12 Best Travel Backpacks For Moms

In short, there is no “best” backpack that is great for every mom in every situation. But everyone can find a pack that fits their needs perfectly.

Depending on your wardrobe and how good you are at packing, a travel backpack can hold up to a week’s worth of clothes. It is useful, easy to use, and sensible.

Whether you’re a new mom packing for your first trip or a digital traveler going through a “sell everything and put it in a backpack” phase, you need the best travel backpack for you.

At a glance here are some hand-picked best backpacks for traveling with kids:

  1. Ruvalino Backpacks For Moms
  2. Mominside Diaper Bag Backpack
  3. Pipi Bear Diaper Bag For moms
  4. Eagle Creek Global Companion Backpack
  5. Matein Traveling Mom Backpack
  6. Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack
  7. Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack
  8. Allcamp Diaper Bag Backpack
  9. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack
  10. Parker Baby Co Backpack
  11. Twelvelittle Unisex Travel Backpack
  12. Columbia Carson Pass Backpack

1. Ruvalino Backpacks For Moms

Finding shortcuts to common tasks is essential for any parent. It’s common knowledge that having a child can cause a sudden surge in chaos, so it’s helpful to have everything you need for the day in one spot rather than spread out among several bags.

The durable (but stylish) design, versatility, and organization of the Ruvalino Multifunction travel backpack make it a top pick for mothers traveling with young children. This backpack has two spacious main compartments and sixteen auxiliary pockets to store all the gear your baby may need, despite its tiny appearance.

It’s a diaper backpack, but its spacious interior can also accommodate a laptop. The material can withstand moisture and may be easily cleaned. The cloth is thick and insulating, perfect for keeping baby bottles or meals warm in their respective compartments. You may use the pockets for anything other than diapers and bottles, like keys, phones, toys, food, and more.

At the front of the bag is a “mommy pocket” that lets moms get to things like money, keys, and cell phones quickly. Plus, the bag’s style is sleek and works for both men and women. It also has handles that you can use to carry it like a backpack or a handbag.

Quick Takeaway

It is a high-quality travel bag that comes at a reasonable price range and has a unique suspension mechanism in addition to other useful features.

Lots of storageBulky
Insulating material
Comfortable to hold

2. Mominside Diaper Bag Backpack

If you’re tired of those ugly, big bags that look like school bags, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to give up style for a well-organized bag.

I know that the way a bag looks doesn’t affect how much it can hold, but it’s always nice when brands think about style. Most importantly, besides looking nice, this backpack is useful for moms with young children.

This backpack is perfect for carrying and storing baby necessities including diapers, food, tablets, bottles, and more. There’s a main storage area, three front pockets, and 14 additional slots for various items.

Even though it looks stylish, this backpack is surprisingly strong and comfortable. The shoulder straps are wide enough so that the weight of what’s in the bag is spread out properly and doesn’t dig into your shoulders. Also, both the leather on the outside and the fabric on the inside are waterproof and can be washed by hand.

Quick Takeaway

The Mominside Diaper Bag Backpack is a go-to for traveling moms because it’s constructed from trendy brown or black leather, has a minimalist style, and goes with everything in their closet.

Stylish appearanceExpensive
Great storage

3. Pipi Bear Diaper Bag For Moms

Whether you are going on a long trip with a child or just going somewhere for the day with them, you will have a lot of stuff in your backpack. You don’t want the backpack to break because its materials are too heavy.

This Pipi Bear backpack is made to last, so it’s great for moms who are traveling with young children. This backpack is made of Oxford cloth and nylon, so it can’t be torn or bent. It’s also waterproof, so you can take your baby to the beach or to the park in the rain without worrying about it getting wet.

Even though the bag’s style isn’t exactly fashionable, it’s great for moms with young children because it’s so easy to use.

This backpack has one big main compartment with 13 pockets, including side pockets, a wet and dry separation pocket (great for diaper changes), two insulated bottle pockets, and even an anti-theft mobile pocket.

Quick Takeaway

Most of these pockets are in the same section, so you don’t have to open and close extra sections to find what you need.

As for how the backpack feels on the parent, the shoulder straps have thick padding to prevent shoulder pain or rubbing, and the back of the bag has padding to support the spine. With the extra handles, you can carry the backpack on your back, as a tote, or over your shoulder.

Very durableDull design
One compartmentNo lockable zippers on the top compartment

4. Eagle Creek Global Companion Backpack

The Eagle Creek Women’s travel backpack is great for adventurous women. It was made to fit a woman’s body, so the padded backstraps padded back panels, and padded hip belts should make it very easy to carry. You will also notice that this bag has narrower shoulder straps than most hiking backpacks. You can grab the bag from the top, the sides, and the bottom.

The materials that were used are resistant to the effects of the weather. When it’s really pouring outside, you may even make advantage of the rainfly that’s integrated into the bottom of the bag.

The bag opens up like a suitcase, and the mesh on both sides makes it easy to see what’s inside. At the bottom of the bag, there is a separate shoe compartment where you can put your extra shoes or boots. The laptop and tablet section can fit devices with a screen size of up to 17 inches. This can be reached through a flap on the outside of the pack.

Since most women carry it, it has a lot of pockets. Two mesh pockets on the outside can hold your water bottle, flashlight, or umbrella safely.

Quick Takeaway

It is the best travel backpack you can use when you have to go far away. It’s the right size for a carry-on, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t want to check any bags at the airport.

The open pocket on the front is big and deep, so it’s a great place to put wet things while you wait for them to dry.

Lockable zippersThe padded hip belt isn’t removable
With adjustable side compression straps
Light and comfortable to carry
Comes with a rain cover

5. Matein Traveling Mom Backpack

The best deal for your money is the Matein travel backpack for moms. The design, which was made for traveling, puts room and compartments first. The rusty brown color and brass zippers make it look stylish. It has strong, comfy handles, hanging clasps, and straps that can be tightened or loosened.

The bag’s multi-panel airflow technology is also meant to help users feel better. The bag has soft padding on both the shoulder straps and the back. It also comes with a luggage strap that you can use to put the backpack safely on top of a luggage tube handle.

It has a large main section where you can put clothes, books, binders, cameras, and other things. A 15-inch laptop can fit easily in its own separate compartment. Lastly, there is an organizer pocket on the front where you can put small things like your phone, wallet, pens, keys, or even your ID.

There are many pockets in this bag. One is a space on the back where you can hide your most valuable things to keep them from being stolen. There are also two side pockets with fabric that can hold water bottles or umbrellas.

If you’re looking for a backpack that will help you carry a laptop, then check out the best travel laptop backpacks.

Quick Takeaway

This is one of the best and most inexpensive travel backpacks. I love everything about this bag, but my favorite part is that it has a lot of different compartments that make packing easier. The pockets are helpful because they make it easier to find everything inside the bag. Soft paddings support the laptop section well, and a laptop sleeve is included to protect your electronics while you travel.

Very comfortableThe bag is not 100% waterproof
The fabric material used is water repellentThe USB port has no cover
An external USB port

6. Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack

Modern women with toddlers often carry a phone or tablet. Whether you’re working or using an iPad to entertain your child, you’ll need space in a backpack for technology.

A place big enough to charge your phone or your toddler’s tablet should be included in your backpack. The Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack is a great option for parents who require a secure location for their electronic devices. This bag contains a side pocket that is convenient for storing a mobile phone, as well as lots of capacity and separate sections for a tablet or laptop computer.

Best part? It also has a USB charging connector and cable for mobile charging. Traveling with toddlers is easier with games and videos.

This product has a huge main compartment and several smaller pockets and slots. These compartments may separate dry and damp diapers and keep baby bottles and snacks cool.

However, this backpack will act as a perfect diaper bag, it can’t hold a lot of stuff. Therefore, you’ll obviously need a carry-on travel backpack or an extra travel bag for clothes.

Quick Takeaway

This backpack has spacious side pockets, unlike other bags, so parents can keep items like water bottles or umbrellas close at hand. The open, zip-down mouth at the bag’s back is going to be your favorite feature since it allows you to quickly reach diapers and other necessities stashed away in the bag’s bottom.

Large compartmentOnly appropriate for parents with one toddler

7. Cosyland Diaper Bag Backpack

Being a mom is expensive, so you want a backpack that costs less. You could take a chance and spend money on a cheap or expensive bag in the hopes that it will last for years, but it could easily break in a few months.

Check out the Cosyland diaper bag if you want a cheap and durable bag. This backpack comes in a variety of colors and is as useful and strong as it is good-looking. This backpack is made of a padded, waterproof, and tear-resistant material that is made to last a long time. It also has wide, thick shoulder straps and alternative handles to keep the bag from breaking.

Plus, the base is strong enough to stay straight and won’t fall over, so bottles won’t spill inside. This backpack has one big main compartment and a total of 14 organizer pockets to hold all of your toddler’s necessities without making the bag look cluttered.

Once the bag is opened from the top, parents can see what’s inside from a bird’s-eye view and don’t have to spend time digging through it. This backpack also has a USB wire to charge your devices, straps to attach it to a stroller, an insulated bag to keep bottles warm, and a mesh layer over the shoulder straps to let air in.

Quick Takeaway

Even though this bag is simple, it looks very modern and stylish. This one works best as a day pack, which makes it great for a long weekend trip. This is one of the best travel bags for women who only go on short trips or simple hikes.

AffordableCharging port not included

8. Allcamp Diaper Bag Backpack

This backpack stands out because of the opening to the main section. You can open the backpack all the way by turning it on three sides and unzipping it from the front.

So, you can quickly get to all the pockets and organize and find what you need. The front pocket is big enough to hold the things you use the most. It has an extra shoulder strap that you can take off to turn into a crossbody bag.

The backpack only comes in two eye-catching colors that may be appealing to some. The quality is good, but there are some things that could be better. For example, the fake leather handles are easy to damage, which makes the bag look less nice.

Quick Takeaway

The backpack style is one of the most useful and makes it easy to keep things in order. The price is very low, but keep in mind that the quality is also related to the price.

Vast openingNo discreet colors are available
Changing mat includedNo hooks for the stroller 
Convertible to a cross-body bag

9. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

This backpack is stylish and well-made. It’s great for when you have kids, but it’s also great when you don’t. This is another bag with a wide, comfortable opening that lets you get to everything inside, organize it, and see well. The shape of the backpack is great, and it’s easy to keep it open.

With 11 pockets, you can put everything from snacks to a whole change of clothes in it. It has two small packing cubes in the front pocket. One is great for keeping spare change or small items, and the other is insulated and can hold snacks and bottles. There is room for a changing mat or a 15-inch laptop in a big pocket inside the bag.

On the front, a zippered pocket hides a place for a cell phone, and the sides have insulated pockets for bottles. The quilted fabric is water-resistant, and the padded shoulder straps are comfy. The buckles on the stroller are built into the shoulder straps, which are less comfortable than the traditional stroller hooks but look nice.

Quick Takeaway

Use this bag when you are going on a trip and need to bring a lot of things. The best thing about this backpack is that it has large pockets and can still be used as a carry-on bag.

Lightweight and water-resistantA little bit expensive
Laptop dedicated space
Changing mat, included
Wide opening
Comfortable shoulder straps

10. Parker Baby Co Backpack

This versatile product is definitely one of the best travel bags for moms. The “birch bag” comes in grey or cream and grey, and it is designed for parents who are always on the go. With a design that works for both men and women, dads shouldn’t mind using it either!

There are insulated pockets for drinks and a variety of other compartments, including a laptop sleeve. This is a diaper bag, so it has important features like stroller straps and a larger-than-average travel changing pad.

This product from the Parker Baby Co. was designed in the U.S. and is a great all-arounder for parents who are always on the go. I think the Parker Baby Co is one of the best backpacks for traveling mothers.

Quick Takeaway

For the price, this could be the best travel bag. Buy this if you want a durable backpack that won’t break the bank for your weekend trips. Note that if you don’t put too much in the backpack, it will last for years.

Unisex styleLimited colors
Multiple compartments
It looks nothing like a diaper bag

11. Twelvelittle Unisex Travel Backpack

This backpack is great for active moms or those who want to make it easy for dads to take over. It’s also great for moms of twins because it can hold so much.

There are a total of 12 places inside and outside the bag, including a special place for a laptop. There are two thermal pockets on the sides for the bottles and an easy way for the phone line to go through so you can charge your phone while leaving the power bank inside.

The pocket on the back opens so you can attach it to a trolley when you travel.

Quick Takeaway

The only backpack on the list that can be washed in a machine to make it look brand new after even the roughest trip. This bag has many uses. Perfect for children, newborns, and even twins, but also great for going to work or traveling.

Changing mat, includedNo smart stroller attachment
Wide opening
Machine washable

12. Columbia Carson Pass Backpack

When moms choose the Columbia Carson Pass Backpack, they want to look sporty, useful, and small. Fits moms who don’t carry as much stuff or who have older toddlers who don’t need as many changes during the day.

There are a total of 10 pockets in the two sections of the bag. There are also insulated bottle pockets and a small zipped pocket in the main section.

There are also four more pockets on the outside. There are also two buckles that you can use to connect it to the stroller. They look nice, but they are much less useful than stroller hooks.

As I said before, this backpack is thinner and different people have different thoughts about it. Some parents love the way it looks and how it’s put together, while others think it’s too small. As usual, it relies on what you want it to do. Its more traditional shape makes it less useful than other models if you tend to carry a lot of things, but it’s great for carrying the things you need most.

Quick Takeaway

As a Columbia backpack, the line is trendy and sporty, and no one would think of it as a baby bag. It uses some of the most modern and unique materials, like the safety standard, bacteria growth, and radiant barrier, to keep food and drinks cool.

Changing mat includedNo hooks for the stroller
Comfortable shoulder straps
Light and sleek design
Separate, padded 15″ laptop space
Ultra Safe wipe clean floor

Choosing The Perfect Backpack For Mums (The Full Guide)

Best travel backpacks for moms

There are a lot of travel backpacks to choose from. Some of them are cheap, but others can be expensive. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind before buying a travel backpack to travel with kids:

1. The Bag’s size

One of the worst things about a backpack is that it can be very big and bulky when it’s full of things a baby needs. Even though this is necessary, you should think about whether you are ready for a bag that big.

  • Do you plan to take the bag on a trip or just for a day trip to a busy place?
  • Will you bring the backpack on a plane, and does it meet the carry-on standards of the airline?

On the other hand, try to buy a bag that isn’t too big or too small. Diapers, baby drinks, and toys have to be packed in a way that doesn’t make the backpack too full, so if the backpack is too small, it’s less convenient.

Also, if you have more than one child, you have to think about what each one needs based on the size of the backpack.

2. The Bag’s Construction

Nylon and polyester are two of the most popular types of fabric used in travel backpacks.

Most people choose nylon because it is stronger and lasts longer. The cloth can also stand up to water. Ripstop nylon is well-known for being hard to tear.

Even though polyester is not as strong as nylon, some travel bags are made of it. One of the benefits is that it is both light and strong. It also doesn’t get damaged or wrinkled.

3. The Backpack’s Compartments

Most backpacks for traveling have two or three pockets. You should be able to fit all of the things you want to carry in the main section.

Since most of the room in the compartments is empty, you can use packing cubes to keep your things in order. Most bags have small pockets in the front compartment where you can put notebooks, trip documents, pens, and other small items.

A small bag can sometimes make all the difference in the world. For example, a space on the side of the bag for a water bottle will make it easier for you to hike.

4. The Price Tag

Price doesn’t always mean quality. At different price points, you can find bags that are very nice. Just decide how much you can spend and do enough study before you buy one.

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Final Thoughts

To end things off, It can be harder to choose a backpack than a bag, especially if you don’t already have more than one bag, even if you use them for different things. Your lifestyle is the most important thing to think about because it will help you cut down the list.

Women can use backpacks for ease, organization, comfort, style, and flexibility. They are a useful item for moms who want to be ready and organized when they go out with their babies.

If your style is sporty-casual, you can choose from models like Ruvalino and Allcamp. But Columbia and Mominside will be the most comfortable if you take your toddlers on a lot of outdoor activities.