. Regis Mexico City

The St. Regis Mexico City

If you’re all about living the high life, St. Regis is a swanky 31-story hotel where every room boasts a killer view of the iconic Diana the Huntress Fountain. With loads of luxurious amenities and top-notch services at St. Regis, you’re sure to feel like a VIP.

And the highlight has to be their indulgent 8-course dinner at La Table Krug and sipping late-night cocktails at the legendary King Cole Bar – because why settle for the ordinary when you have access to the extraordinary?

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

You’ll get to rub elbows with the stars and power players at this celeb-approved hotel. Tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Mexico City’s busiest avenues, you’ll find a lush courtyard oasis – the ultimate chilling spot.

And when hunger strikes, head to Zanaya for mouthwatering dishes straight from the Mexican Pacific Coast or sip on cocktails at the swanky Fifty Mils gastro bar. Its luxury and exclusivity served with a generous side of fun.

Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

Get ready to soak up the splendor at this hotel with a view fit for the royals. Perched overlooking the iconic Angel of Independence, it’s the perfect spot for history buffs and celebrity spotting alike.

With 684 cozy rooms and 72 uber-luxurious suites, you’re sure to have the high life with marble tubs, a butler service at your beck and call, and round-the-clock room service. It’s comfort and class wrapped into one neat package.


What is The Safest Neighborhood to Stay in Mexico City?

Ans: Juarez and Cuauhtemoc are some of the safest neighborhoods in the city. They’re perfect if you’re traveling with your family or if you just want to feel a little extra secure.

Which is Better Polanco or La Condesa?

Ans: If it’s your first time visiting Mexico City, and you want to see historic sights, like Templo Mayor or a traditional local market in the Centro Historico, I’d recommend staying in Condesa. If you’re less concerned about historic spots or if you’ve been here before, Polanco is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up the exploration of where to stay in Mexico City, you now know about the many areas that offer their unique blend of culture, history, and chic modernity. 

Whether you’re drawn to the boho charm of Condesa, or the upscale elegance of Polanco, there’s no shortage of options to create unforgettable memories on your next trip to Mexico City.