9 Best Travel Backpacks For Adults

Adults’ love of backpacks can be attributed in large part to the bags’ adaptability. Backpacks have many applications beyond just the typical backpacking, trekking, and camping fare. They also make it easy to transport your daily necessities without adding too much extra weight to your load.

A well-thought-out travel backpack can keep you comfortable and orderly whether you’re off on a round-the-world adventure or just a weekend trip.

Below, is a rundown of some of the finest backpacks for adult travelers:

  1. Lole Women’s Lily Tote Backpack
  2. Hex Technical Backpacks For Adults
  3. Solo TSA-Friendly Grand Travel Backpack
  4. THE NORTH FACE Laptop Backpack
  5. Matador SEG42 Travel Backpack
  6. Kelty Redwing Adults Backpack
  7. Gregory Mountain Zulu 55
  8. Osprey Atmos AG 50 Men’s Backpack
  9. Arc’teryx Bora AR 50 Backpack

1. Lole Women’s Lily Tote Backpack

The Lily Backpack will quickly become your go-to commuter bag, yoga bag, exercise bag, race bag, or carry-on. Lolë, an activewear company located in Montreal, created the perfect commuting bag in the form of the Lily Bag. This purse can be carried as either a stylish backpack or an even more stylish shoulder bag.

The adjustable straps of the bag can be tucked away out of sight. Remove the buckles and store them in the magnetic closure back pouch; the faux-leather soles even have zippered compartments for the buckles.

The arm straps are almost invisible when stowed, but they expand to a comfortable width and shape when in use.

Quick Takeaway

When cycling through congested city streets, having your mat snug against your back is a must. The yoga mat stowage sleeve that unzips from both sides of the bag is one of the backpack’s coolest and most amazing features.

The backpack is water-resistantHeavy
It comes with a shoe bag and a separate cosmetic bagLimited colour
Very durable

2. Hex Technical Backpacks For Adults

The Hex Technical Backpack lives up to its name with a plethora of storage options for everything from hard drives to battery packs, including a top pocket for a wireless charging pack (Hex wireless power bank sold separately; other wireless charging packs will fit as well), making it a great travel or travel companion.

The internal storage space is only 17.5 liters, but the number of pockets and compartments is impressive. Even a 16-inch laptop can fit, but you’ll have to be creative with packing if you’re traveling anywhere for more than a few days.

Thankfully, the construction substance is extremely long-lasting. Because of its protective exterior shell, you won’t have to worry about the germs it might take up while sitting on the dirty floor of a bus station or subway car.

Quick Takeaway

This is the finest backpack for protecting your belongings from rain because the rain fly can be concealed in the bag’s hidden bottom compartment. The Hex Technical Backpack will keep your valuable electronics dry and safe in any storm.

It also has an anti-microbial fabric treatment, giving it a fighting chance against picking up nasty germs from the station bus floor if you have to set it down there.

High-quality and durable materialsIt can be expensive
Fully adjustable interior dividersThe laptop pocket is limited to 15″ computer
Very easy to useJust one year Warranty

3. Solo TSA-Friendly Grand Travel Backpack

The Solo NY Grand Travel TSA bag isn’t designed for the runway, but that’s okay because it has a much more important purpose.

For the past few months, this backpack has been my go-to for short- and long-distance travel between big events, thanks to its large storage capacity, sturdy construction, and TSA-friendly design.

The 17.3-inch laptop sleeve is also one of the largest I’ve seen, so if you have a huge portable office on the go, this backpack will fit it with room to spare.

Quick Takeaway

The internal compression straps of this backpack make it easy to cram your electronics and spare clothes into a small space, eliminating the need to squeeze your bag under an airplane seat.

Perfect for long-distance travelStuffy design
Roomy with lots of pocketsNo additional colour options
It fits a 17.3-inch laptop
Multiple carry handles

4. The North Face Laptop Backpack

The variety of colors and materials available makes this one of my favorite backpacks, and it has many other advantages as well.

A water-resistant material lines the inner compartment, protecting your belongings from even the heaviest rain, and a pair of elastic strips allow you to connect extra compartments for even more adaptability and personalization.

Produced in Portland, Oregon, the bags are entirely handmade. Since there is only one additional pocket on the front and two on the sides in addition to the main compartment, and none of them have the same water-resistant lining as the main section, this makes them rather costly.

Quick Takeaway

However, the North FACE is still one of the best backpacks you can buy if you need a lightweight choice for commuting that offers great style and protection from the elements.

Wide variety of coloursA limited number of pockets
Fantastic water protectionDirt might show easily
Comfortable straps

5. Matador SEG42 Travel Backpack

Matador’s ultralight travel backpack stands out because it comes with removable and integrated packing cubes. The Matador SEG42 is a great example of this type of bag because it merges the features of a duffel bag, backpack, and packing boxes into a single convenient package.

With its 42-liter capacity and lightweight, durable construction, it’s an excellent pick for both week-long holidays and weekend excursions. It’s multipurpose because it looks like a cross between a backpack and a duffle bag, making it ideal for a weekend trip.

The Matador SEG42, which has been called a “one-bag travel pack”, is a highly adaptable backpack. It also features five or more front compartments and a clamshell-style opening.

Quick Takeaway

Because of its high price tag, this bag should be treated as an investment that, with proper care, could last for many years.

Water-Resistant MaterialNo hip-belt
Multiple CompartmentsThin shoulder straps
Front Loading

6. Kelty Redwing Adults Backpack

The Kelty Redwing is the best option if you’re looking for a sportier-looking carry-on travel backpack. This backpack is the smallest because it serves double duty as a daypack and a suitcase.

The interior is large enough to hold a lot of necessities for a trip, making it ideal for those who prefer to pack light. Quite a few different storage options are available. The U-shaped zipper opens from either the top or the front, making it convenient to get things in and out.

Quick Takeaway

This bag is designed with adults in mind and offers comfort, ease of use, and a wide range of useful features. It has the appearance of a backpack, making it too casual for business travel but ideal for excursions with an emphasis on the outdoors. It can transport you abroad, on a quick backpacking journey, from one hostel to another, and even to the mountain for a spot of rock climbing.

Hybrid Front & Top LoadingCasual Appearance
Very LightweightNo Laptop Compartment
Great For Day HikesHip-Belt Can’t Be Removed or Stashed
Comfortable Hip-Belt

7. Gregory Mountain Zulu 55

Do you require assistance in locating a backpack that is both lightweight and strong enough to carry all of your overnight gear while still being suitable for extended weekend trips? Gregory Packs may not have the same recognition as some of the other outdoor backpacking gear manufacturers, but their products are top-notch.

Their Zulu 55 backpack product is head and shoulders above the competition in the 55-liter category, thanks to its sleek form and cutting-edge technological features

However, if the user is a light backpacker who carefully consolidates their belongings, the bag can be used for trips of up to a week. This model is a great option to think about if you’re in the market for a new backpack with a medium-sized internal structure.

Quick Takeaway

The Mountain Zulu 55 from Gregory is a reliable backpack at a reasonable price. Even though it’s quite roomy and soft, the weight and size may be dealbreakers for some. If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight pack with a reliable suspension system, this is it.

3D comfort cradle systemThe top lid isn’t detachable like many other packs
Front stretch mesh pocket
Free float suspension

8. Osprey Atmos AG 50 Men’s Backpack

You may never want to take off the Osprey Packs Atmos AG 50, the comfiest backpack you’ve ever worn. This backpack uses the latest Anti-Gravity ventilated suspension technology to distribute weight evenly across your hips and shoulders. The hip belt and body length can be adjusted so that it fits snugly.

A close buddy of mine tried this backpack out and declared it to be one of the most comfortable he’d ever worn. The large front stretch mesh pocket, incorporated rain cover, and lightweight construction are additional convenient features.

Most backpacks feature hip belts and shoulder harnesses that are designed to function independently of one another. That’s why the new Anti-Gravity suspension mechanism in this product is so ground-breaking.

The Osprey Atmos AG 50 weighs in at 4 pounds, 2 ounces, which may seem like a lot, but its convenience is impossible to dispute.

Quick Takeaway

I recommend the Osprey Atmos AG 50 if you’re having back pain or discomfort from your current overnight bag. You could be looking at your final backpack purchase.

Great Suspension SystemToo heavy
Raincover IncludedToo many buttons and straps
Comfortable Hip-BeltThe mesh side pockets tend to tear
Sleeping Bag Compartment

9. Arc’teryx Bora AR 50 Backpack

The Arc’Teryx Bora AR 50 has fantastic cushioning and suspension. The waist belt and arm straps have plenty of padding for comfort. Another method of weight distribution is provided by the RotoGlide™ hip-belt suspension device. The AC fabric makes this bag completely waterproof.

The Arc’Teryx Bora AR 50 is an excellent choice for carrying large loads thanks to its lightweight and durable thermo-molded Tegris® frame sheet. The 50-liter capacity of this pack makes it ideal for those who plan to spend two or three days on the trail.

You’ll need a bigger pack if your trip will last longer than five days. This is significantly bulkier than typical backpacks. However, the suspension and convenience of the Bora AR 50 are second to none.

Quick Takeaway

You can load up a lot of stuff into this backpack without sacrificing ease. While the pack itself isn’t particularly lightweight, the movable hip belt more than makes up for this by distributing the load evenly across the hips. It’s also one of the few high-quality waterproof backpacks available.

Comfortable and DurableStiff Lid Material
Excellent WaterproofingExpensive

Tips For Buying Travel Backpack For Adults

Best travel backpacks for adults

Now that we have narrowed down the options available, you might be asking yourself: how do I pick the best backpack for my trip? What factors should I take into account?

Well, here are a few key factors to consider when buying a travel backpack for adults:

1. Price

When shopping for an adult backpack, price is a major consideration. Remember that the relationship between quality and cost is generally positive. That said, it’s not always necessary to spring for the priciest label.

There is a plethora of reasonably priced, high-quality bag options available on the market. It’s always a good idea to spend some money on a good backpack. As a rule, backpacks in the $50-$250 price range are well-constructed and built to last.

2. Weight

The weight of your pack is just as important as its dimensions. You need a plan for the type of hiking you’ll be doing if you want to go on a backpacking trip. I prefer using a multi-day backpack when hiking for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, I recommend a multi-day backpack that weighs no more than three pounds. You should only take as much as your body can comfortably bear, including your own weight and the weight of your backpack.

3. Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The pack’s capacity to provide a pleasant carrying experience is crucial. Buying an unsuitable backpack will likely ruin your outdoor experiences. It’s a loss of money to buy something you won’t use because of how it makes you feel.

The equivalent of purchasing a painful pair of shoes. You’ll feel awkward and stiff after using them. That is to say, you should feel at ease with the weight of the bag and its contents. There is a wide selection of bags available; choose the one that best serves your purposes.

To alleviate strain and pain in the shoulders, a decent backpack should transfer the load to the hip belt. Furthermore, a bag with a thoughtful design will always be more comfortable to carry.

4. Capacity

The backpack’s capacity is also important. Your pack’s capacity is established by its size. Picking the correct volume will keep you from carrying around unnecessary pounds.

A 30- to 40-liter backpack is ideal for a couple of days away. A 60-70 liter backpack is ideal for travels lasting three to five days. A 100L or larger is suitable for trips lasting five days or more in the great outdoors.

5. Design

A well-organized backpack makes it simpler to get to your gear when you need it. I recommend first-rate suspension and weight balance. Check that your supplies are stable before you set out. In addition, your pack needs to be sturdy enough to endure rigorous use and harsh environments.

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Final Thoughts

This article has hopefully helped you decide on a suitable backpack. Get yourself a lightweight backpack that won’t slow you down if you’re planning a journey in the future.

Specifically, what is the finest backpack brand? If you need a backpack that can withstand the elements while still being convenient to carry, the Osprey Atmos AG 50 could be a good option.

This product’s amazing features, like the hip-belt belt suspension system, which evenly spreads the backpack’s weight, become more apparent upon closer inspection.