13 Best Travel Backpacks For Business

The main points of a business trip are organization, safety, and comfort. When it comes to these things, a good business backpack is a step on the right way.

It will have enough space and compartments to help you stay organized, as well as the durability and ergonomics to keep your things safe and you comfortable when you travel for work.

So, if you’re a businessman having a trip coming up. Here are some of the best travel backpacks for business to think about:

  1. Ambor Travel Backpacks For Business
  2. Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack
  3. Briggs & Riley Work Backpack
  4. Tumi Men’s Alpha Bravo Search Backpack
  5. Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack
  6. Inateck Anti-theft Business Backpack
  7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Backpack
  8. Bopai Business Travel Backpack
  9. Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack
  10. Muzee Business Travel Backpack
  11. BC Bruno Cavalli Backpack
  12. Sosoon Travel Backpack For Work
  13. Kroser Backpack For Business

1. Ambor Travel Backpacks For Business

The Ambor travel backpack is a great choice that won’t break the bank. It costs less than $50 and is a great backpack for work for that price.

This bag can hold a total of 40 liters, which is spread out over its many sections and outside pockets. That’s a good amount of space for a carry-on bag; it’s the same as what you’d get in a regular carry-on backpack.

This travel backpack has a large main pocket for clothes that opens from the front. At the bottom of the bag is a separate space for shoes, and the front pocket has a wet pocket. The back of the bag is also where the laptop section is. It has a TSA-friendly opening and pockets inside that fit a 17-inch laptop and a tablet.

The back part of the Ambor backpack is made of breathable mesh and has a lot of padding. The arm straps are also soft and comfortable, and they have a handy sternum strap that makes the pack more stable. Two compression straps on either side of the bag let you change the size of the backpack. If you don’t fill it up, you can make the bag smaller so that the weight is more stable.

Quick Takeaway

This pack also has some things that make it good for traveling. You can hide the shoulder straps behind the back panel to make it easier to put the backpack in the overhead section. And there’s a luggage strap in the back so you can attach the backpack to a bigger bag to make it easier to move around with more than one piece of luggage.

Very affordableNo hip belt
TSA-friendly laptop compartmentDoes not look very classy
Padded and ventilated back panel

2. Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack

You can’t go wrong with a backpack, suitcase, or bag from Samsonite. The Kombi backpack is one of their best business travel backpacks because the outside is tough and durable and the inside is big. The outside of the bag is made of tough ballistic fabric that is resistant to wear and tear.

Nylon is also water-resistant on its own, so it can keep the items of a pack dry in light rain. Some parts of the pack are made of real leather, which makes it look more stylish and professional.

On the front of the pack, there are three extra pockets, including one with a tablet cover and an organizer panel. There are also zippered pockets on the sides of the backpack for small things you want to be easy to get to.

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This is also a very comfortable backpack for business. The back panel and arm straps are padded and made of mesh that lets air flow, so the bag can breathe well.

Even the shoulder straps are made to fit your body in a way that is very comfortable. The Kombi backpack has a handy strap in the back that lets you put it on top of a suitcase.

Excellent organizational featuresNot TSA friendly
Padded and ventilated back systemDoes not fit 17” computers
Comfortable luggage strap

3. Briggs & Riley Work Backpack

Briggs & Riley is one of the top names in high-end luggage. They make one of my favorite business backpacks, which has a lot of cool features. It has a lot of features that will make your life much easier.

This backpack is almost impossible to break because it is made of 1600D ballistic fabric and has strong YKK zippers. If you don’t try to tear this business bag to pieces, you should be able to use it for years and years.

This travel backpack is also pretty cool because it has a lot of different sections and pockets that make it easy to keep things in order. There is the main storage area, a padded 17″ laptop section that is almost TSA-friendly, and three zippered pockets on the front, one on the top, and two on the sides.

All of the front pockets have organizers on the inside, so there’s plenty of room for all of those smaller items. The backpack also has an RFID-safe pocket and a bag tag, which is important to point out. And also, it fits under the seat of an airplane, which is pretty cool.

Quick Takeaway

If it didn’t cost so much, this would be my best backpack. But it’s only for certain types of people. This is the best travel backpack for you if you are a modern business person who likes nice things.

Very durable constructionNo hip belt or sternum strap
Fits 17” laptopsPricey
Excellent organization features

4. Tumi Men’s Alpha Bravo Search Backpack

The Alpha Bravo Search by TUMI is a great choice if you want to travel with a high-end business bag. It’s a great high-end bag with a lot of great features that will make your trips more fun. Still, it has a very high price tag. This bag is made of ballistic nylon, which is very strong. It doesn’t get wet easily and doesn’t need an extra layer. It also doesn’t tear or wear down easily.

In addition to being very durable, this bag is also very useful. It has a large section for a laptop that isn’t quite TSA-friendly but opens at an angle on the back, away from the rest of the bag. Inside, there are pockets for a 15-inch laptop and a standard tablet, and the padding is thick to protect your expensive gadgets. Plus, there is a slot for your phone on the top near the handle.

This business backpack has a lot more to like, too. The main place to store things is on top, and it can hold enough clothes for a weekend trip. One of the side pockets has a waterproof lining, and the bottom front pocket has an organizer panel and a key clip.

Quick Takeaway

The Alpha Bravo collection from TUMI is mostly made for work travelers, but this backpack can be used for a lot more. It will keep you dry and comfortable wherever you go thanks to its thick padding and open back system. There is no chest strap included, but there are places where you can attach one.

Extremely durable and ruggedExpensive
Versatile designNo chest strap
Very comfortable back systemHeavy

5. Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack

The Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack comes in more than one color, so you can choose what you like best.

Also, it comes in two sizes, and this backpack has features that make it hard to steal, like combination locks. It also has a USB port so you can charge your phone whenever you need to.

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When it comes to the bags’ materials, this company cares a lot about the environment. So, it is made out of polyester, which is good for the environment and strong enough to last through trip days. Don’t forget that the arm straps are padded to make you feel better.

Combination locksUSB port position is difficult to reach
Comfortable to carryBottle pockets are tiny
Water-resistant material
Eco-friendly polyester

6. Inateck Anti-theft Business Backpack

The Inateck Cabin Luggage Carry-On bag is a good choice for the best business travel backpack that can hold a lot of things and still fit in the cabin. The bag is made to fit the size of a house. But you can fit a 17-inch laptop and other things in it without any problems.

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It has a padded back and is very light when it’s not full. It’s made of tough materials that can’t be scratched and won’t get wet. Above all, it comes with a rain cover as a gift to keep you dry when you’re traveling in the rain, and both men and women can use it.

Large CapacityHeavy
Anti-theft Zipper Design
Waterproof Rain Cover
Compression Strap
Water Bottle Pocket

7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Backpack

Let’s say you want a business backpack that looks elegant and professional. In that case, the Kenneth Cole Reaction travel backpack is a great choice.

It is made of full-grain leather from Colombia, and it looks much more expensive than it is. And the inner of the backpack is lined with tear-resistant polyester. Even if you move a lot, it should still hold up well.

This bag has a place for a laptop that is TSA-friendly and can fit computers up to 16″ It also has three zippered pockets on the inside, so you can store your laptop’s most important tools here.

Quick Takeaway

The backpack also has a very large main compartment with three pockets inside. There’s a lot of room for clothes, and a normal 9.7″ tablet fits easily in one of the pockets. This bag also has a divider panel, a key clip, and a small zippered pocket on top of the front pocket.

Sleek and professional exteriorNo sternum strap or hip belt
TSA-friendly laptop compartmentsNo side pockets
Luggage strap in the back

8. Bopai Business Travel Backpack

The Bopai backpack is another good choice for people who like sleek and simple-looking bags. Its outside is made of waterproof microfiber leather and ballistic nylon, so its innards will be safe even if it rains lightly.

This business backpack has a special place in the back for a 15.6″ laptop. It also has a spacious main pocket and two extra zippered compartments on the front panel. On top of all that, the bag’s capacity can be increased, and the expansion zipper gives you 40% more room.

Quick Takeaway

You can hide the straps to make it easy to store the backpack in a luggage compartment. And there’s a luggage strap in the back so you can put it on top of a larger bag to make it easier to move around with more than one piece of luggage.

Large CapacityA little bit expensive
Anti Theft PocketLimited color (black)
Luggage Strap
Breathable Scientific Design
USB Charging Port

9. Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack

With its Parker Commuter Backpack, Timbuk2 steps up to the plate and strikes the right balance between being fully functional, weatherproof, and business chic for any industry. In addition to that, it has a very polished and nice design.

This backpack has a cover that is completely waterproof, so even if you get trapped in the rain, your belongings will stay nice and dry inside. In addition to that, it comes with a warranty that is good for life.

Quick Takeaway

You shouldn’t have any trouble bringing everything you need for work, and if you do, you can make the Timbuk2 Parker bigger. The air vent in the back will keep you cool.

If caught in a storm, this backpack has a completely waterproof cover to keep your things nice and dry. Plus, it has a guarantee that lasts for life.

Waterproof coverLack of compartments
Lots of styles

10. Muzee Business Travel Backpack

Let’s say you’re used to bringing a lot of things with you, even on work trips. So, Muzee Business Backpack has something for you. The same bag comes in two different sizes.

The bigger one has three pockets and can hold more things than the smaller one and it comes with a USB port. Also, it has a strap that goes around your waist to keep the bag from moving.

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Another important thing about this backpack is that it has a padded, breathable back that makes it easier on your back.

Open 180 degreesSoft material that wrinkles
Splash-proof setting
USB Charging Design

11. BC Bruno Cavalli Backpack

One of the featured business items is the BC Bruno Cavalli Backpack. The bag has many pockets that make it easy to find IDs, papers, phones, and other things. It also has a bigger pocket on the main part of the bag. Also, it has a headphone jack and a USB port for charging.

This bag is one of the biggest bags ever made. It’s made of materials that will last a long time. Also, the material is resistant to water and can be used in any weather. Most importantly, the backpack is good for people of all ages and both sexes.

Quick Takeaway

If you’re wondering how durable this bag is, you should know that it’s made of high-end cloth. The shoulder straps are also padded to make them more comfortable.

Durable materialVery tight and not expandable
180 degrees unfolding

12. Sosoon Travel Backpack For Work

The Sosoon Laptop Backpack is made of durable, water-repellent fabric that is also scratch-resistant. This bag’s material makes it perfect for business travels and daily use.

It’s TSA-approved because it can be folded flat at 180 degrees. A USB charging connection and an audio jack are conveniently located on the same side.

Quick Takeaway

What makes this bag so important is that it has a lot of pockets. The exercise mat on the shoulder straps is another important part. So, it’s one of the most comfortable choices.

TSA-friendlySmall compartment
USB and headphone port
Massage mat for shoulder straps

13. Kroser Backpack For Business Travel

The KROSER Laptop Backpack has a lot of space and a lot of big pockets that business travelers love. It’s made of materials that are good for the earth, which isn’t the main point for most people but is a nice bonus.

The bag also has special areas for a laptop, paper, and small electronic devices. In addition to that, it comes equipped with a USB connection.

Quick Takeaway

You can put a lot of things in this bag, but watch out for its weight. Even though this bag is a little heavy, the straps are comfy and spread the weight evenly across your back.

Tight paddingHeavyweight
High-quality material
Well organized

Finding The Right Travel Backpack For Business (Buyer Guide)

Best travel backpacks for business

When traveling for business, you need the most comfortable backpack to carry your laptop and other important documents and devices.

Here are some things to think about when getting a travel business backpack:

1. Size Of The Backpack

For business trips, the main reason to bring a backpack is to carry your laptop.

So, you need to know how big your laptop is and whether or not the bag can hold it. Also, think about what you’ll put in the bag and make sure it can hold everything.

2. Comfortability Features

If you travel often for business, you need to be comfortable on long trips.

Look for shoulder straps and backs that are padded. Also, it’s easy to handle backpacks with luggage sleeves at the airport or bus station.

3. Design Preferences

If you don’t want to look like a hippie at work or in important meetings, choose a modern travel backpack that is both useful and stylish.

You should choose a bag that shows who you are, whether it’s classy, cool, artistic, etc. Compare the things on this list to find the most stylish and useful business travel bag.

4. Security Features

When traveling with expensive things, you should put safety first. On most business trips, you’ll take important papers or your work laptop, which you don’t want to lose. So, for work trips, look for backpacks with hidden compartments, strong zippers, and fabric that is hard to cut.

Also, as you look at business travel backpacks, you’ll notice that they have different features. Some may have USB ports where you can plug in a portable charger. Others may have wheels, and some may have handles for moving.

Depending on your needs, you need to think about the different benefits. For instance, you might want the wheels to make it easier to get around. Check out what each backpack has to offer to see which ones are the most important.

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Final Thoughts

To sum things up, there are many backpacks out there, but the Timbuk2 Parker Business Backpack is the one I suggest for business people who are always on the go. It is the best because of how it looks, how well it works, and how professional it is.

Also, this backpack stands out because it has a lot of space and can be used in different ways. Safety, durability, and functionality are the most important things here, and this backpack possesses all these attributes.