9 Best Travel Backpacks For Clothes

If you’re used to using a suitcase on wheels, the idea of packing for a month-long journey in a backpack may sound like a nightmare.

However, there are many scenarios in which traveling with a backpack is more convenient, such as when taking public transportation (such as buses or trains) or visiting places where paved roads (and thus surfaces for easily rolling luggage) are scarce.

You may still believe that a rolling bag or duffel bag is the only option if you need to transport a lot of stuff, but you should reconsider. The following selection of travel backpacks all features adjustable shoulder straps and user-friendly layouts that will make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Here are some of the best backpacks for packing clothes while traveling:

  1. Mystery Travel Backpacks for clothes
  2. Mouteenoo Travel Duffel Backpack
  3. Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32L
  4. Peak Design Travel Line Backpack
  5. Osprey Porter 46L
  6. Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint
  7. Yeti 35L Backpack
  8. Eastpak Strapverz S
  9. CabinZero Classic 44L

1. Mystery Travel Backpacks For Clothes

The Mystery Ranch Mission Rover is a 43-liter backpack made to get you from A to B without having to check any bags. This backpack was built by the Montana company that claims to produce the “best load-bearing equipment in the world”, so it’s sure to hold everything you need.

To begin, the Mystery Ranch Mission Rover’s tether system is adequate for extended use. The first noticeable feature is the high quality and thickness of the straps that go across the shoulders.

In addition, the shoulder bands’ reverse side is made of mesh to improve ventilation. The Mystery Ranch Mission Rover has a “no frills” layout on the inside. The bottom shoe compartment unzips to expose a roomy interior, suitable for even the bulkiest of footwear. It can also be used to conceal dirty clothes.

Quick Takeaway

Use Mystery Ranch’s convenient three-in-one suitcase, duffel bag, and backpack to transport your belongings in style while you travel. The list of amenities is endless, so if you like to carry a substantial wardrobe with you wherever you go, this is the perfect backpack for you.

Great for travelExpensive
Variety of carry options
Comfortable to wear
Laptop sleeve
Good quality

2. Mouteenoo Travel Duffel Backpack

Because the backpack straps for this duffel bag can be stowed away and hidden in a side pocket, you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled up in the grass or bushes when you’re not using them. It was easily convertible between a duffel bag and a backpack. When you need both hands for sightseeing or exploring, wearing it as a duffle backpack is the way to go.

To keep your shoes and other dirty items from soiling your clean belongings, a dedicated shoe compartment with air vents has been included in the design. You can easily access your valuables without having to rummage around in a jumble thanks to the convenient placement of a single zippered compartment lined with a plush fleece material inside the bag.

Quick Takeaway

It’s roomy enough to be used both in the summer and in the winter when working out is less appealing. This backpack is ideal for weekend getaways, camping excursions, sports events, and overnight flights. The compact shape makes it ideal for use as an under-seat or in-flight bag.


3. Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32L

The Black Hole Pack is a popular favorite among Patagonia fans thanks to its sturdiness and well-thought-out organization features. Large enough for trips but compact enough for daily use, the pack can carry up to 32 liters.

Patagonia made a laptop sleeve that zips down from the inside of the backpack to open up space in the main compartment. Small items can be stashed in the front and upper stash pockets without taking up valuable room in the main compartments.

Quick Takeaway

By choosing the Black Hole Pack instead of a 40L pack, you lose some storage room. Even so, Patagonia’s backpack is designed in such a way that it maximizes the space available for storing clothing, footwear, and other items.

You won’t find a more adaptable backpack than this one, whether you’re looking for something to go with your checked luggage or something to use both in and out of doors.

Highly durable design and fabricsNo hip belt
Water-resistant to protect your gearFairly heavy for the size
The very breathable back panelQuite expensive
Sleek and stylish
Large mesh water bottle pockets

4. Peak Design Travel Line Backpack

Photographers are a primary inspiration for Peak Design’s creation of carry tools. But despite that, they’ve made a range of bags that can be used by photographers or as a carry-on for regular vacations. Crowdfunding brought in $5,000,000 to assist Apple’s ex-designer and Peak Design partner to release their new 45L Travel Backpack.

What makes this item so exceptional, then?

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is the perfect blend of anonymity and simplicity. The complete backpack, with the exception of a small zippered compartment at the top, is opened by a single zipper.

You can then proceed to prepare the rest of your clothing, footwear, electronics, and other accessories using the Peak Design packing cubes. A well-padded laptop sleeve is included on the inside of the backpack for safekeeping.

The bag’s theft-proof zippers, which can be looped into each other when closed, are my favorite part. They prevent pickpockets from rapidly opening your bag in crowded places.

When expanded to its full 35L capacity, the Peak Design Travel Backpack meets foreign carry-on requirements. The backpack normally holds 35 liters of gear, but it can expand to 45 liters by opening the side pockets. 

Quick Takeaway

Peak Design used water- and abrasion-resistant 400D nylon fabric made from 100% recycled material. As for the backpack’s comfort features, they include padded shoulder cushions, an extended strap length that can be adjusted as needed, and a hip belt accessory that can be used if desired.

Great organizationFew color and design options
Soft and stretchy yet durable interior materialIf full, it can be heavy
Lots of compartments
Adjustable and padded shoulder straps
Multiple grab handles
Expandable panels

5. Osprey Porter 46L Clothes Backpack

The Osprey Porter 46L is a fantastic backpack for long-distance hiking and camping. Because of its versatility (you can carry it by the top or side handles, and it has D rings so you can attach a shoulder strap if you like), Osprey labels it a “deluxe duffel”.

Because of its flexible design, transporting your equipment will be a breeze. It’s easy to fold up and put away, which is great if you end up getting inspected at the airport.

Though roomy, it’s too big to take on a hiking trip. Both infrequent and regular travelers will find it useful. The streamlined design and vibrant colors make it a potential upgrade for the discerning business traveler.

Otherwise, it’s a reasonably priced, multifunctional, and comfy backpack for your travels.

Quick Takeaway

Long-term travelers and digital nomads in particular can benefit from the extra storage capacity offered by this product. It has the convenience of a luggage or porter bag with the adaptability and mobility of a backpack. It compresses to carry-on dimension and expands to a larger capacity than its rivals. When in doubt, don’t dwell on it too much. The Osprey Porter 46L is an excellent purchase.

Carry-on size (if not over-packed)Not built for hiking/camping
AffordableVery minimal harness
Rugged designNo shoulder or hip belt support
One gigantic and easy-to-use pocket
Convenient straitjacket compression
Easy to attach the daypack

6. Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint

The Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Large Backpack is an excellent choice for a day at the office because it is both a business purse and a backpack. The Silhouette 17 is a reliable Samsonite bag that unfolds into a suitcase shape for convenient packing and unpacking.

With its internal compartmentalization, this backpack can store just under 30 liters of gear while still allowing for easy packing.

The bag has a detachable tech pouch where you can store your cords and chargers, and it also has internal compression straps for securing clothing.

Quick Takeaway

In addition to its organizational features, the Silhouette 17 has a laptop pouch that is completely padded, a water bottle pocket that can expand, and a carry design that can be converted into three different configurations. (backpack, shoulder bag, or briefcase). To put it another way, the craftsmanship of this Samsonite product is unrivaled.

Lots of built-in organizationWhen the tote handle collapses, the zippers are hidden
Well-padded and comfortable shoulder straps

7. Yeti 35L Backpack

The Crossroads 35L boasts a 180-degree clamshell opening so that it can be packed like luggage for quick and easy access to your belongings.

Your laptop will be safe in the padded, TSA-approved compartment; your tablet will fit in the smaller pocket; and the mesh pockets on the divider are perfect for quick-access things like your toothbrush and medicine.

Then there’s the primary compartment, which resembles a suitcase. You could fit two weeks’ worth of clothing in here, or even more, if you don’t mind repeating outfits or lugging around additional weight.

There is a primary compartment as well as two additional pockets for stowing smaller items. The front compartment has enough room for a snack, passport, wallet, and paperback. Meanwhile, the upper compartment can store smaller items like lip balm, pens, and your phone, and it features a sewed-in lanyard in case you need fast access to your ID while wearing the backpack for work.

Quick Takeaway

You won’t find another sturdy and versatile travel backpack for such a price. The bag’s lifespan may be shorter than the rest on this list, but it’s still a fantastic option if not the finest.

The tough exterior material is easy to cleanThe harness device isn’t 35L-capable
Good balance of space and organizationMain compartment accessibility is slow
The great interior fabric is easy to navigate
A wide array of cool colors is available

8. Eastpak Strapverz S

This backpack has a clamshell opening, two mesh-divided sections, a handle, and wheels, making it functionally equivalent to a cabin-size suitcase. The design facilitates packing, and the fabric’s flexibility reminiscent of the canvas allows it to contain enough for a few days’ trips.

Even if you’ve overfilled it, the compression straps are simple to adjust, and the bag’s fabric and zippers provide a comforting sense of durability.

You can rest assured that it won’t get damaged en route. Padded shoulder straps allow you to sling it over your back, and a telescoping trolly handle allows you to carry it like a suitcase, both of which are excellent features.

Quick Takeaway

When not in use, it collapses down to almost nothing, making it ideal for stowing away in a closet or shoebox. This backpack has a TSA lock and can store up to 42 liters of your belongings safely.

The fabric is damage resistantOnly minimal divisions
Optimal use of spaceQuite expensive
Easy to transport
Easy to clean

9. CabinZero Classic 44L

Cabin Zero’s sole guarantee is “cabin baggage, no hassle”. This backpack, like the others in the series, is designed to appeal to those who prefer classic and uncluttered looks by being simple and devoid of unnecessary embellishments. The bag’s maximum capacity of 42 gallons makes it a strong candidate for an extended journey.

Despite its large capacity, it is surprisingly compact, thanks to its construction out of 600d polyester, a slightly lower grade than what some brands use but still robust enough to withstand fairly rough treatment. One large compartment and a smaller mesh one are hidden behind a clamshell aperture.

Be ready to self-secure your laptop if you intend to transport it. The inner compartment is there, but it’s not very sturdy and doesn’t provide any additional protection.

Quick Takeaway

There is, however, a sufficient amount of padding on the shoulder straps, and the strap that rests across the chest makes for a more comfortable carrying experience when you’re doing a lot of traveling.

Durable materialBulky
Large capacity
Side compression straps

How To Choose A Travel Backpack For Clothes? (Explained)

Best travel backpacks for clothes

For whatever reason you may prefer a travel backpack, Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when buying a travel backpack for clothes:


There are a few factors to consider when choosing the optimal pack quantity. To begin, where are you headed, and for how long do you anticipate being there? Packing for a trip in the winter usually entails more than just a few additional layers. Also, a larger bag may be necessary for an extended trip.

However, how you typically pack will be the deciding element. Some people can go on a month-long trip with nothing more than a small daypack, while others want to bring the biggest possible travel backpack and an overflowing duffel bag. There’s no clear winner here, so much as it helps to know your own personal preference when making a selection.

Storing valuables

If you’re worried about theft, you can keep your visa, phone, and other valuables safe in the hidden compartments of some backpacks. Uniquely padded laptop cases are also easily accessible. This is a must-have amenity for any professional traveler.


Of course, the best travel backpacks have separate compartments for your clothes, documents, and essentials so you don’t have to be that person at the front of the line to the aircraft looking through their bag in vain for the ticket they were sure they were holding.

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Final Thoughts

Summing up, a well-rounded backpack at a reasonable price, the Osprey Porter 46L meets the needs of most travelers on a budget without sacrificing comfort or organization.

The Peak Design Travel Line Backpack is a high-quality, fashionable choice for those in search of a more urban bag that won’t make them appear foolish in vacation photos taken in major cities.

Also, the Yeti 35L clothes backpack is the perfect backpack for those who frequently go on hikes or longer-day excursions. By determining your needs, you’ll definitely find a travel backpack that will be a good fit for your clothes packing needs.