The 7 Best Travel Backpacks For Asia

When it comes to backpacks, the best one for you is as unique as your fingerprint.

The best travel backpack relies on a number of things, like your height, how you travel, the length of your trip, and where you’re going. But all of the best backpacks for visiting Asia have a few things in common.

This article will examine some of the best backpacks for Asia. Also, I will give some tips to consider when buying or choosing a backpack for your next trip.

Below, is a rundown of some of the best backpacks for traveling to Asia:

  1. Osprey Farpoint 40L
  2. Matein Travel Backpacks For Asia
  3. Nomatic Travel Pack
  4. Cotopaxi Allpa 35L
  5. Topo Designs Global Travel Bag 30L
  6. Peak Design Everyday Backpack
  7. Lowe Alpine Kulu 65:75

1. Osprey Farpoint 40L

Suppose you’ve searched the internet for the best travel backpack for traveling to Asia or found yourself wandering around your local sporting or camping goods store. In that case, chances are you’ve come across the Osprey Farpoint series before.

The Osprey Farpoint has a lot going for it beyond the fact that it has received a lot of praise and can be tried on before being purchased.

With its cutting-edge suspension system, the Osprey Farpoint 40L provides excellent back and shoulder comfort. Strong and supportive hip bands alleviate strain on the lower back. The chest straps, despite their apparent frailty, do a lot of work and significantly improve the load’s steadiness.

The backpack also has an adjustment system that allows you to bring the backpack closer or further away from your back, taking some of the strain off your neck muscles. However, if you cram too much into it or don’t prepare it carefully, it can be a bit of a pain in the traps.

The simple solution is to use the pack for what it was designed to do. If you’re carrying a light laptop, a few sets of clothes, and a small number of toiletries, this bag is fine.

It has thick, cushioned shoulder straps as well as a thick, padded hip strap. The bag’s sophisticated suspension system is a major selling point because it relieves strain on the wearer’s spine.

If you feel the weight of the pack beginning to press on your neck or shoulders, you can use the load lifter straps to bring the pack closer to your back. This greatly improves the backpack’s steadiness and equilibrium.

Quick Takeaway

The Osprey Farpoint 40L isn’t the most organized bag, but it does well. And also, you don’t have to worry so much about durability. The Osprey Line has a lifetime guarantee as long as you’re not burning it, throwing it in a volcano, or doing anything weird.

Perfect sizeIt lacks a removable backpack with a zipper
Extremely relaxingNo pockets in the hip pads
Strong protectionThe hip belt isn’t removable
Easy entry to the primary compartment
Long-term assurance

2. Matein Travel Backpacks For Asia

A comfortable fit with many pockets, the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack makes for a great bag for school and travel. It comes with the special addition of an anti-theft pocket and is available in two different sizes, and it has more than enough space to carry everything you need.

Thus, with all that, an added USB connector, and a great design paired with the highly affordable price, the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is one of the best travel backpacks for Asia out there.

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack provides safety and ample storage room in a sleek and reasonably priced package. You get a sturdy construction in terms of materials, and the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack provides you with a comfortable and easy-to-use design thanks to its numerous paddings and a decent number of pockets.

The beautiful concealed anti-theft pocket is a nice touch, especially for a bag of this price.

This backpack has many other functional features besides the USB charger port. This includes the multi-panel airflow system and the extra padding on both the body and the shoulder straps, all of which combine to provide you with a well-made build quality and comfort while wearing it.

Quick Takeaway

While the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack provides two side pockets for water bottle or umbrella storage, its polyester body gives you a water-resistant backpack, resisting any water that falls on it for a short while. However, remember that it isn’t waterproof, meaning you can avoid any small water spillage if you wipe it away fast, but it will get wet.

A great number of pocketsNot exactly waterproof
A good amount of spaceAccess to the main compartment is not easy
Comfortable to carry

3. Nomatic Travel Pack

The NOMATIC Travel Pack was designed for everyday use and those shorter 1-3 day trips to Asia countries. It is made with durable, water-resistant materials and YKK zippers. This lightweight backpack expands to hold 50% more of your belongings when you really need them. The strap system, which is awaiting a patent, converts the bag from backpack to briefcase carry.

Relax with your favorite drink and enjoy the many convenient internal features of the NOMATIC Travel Pack. Ready? Let’s get going.

The first is a tiny, hidden zippered compartment on the pack’s back, concealed by the frame sheet. It may be a bit of a hassle to get to, but rest assured that your passport and other valuables (like money and credit cards) will be secure here.

The next convenient feature is an upper pocket that fits most cell phones and sunglasses. Your screen or lenses will be safe from scratches and it’s simple to get to. There is a pass-through for a charging cable if you stow a battery pack away from sight in the main compartment of your backpack.

The RFID pocket is located inside the upper half of the front flap of the U-shaped pocket and is secured with a zipper. The two mesh liner compartments and a smaller zippered pocket below it are perfect for storing smaller items like pens, pencils, or styluses.

Two rows of two mesh compartments and a flat liner pocket fit a laptop charger or a medium-sized notebook on the opposite side of this section. The elasticized tops of the mesh compartments are stretchy for convenient storage of small items.

Quick Takeaway

Although this is one of the smaller backpacks for traveling to Asia, ranging at 20L, it still carries a punch. This backpack has zippers that enable it to expand by 10L, so you can bring along just a few more outfits if you need to.

VersatileThe harness is uncomfortable, particularly when the bag is full
Water-resistantThe internal structure is complicated and difficult to use
Great for digital nomadsExpensive
Plenty of hidden pockets for safety

4. Cotopaxi Allpa 35L

Need a stylish and versatile rucksack for your travels through Asia’s cities and even mountains?

Here is the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Backpack, perfect for your next trip.

This pack is perfect for any length of journey, from a weekend getaway to a month-long expedition. The components of the Allpa 35L are durable and waterproof.

With the rain cover features, your belongings are protected from the weather even if you leave them outside.  It also has a lot of pockets and places to put things, so you can easily organize everything you need to fit your style.

It also comes in a variety of fashionable colors, so you can find one that goes with your outfit (for a day at least). So if you’re looking for a travel pack with it all, the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack makes for a great Asia backpack.

Quick Takeaway

Each of the travel backpack’s characteristics is excellent on its own. When taken as a whole though, it feels like the functions are poorly integrated. Despite this, they still produced an excellent beginner bag that could be used for a variety of outings. This backpack is suitable for both an extended journey to Asia and a short weekend excursion to the mountains.

Looks uniqueThere are no small exterior pockets
Front-loadingNo water bottle holder
Great water-resistance
Comfortable on your back

5. Topo Designs Global Travel Bag 30L

A good backpack should have certain qualities, such as storage space, organization, and ease of transporting. To be more specific, most of us want a bag that is roomy enough for all of the items on our holiday packing list, has enough compartments to keep everything in its place, and is comfortable to carry around for several days. Quite simple, huh?

The 30L Global Travel Bag accomplishes all three of these goals with ease. Its rectangular form makes it convenient for packing and transport, resembling a daypack inconvenience.

You get a front pocket and an admin panel, and it has a compartment for a 15-inch computer and numerous interior pockets. You can connect additional bags from the same brand to the front of this backpack using the Packfast™ system.

Travel with peace of mind with this backpack: it meets the carry-on requirements of most airlines, and like all Topo Designs backpacks, this travel backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is also available in a 40L version.

Quick Takeaway

It’s big enough to hold everything you need for a long trip, but small enough that it feels like a daypack when you’re getting street food as you walk around. The bag is stylish and well-made, and the straps are comfortable and evenly spread the load.

If you’re searching for a backpack to Asia that has it all, look no further than the Topo Design Global Travel Bag 30L.

Many pockets for smaller itemsIt’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the compartments
Small enough for carry-on size
Distributes weight well
Removable belt and shoulder straps

6. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is absolutely brilliant. It is a backpack with different parts that is made for tourists and photographers. The bag can hold 35L of stuff right out of the box, which meets foreign carry-on size requirements.

However, it can expand to 45L to hold even more. There is a place for computers up to 16 inches, and you can buy special cubes to carry a lot of photos and video gear. This backpack is smartly made, looks good, and has a lot of unique design touches.

The bag’s outside is made of 100% recycled, water-resistant 400D nylon canvas, and the bottom is made of stronger 900D nylon canvas. The 900D fabric is more resistant to water and helps the bag dry out when it is put on wet ground.

Quick Takeaway

This bag has simple, clean lines, so all eyes are on the person holding it. But don’t think it’s easy just because it looks simple. It has a lot of space and pockets and straps in all the right places to make it as useful as possible without losing style.

Super durable exteriorFew color and design options
Great organizationIt can get a bit bulky if it’s packed to the max
Soft and stretchy yet durable interior materialExpensive
Comfortable, adjustable, and padded shoulder straps
Hidden pockets
Expandable panels
iPad Or laptop sleeve
Useable for camera gear

7. Lowe Alpine Diran 65:75

The Diran 65:75 is a bigger backpacking pack with patented FlipBelt™ technology that is made to make traveling less stressful. It can be used to go to Asia. The Diran is my best backpacking pack for traveling to remote places where wheeled gear won’t go. It has all the benefits of a backpack and travel-specific features.

The Lowe Alpine 65:75 is available in two sizes and has a flexible back length and AirMesh carries system. It is a supportive and comfortable way to carry your gear.

It has a big zippered front panel that makes it easy to get to your gear. It also has a lower entry with a zippered divider to keep your gear separate. Essentials are easy to reach with hip belt pockets, and valuables are kept safe in a zipped pocket inside the box.

To get to your next stop in Asia, you will have to switch between many buses, taxis, and planes. This means that you will often only have to carry your bag a few meters.

Side straps can be annoying and get in the way, but this backpack makes it easy to put them away and not use them. You can even use the bottom cover to keep your whole bag from getting damaged while you’re traveling.

Quick Takeaway

It’s a pretty big backpack for going to warm countries, but it would be great if you plan to hike and visit some colder places too. The extra room could be used to pack hiking gear and warmer clothes.

Adjustable back-lengthExpensive
Forward pull padded hip-beltHeavy
Secure internal lid zipper pocket
Travel FlipBelt offers a supportive and comfortable carry
Adjustable AirMesh
Large stretch mesh side pockets

What To Look For in a Backpack For Asia?

Best travel backpacks for Asia

When you’re packing for a trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your bag. But because there are so many different kinds and styles of backpacks on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for a new travel backpack for Asia:

1. Comfortability

Do you like to bring everything or just a few things?

If you’re only bringing a few things, you want a light, easy-to-carry bag. But if you like to bring things “just in case” you’ll need a big pack to carry everything.

2. Size

How will you move around Asia with ease?

If you’re taking an airplane, you’ll want to keep your bags under the weight limit to save money. Stay around 30-35L for that. If you don’t take an airplane, you have more options.

3. Length of the trip

Are you a backpacker who spends most of your time running around towns from one landmark to the next? Or are you a tourist who likes to get out of the city and into nature? Remember what each type of backpack is made of.

4. Functionality

Another important thing to think about when getting a travel backpack is how it works. You should look for something that will keep your valuables or other things safe.

It’s best to choose bags with zippers. This is the best way to stop things from being stolen or spilled. These bags are perfect for city-dwelling women.

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Final Thoughts

In short, If you’re looking for the best backpack for traveling in Asia, your search is over. This list has the best choices for any kind of tourist. There are packs for everyone, from those made for travel to those with a more general design.

If you’re looking for a bag with a detachable daypack, the Osprey Farpoint 40L or Cotopaxi Allpa 35L would be an excellent choice. Likewise, Peak Design Everyday Backpack fits the bill, although it costs quite a bit more.