17 Best Travel Backpacks For Laptops

People often forget that they can use their backpacks to carry their laptops and other electronic devices. Many people throw their computers into their bags without thinking, leaving themselves open to danger. This is a surefire way to break your laptop in a way that can’t be fixed.

There are a lot of different ways to take a laptop around, but not all of them are the same. Whether you want a laptop backpack with a pass-through for bags or the best backpack for a laptop and clothes, I can help.

At glance, Here is a rundown of the best backpacks to carry a laptop while traveling:

  1. Troubadour Apex Backpacks For Laptops
  2. Fjallraven 15-Inch Laptop Backpack
  3. eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack
  4. Incase ARC Commuter Pack
  5. Brevite Jumper Laptop backpack
  6. Nomatic Travel PC Pack
  7. Nordace Siena Smart Backpack
  8. Peak Design Everyday
  9. Cotopaxi Tasra 16L PC travel backpack
  10. Incase Icon Slim Backpack
  11. Rains Mini Laptop Backpack
  12. Bopai waterproof Laptop Backpack
  13. Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart
  14. Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack
  15. Solo New York Laptop Backpack
  16. Everki Atlas Business Laptop Backpack
  17. Osprey Radial Bike Commuter Backpack

1. Troubadour Apex Backpacks For Laptops

Let’s say you’re in the market for a stylish, cutting-edge bag that serves equally well for the office and the weekend. Ideally, it would be constructed from durable, water- and shock-resistant materials. The Apex bag by Troubadour Goods is perfect for you.

It has a padded compartment for laptops up to 17 inches, a breathable back panel to keep you dry, and multiple storage compartments to keep you organized.

It has a vegan leather interior and is constructed from repurposed polyester, making it versatile and stylish. The Troubadour Apex Backpack’s cushioned back means it’s a good choice for strolls of any length. With all of its compartments, this bag makes packing for a family weekend away a breeze.

Quick Takeaway

There is a pocket on the front of the Troubadour Apex Backpack that can contain your phone as well as other items that you reach for frequently, such as a wallet, a small notebook, or lip balm.

Amazing build qualityLack of sternum strap
A good amount of spaceLimited color (Black)
Slim profile
Very comfortable
High water-resistance throughout
Versatile for all occasions

2. Fjallraven 15-Inch Laptop Backpack

While traveling the world, you can bring everything you need and more with the Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack. This 18-liter bag has a dedicated sleeve for a laptop up to 15 inches in size.

Additionally, the four extra pockets/compartments provide ample space for a wide range of items, from a microfiber travel towel to a passport. The backpack’s Vinylon F construction makes it stain- and water-resistant.

Quick Takeaway

TheFjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack has a distinctive appearance, weighs only one pound, and is available in eight different colors. This backpack can safeguard your laptop for a variety of different excursions in the years to come.

Simple yet classic designLacks organizational features
Easy access

3. eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack

You need a backpack that can hold all your electronic and everyday gear while protecting it from daily harm when you are traveling, working remotely, or commuting to the office.

The eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack can handle all of your gear. You won’t draw attention to yourself while carrying this bag, and the many compartments and cushioning will keep your belongings organized and safe. And there’s a lot of storage space in this bag;

The backpack’s front features a square, flat pocket. When you open it up, you’ll find a vibrant, crinkly orange liner that has plenty of pockets and pouches to help you organize your belongings and make it easy to find what you need.

Beginning at one end is a tiny liner pocket designed for storing cards; it can be used it to secure your corded headphones. To its right is a medium-sized zippered mesh pouch, perfect for storing a mouse, adaptor, charging block, or anything else you’d store in a pencil case.

Quick Takeaway

Numerous compartments and a professional appearance distinguish the eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack. It’s a basic pack with a sleek design, making it appropriate for both everyday life and more important occasions.

Great level of organizationA little thicker and heavier
Comfortable harness system
Lockable zippers

4. Incase ARC Commuter Pack

Looking for a fantastic laptop backpack, especially one that can accommodate a 16-inch MacBook Pro for travel? The ARC collection from Incase features this spacious and protective travel bag for your MacBook and other valuables. All of the products in the ARC range are made from recycled polyester, hence the name. This product has antimicrobial and RFID-blocking fabrics.

The superior storage and style of this backpack make it a top pick. The zippered side pockets, for instance, can store an umbrella or water bottle, in addition to securing other small things. It’s also a convenient spot to top off your mobile device’s battery.

Also, there won’t be any saggy compartments to distract you when you’re not wearing them. You can fit your lunch, headphones, books, or whatever else you need to carry in the primary compartment, and there’s also a big slip pocket for files. The elastic straps are identical to those found on a suitcase and are ideal for securing a jacket.

Quick Takeaway

The concealed, faux-fur-lined top compartment is the design element I like best. Dropping your phone or sunglasses in here is a breeze, and thanks to the magnetic closure, nothing will ever slide out. Even better, you can reach into the compartment while wearing the bag.

Made from recycled materialsA little bit expensive
Nice laptop sleeve
Tons of compartments
Flexible carry methods

5. Brevite Jumper Laptop Backpack

The wonderful thing about the Brevite Jumper is that you can use it as a daypack or a camera bag. When you open the primary compartment, you’ll find a roomy interior for your clothing and other necessities, as well as a tiny zippered pocket for your valuables (but no key leash).

The front of the case has a zippered pouch with several tiny compartments for storing accessories like cables, batteries, and earbuds. There is enough space for your everyday commute or strolling around campus thanks to the padded back panel, hidden zippered pocket, and dedicated laptop compartment with a weatherproof zipper.

But there’s another zipper right behind the one that opens the front pouch that lets you access the full bottom of the bag. The lower half of the compartment is divided into two sections by four padded dividers that can be used to store and protect your camera gear. The bottom and edges of the backpack have padding as well.

You can keep non-camera items separate from your photo equipment thanks to a panel that drops down from the top of the bag. Either a big tripod (or a jacket) can be carried by the bottom straps, or a smaller travel tripod can be carried in the side pocket.

Quick Takeaway

In addition, you can quickly grab your camera through a zippered left-side aperture without having to open the bag’s main compartment. It’s a compact form that’s smart and flexible.

StylishToo small for larger laptops
Comfortable even when fullLimited color options (Green and Black)
Lots of gear spaces
The side entry pocket is perfectly designed
Shoulder straps adjust very well

6. Nomatic Travel PC Pack

The Nomatic Backpack is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a backpack for your laptop that can be used both at home and abroad. I really like how simple and contemporary it appears to be, which may appeal to today’s youth.

Despite its sleek and sophisticated appearance, this backpack is filled to the gills with useful features and functionality, such as its ability to be converted into a briefcase thanks to a clever strap system. The bag can be expanded from 20 to 24 liters with its built-in function.

Quick Takeaway

Sunglasses case, notebook sleeves, pocketbook sleeves, and key lanyards all have their own dedicated storage spaces. The substance is impervious to moisture and simple to wipe down. Not to mention the RFID sleeve, hidden compartments, and magnetic pockets for holding water bottles.

Useful organizational pocketsHeavy
Expandable from 20 to 24L
Convertible to a briefcase

7. Nordace Siena Smart Backpack

The Nordace Siena is a 9-color laptop backpack that is both stylish and functional. Everyone can find a look that suits them, from the tried-and-true khaki to the fresh aqua and daring scarlet. The major selling point is its stylish square form and practical design for everyday life. The built-in USB charging connection is fantastic for keeping your device powered and ready to go at all times.

Additionally, a 15.6″ laptop can fit in the padded sleeve, and there are numerous pockets in the main area for storing smaller items. The anti-theft pocket in the rear is great for keeping your valuables safe, and the luggage strap makes packing a breeze.

Quick Takeaway

The Siena bag has flexible straps that can be adjusted to your comfort level. The large side compartment, however, is ideal for storing a 1-liter water bottle.

Sleek modern design in 9 colorsSmall Compartment
USB charging port
Organizational Pocket
Anti-Theft Pocket

8. Peak Design Everyday

The Peak Design every day is a top pick of mine because it is both fashionable and functional. It has a large primary compartment with handy Velcro dividers that can be moved to accommodate a variety of electronic devices, including laptops, power supplies, cameras, and more.

A second compartment in the rear accommodates a variety of laptop sleeves. Because of this, there is plenty of room in this laptop case. It is appropriate for the workplace or the classroom.

Magnet closures and smaller compartments help keep your headphones, pens, and other small items easily accessible.

Quick Takeaway

Even though it’s worth the money for people who use it a lot, it’s still a limitation. People with a smaller frame might find it to look and feel quite big because of its size. Taking all of this into account, this is one of the best backpacks for laptops.

Removable compartment insertsHeavy
ProtectiveA lot bigger for smaller people

9. Cotopaxi Tasra 16L PC travel backpack

In a word, the Cotopaxi Tasra 16L is a roaring success! This backpack has a one-of-a-kind design and is made entirely from recycled and repurposed materials. It can be folded up like luggage and is more like a suitcase than a traditional laptop backpack.

A backpack, a briefcase, and a messenger bag are all included. You can store more in its larger internal compartment, such as blankets, folders, and books with a soft cover. However, a laptop up to 15 inches in size can be accommodated in the bag’s internal sleeve.

Quick Takeaway

This backpack has a great style and lots of useful compartments, but it’s not very comfortable or waterproof. It might be more convenient for transporting bulky files or binders with unusual shapes.

DurableNot good for heavy loads
Unique design
A lot of compartment

10. Incase Icon Slim Backpack

The Incase Icon is a top-tier option among laptop backpacks. It has three big compartments, measuring 13 by 9 by 19, to store anything from a laptop to an iPad. It also has a number of storage compartments for your various accessories, including a hip-side pouch with a built-in cable port. 

The faux fur-lined laptop compartment is fully padded to accommodate a 15-inch laptop. The Incase Icon can be purchased in one of six different colors, and it is constructed from 840D ballistic nylon to ensure its endurance. This sleek bag is under three pounds and is the perfect traveling companion.

Quick Takeaway

The main compartment is large enough to keep folders and other flat objects, in addition to your various electronic devices. I am confident that you will find this backpack to be everything you’ve been searching for in a laptop bag and more.

Great organizational capacitySomehow heavy
Durability and longevity

11. Rains Mini Laptop Backpack

The Rains Backpack Mini is the best lightweight backpack for transporting a laptop computer. It weighs about 1.6 pounds, has dimensions of 12″ x 9″ x 5″, and has a capacity of 10 liters.

This bag is popular because it is easy to carry, but keep in mind that the straps are not padded. It can protect computers up to 13 inches and is resistant to water.

Quick Takeaway

There is plenty of room for your phone, digital camera, and tablet in the supplemental compartments. The Rains Mini Backpack is an excellent lightweight choice for any trip, whether for work or pleasure.

Sharp, clean, with a minimalist lookThe straps are not tight enough
Great compartment

12. Bopai waterproof Laptop Backpack

The Bopai Super Slim Waterproof Laptop Backpack, one of the best laptop backpacks for professionals, will give you a sleek look while protecting your laptop from the elements on your way to the workplace or a global business meeting.

This lightweight backpack is 16.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 2.7 inches and only 1.5 pounds.

Also, it will fit a laptop up to 15.6 inches in screen size, and the interior is lined with a plush flannel to keep it safe. There are six different compartments inside, ranging in size from a tablet sleeve to a wallet-sized for international travel.

Because it is constructed with ballistic nylon and weatherproof microfiber leather, this Bopai backpack is among the most reliable waterproof laptop backpacks available.

Quick Takeaway

Whether you are traveling for business or enjoyment, carrying your laptop around in the Bopai Super Slim Waterproof Laptop Backpack is an excellent way to ensure that it is kept secure and protected while you are on the road.

LightweightNot suitable for a gaming laptop
Invisible card section
Anti-theft system
Breathable backside
Soft and secured compartment

13. Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart

The Scansmart from Swissgear is a lie-flat laptop backpack that protects computers up to 17 inches in size and is made from high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester. Easy-access pockets make it simple to pass through airport security with your laptop still inside the backpack.

The main compartment is designed with a laptop in mind, with simple access and a divider to keep your iPad or tablet safe. Both have plenty of cushioning and are lined with scratch-free, soft material to prevent damage in transport.

You can keep your wallet, keys, and other small essentials secure in a big U-zip pocket on the front of the bag. The curved shoulder straps are quick to change, and sweating is kept at bay by a mesh panel with Airflow ventilation.

Quick Takeaway

This is an excellent choice for regular travelers who value the safety and security of their electronic devices wherever they go and need a high-quality backpack to transport their laptops.

Large compartmentNo chest strap for extra support
Easy to access
Soft and durable material

14. Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack

This is an excellent laptop backpack if you tend to journey with a lot of gear. This strong, durable, and well-thought-out backpack is made to transport your laptop and many other items with ease, making it perfect for the workplace.

You can adjust the length and width of Timbuk2’s straps to fit your body, and the grab handle makes it easy to lift and transport. Regardless of the weather, the material will keep your things dry. The main compartment is large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, and the bag’s many other compartments allow you to store all of your other necessities with ease.

Quick Takeaway

This backpack has a waterproof pocket for your water bottle, compression straps (which also add a hanging function), a keykeeper fob so you never drop your keys, and internal pockets that are the ideal size for your mobile phone, pens, chargers, and cables. This bag has plenty of compartments to safely store your belongings.

Lots of organizational featuresExpensive
Super lightweight

15. Solo New York Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack can be quickly converted into a briefcase by removing the handles. Business travelers who place a high value on convenience will appreciate the Solo Duane’s ability to be transformed into a briefcase. The internal design prioritizes both space and comfort.

The padded laptop sleeve can accommodate notebooks, Chromebooks, and MacBooks up to 15.6 inches in screen size. In addition to the main compartment, there are two front pockets that are easy to reach for storing things like a phone, keys, wallet, or credit cards and a large exterior pocket that can easily fit your charging cables.

Quick Takeaway

This bag is incredible value for the money. It’s reasonably priced and has plenty of room for all of your office or study supplies. This backpack comes with a lengthy guarantee, making it ideal for businesspeople trying to make an impression.

It can be transformed into a backpackFoam padding feels flimsy
Removable/adjustable shoulder strap
Good storage space
Comfortable to carry
Durable material

16. Everki Atlas Business Laptop Backpack

With its many convenient additions, this ultra-chic laptop backpack is an excellent choice for those who frequently travel with a lot of gear. The high-quality construction ensures that your gear is safe from harm wherever you go.

The padded and felt-lined compartment on this bag opens to a full 180 degrees, making it convenient for passing through airport security with a laptop of any size (from 13 to 17.3 inches). The 5-point strap system makes this backpack easy to transport even when it’s stuffed to the brim.

In addition to the main compartment, there are two big zippered pockets that can accommodate an iPad, tablet, or e-reader, as well as plenty of other small items like business cards, pens, and paper. One of the hidden compartments is the ideal size for a cell phone.

Quick Takeaway

This is a great backpack that provides excellent protection for your laptop and plenty of extra storage space for anything else that you could possibly want to take with you. Although it is an investment piece, this backpack is well worth the money.

Lots of useful organizational featuresA little bit expensive
Adjustable to multiple laptop sizes
It holds a lot of gear

17. Osprey Radial Bike Commuter Backpack

Even though it was made with cyclists in mind, this laptop backpack has features that make it a good choice for anyone taking a laptop on the road.

This backpack has a unique harness and suspension system that allows it to move with you and provide outstanding airflow and comfort, even when fully loaded. This ventilation system is ideal for warmer regions because it will help you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

If you lift up and set down your backpack frequently, you’ll appreciate the built-in kickstand’s ability to keep your bag upright. If you use it for cycling, the attached blinker light and reflective accents will ensure that you remain safe and noticeable at all times.

This well-designed bag is made of sturdy fabric and features an integrated rain cover to safeguard your belongings from the elements. The padded compartment can hold a 15-inch laptop safely. Extra mesh and zippered compartments offer plenty of storage space for your laptop, iPad, books, and other essentials.

A key clip is included to ensure that you don’t lose your keys. If you want to stay hydrated while on the go, you can store a water container in the stretchy mesh panel on the side. This backpack also comes in a larger 34-liter capacity if you find yourself in need of more space.

Quick Takeaway

This backpack from the industry leader in travel bags, Osprey, is tailor-made for cyclists who value the security of their laptop computer. However, as a versatile and well-designed backpack, it can also serve as a professional bag for business travelers.

A highly adjustable harness systemNo lockable zippers
Convenient to use
Padded 15″ laptop Sleeve

Buying The Right Laptop Backpack For Travel (Tips + Guide)

Best travel backpacks for laptops

Before you go out and buy a new laptop backpack, below are some of the key factors to consider:

1. Backpack’s Size

You should find a backpack that fits well and securely stores your laptop and other electronic gear. Your laptop and the other items you need to transport will determine the ideal dimensions.

Your body type and the sort of backpack you prefer to use may also play a role. If you want to store it in the overhead compartment of an aircraft, train, or bus, or tuck it under your seat, you’ll need to be aware of its overall dimensions.

2. Backpack’s Weight

Keeping the backpack’s weight down should be a top concern, especially if you plan on carrying it around for extended periods of time.

The larger the backpack, the heavier it is, and you want to move effortlessly and comfortably. Expect a slightly heavier backpack if you need one that can securely transport a larger laptop.

3. Durability

You need a durable laptop backpack that can keep up with your frequent business trips. You can extend the life of your backpack by choosing one that provides adequate protection for your laptop against drops, scratches, and dampness.

Make sure the next bag you buy for your laptop has a padded or lined sleeve to protect it. This means nothing else in your backpack can scratch or otherwise harm it.

4. Compartment and Pockets

A great laptop bag will have plenty of compartments and pouches to keep your gear organized. The laptop sleeve should be well-padded to protect your computer from bumps and scratches.

Careful planning of extra compartments is required to prevent wires and chargers from getting tangled up or crushed. There should be a number of secure interior pockets to store and transport USB drives and other devices.

Your laptop should be protected from scratches or damage while you access the pocket compartment, and there should be plenty of space for your wallet, keys, and phone.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, any of the aforementioned backpacks would be an excellent choice if you want something that is both stylish and functional.

The Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack is a fantastic low-cost alternative to the more expensive, high-quality choices offered by some of the most well-known brands.

This ultra-slick laptop backpack may appear plain and professional, but it’s loaded with useful extras that make it ideal for travelers with a lot of gear. The high-quality design ensures that your gear is safe from damage wherever you go.