The 11 Best Car Seat Travel Bags

Car seat travel backpacks are essential for parents who are always on the go. These bags are made to keep car seats safe during air travel and prevent damage from rough handling. They are made of long-lasting materials and have strong straps and handles that make them easy to carry.

Most car seat travel bags work with a variety of models. When not in use, they can be folded up and kept easily. Not only do these bags give parents peace of mind when flying or driving, but they also help keep expensive car seats in good condition for longer.

No matter what kind of car seat you’re looking for, here is the list of the best car seat travel backpacks that will help you feel more confident about leaving:

  1. J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack
  2. J.L. Childress Wheelie Travel Backpack
  3. V VOLKGO Travel Bag
  4. ZOHZO Car Seat Travel Bag
  5. Slynnar Car Seat Travel Backpack
  6. RAIFUJOIE Car Seat Travel Bag
  7. Reperkid Car Seat Travel Backpack
  8. YOREPEK Car Seat Travel Bag
  9. Gate Check PRO Travel Bag
  10. KangoKids Car Seat Travel Bag
  11. Evenflo Gold Revolve360 Convertible

1. J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bags

This travel bag is designed to be carried on the back and can accommodate a wide variety of vehicle seat configurations. Adjustable buckles on the straps ensure a secure fit and protect the wearer from undue strain on the back. In addition, it is also padded to offer you an even higher level of comfort.

Due to the water resistance of the outer material, your car seat will remain dry and undamaged even if you must venture out in rain or snow. Because the liner is antimicrobial, it helps prevent mold from growing inside the bag or on your car seat, both of which are potential breeding grounds for mold.

Because it is padded, the bag offers protection for the seat in your vehicle. In addition to the primary carrying handle, there is a second handle located at the very top of the device, along with an identification label. Because it has an extra-long zipper, the bag may be opened completely so that it can be loaded into the car seat. There are two pulls on the zipper that allow you to safely lock your car seat in place.

Quick Takeaway

In general, when you are traveling with a car seat, you should remove the base from the seat and lay it on top of the seat within the bag. In addition to that, make use of the extra room in the luggage for packing because the majority of airlines permit you to check your car seat at no additional cost.

Easy to UseIt’s Bulky
Fits Many Car SeatsNo backstraps
Adjustable StrapsThe handles are too small

2. J.L. Childress Wheelie Travel Backpack

This option provided by J.L. Childress is approved for use by airlines. For optimal maneuverability, it can rotate through the full 360 degrees on all four wheels simultaneously. Because there is no requirement to tip the bag while rolling it, it is much simpler to move around from one location to another.

It is completely padded on all four sides, as well as the top and bottom. This offers an additional layer of defense for the car seat while it is traveling, which is especially useful in situations where it will be checked or placed on a conveyor belt.

Quick Takeaway

The bag is offered in black, and it features a zipper that is particularly long. This enables the bag to unfold in its entirety, which makes it much simpler to place the seat within the bag. The interior space is large and can fit a variety of different types of car seats.

Made of High-Quality MaterialsToo big
Compatible With Most Car Seats
Easy to Maneuver

3. V VOLKGO Car Seat Travel Bags

This alternative from VolkGo features a drawstring-style construction that is simple to operate. It has straps that are highlighted in neon yellow and are very light and apparent. There are straps that go over your shoulders so that you may carry the car seat on your back.

These straps are adjustable and padded to provide an additional level of comfort. In the event that you need to carry the car seat by hand, there are two additional straps located on the side of the bag.

On the front of the bag, there is a huge white vinyl bar that serves as an excellent place for you to write your name.

Quick Takeaway

Overall, when not in use, the bag can be folded up and stored in the storage bag that comes with it; the material used is nylon, which is resistant to water.

Superior quality designNo Protective Padding
Improved safety
Multiple Ways to Carry
Wide compatibility
Effective design

4. ZOHZO Car Seat Travel Backpack

This travel bag takes the form of a backpack and is designed to be both durable and comfortable for its user. It can be worn, and it comes with shoulder straps that are padded, adjustable, and pleasant. The straps are positioned in such a way as to ensure the wearer’s comfort and fulfill their requirements.

In addition to that, it has a waist strap that can be adjusted as needed, which helps to secure the bag to your lower back and reduces back pain while you are wearing it.

The interior is completely padded, providing the wearer with an additional level of comfort while also shielding the car seat from damage while you are on the road. Because it has two separate zipper heads, the zipper provides an additional layer of protection, preventing the bag from being accidentally opened.

This car seat travel backpack is constructed from a water-resistant and long-lasting material, and it features a deep base in addition to a zipper located at the upper portion of the bag.

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Overall, because of the structure of the bag, it is able to stand on its own once the zipper has been removed, making it easier to store your car seat.

Additional waist strapIt may not last long
Fully padded interior
Water-resistant material

5. Slynnar Car Seat Travel Bags

Are you looking for a car seat travel bag that won’t break the bank? You might want to consider carrying along this colorful polyester bag. It does not have all of the bells and whistles that the other items on the list, but it will get the job done when the only thing you need it for is to keep the car seat safely stowed.

In addition to carrying handles and a compact storage bag, it has a drawstring closure. It is 18 inches by 18 inches by 34 inches (L x W x H) and is designed to be used with a wide variety of infant and toddler car seat models.

Quick Takeaway

Because of its bright red color, it won’t be difficult to find after it’s placed on the baggage carousel. Nevertheless, if you want something that will blend in with the rest of your luggage and is available in black, you may get it.

DurableDoes not have shoulder straps
LightweightIt might rip off easily

6. RAIFUJOIE Car Seat Travel Bags

One of the goods in the category of car seat bags that received the best reviews from me was the RAIFUJOIE water-resistant car seat bag. The design of this product’s superior quality fit, which allows it to be used with the majority of car seats, strollers, booster seats, and infant carriers, was the aspect that impressed us the most.

This backpack, which is resistant not only to water but also to rips and tears, is simple to clean. The crystal plastic name holder that is located on it makes it very easy to recognize.

Quick Takeaway

When not in use, the convenient carrying case pocket allows for the vast capacity to be collapsed, making it easy to store.

Universal designHeavy
Adjustable back/shoulder strap

7. YOREPEK Car Seat Travel Backpack

Because of its dimensions (28 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches), the Yorepek Car Seat Travel Bag is suitable for use with the vast majority of the major car seat brands.

Also, because of its huge capacity and elastic pockets, it is able to accommodate a variety of infant essentials, including diapers, toys, clothing, toiletries, and feeding bottles, among other things. Because this travel bag has a convenient compartment for the baby’s car seat, you won’t have to stress about having to pay additional fees for things like baggage and car seat rental while you’re away.

In addition to this, it can be folded up into a compact size, allowing for simple storage when it is not in use. You may now haul your bags and produce your ticket at the same time without having to worry about where your child is sitting in their car seat. This car seat travel bag also features an adjustable backpack strap, which allows it to accommodate a variety of body types while still providing the highest possible level of comfort. You can also carry it by hand using the cushioned handle on the top.

It is created out of polyester fiber that is waterproof, and it has thick feet at the bottom to protect the car seat from undesirable bacteria and dirt. Because of these features, you won’t have any doubts about its longevity. Additionally, the car seat cushion is simple to clean and makes use of cutting-edge technology to offer complete protection against wear and tear.

Quick Takeaway

When you use the Yorepek Car Seat Travel Bag, you won’t have to worry about your safety. It has substantial interior wings and straps that enable the baby car seat to be fixed in its position. In addition, this bag can be locked.

Adjustable backstraps
Large capacity
Easy to clean

8. Reperkid Car Seat Travel Backpack

You’ll be thankful for the relief that comes from not having to carry the weight of this car seat travel bag on your shoulders after you’ve gone on long walks while on your trip.

Because it is constructed out of 600D nylon, the Reperkid Car Seat Travel Backpack is so lightweight that you won’t even notice it’s there! In addition, because it is tear-resistant and completely waterproof, you can rest assured that your child’s car seat will remain secure for an extended period of time. You no longer have to make do with bags that are incapable of fulfilling their intended function.

Its dimensions of 18 by 18 by 34 inches make it compatible with the vast majority of car seats currently available on the market.

If, on your most recent excursion, you had a difficult time locating your luggage, you are going to like the fact that the brilliant blue or purple color of this bag makes it simple to recognize. When you take your next trip, you won’t waste as much time looking for your baggage because it comes equipped with a personalized name card slot and a large graphic printed on the exterior of the bag.

Quick Takeaway

Because it has ergonomic shoulder straps, this travel bag provides the highest comfort and convenience, allowing you to take it anywhere without experiencing any strain on your back. You can utilize its convenient handle instead of your back if you need to give it a rest, which is a good idea. You and your child will have a pleasant and exciting trip no matter what mode of transportation you choose—flight, rail, bus, or automobile.

Universal fitNo zippers
Easy drawstring quick closure
Personalized name card slot
Adjustable shoulder pads
Large storage capacity

9. Gate Check PRO Travel Car Seat Bags

The company that makes the Gate Check PRO claims that airport gate personnel recognize and recommend their product. It is simple to recognize due to the large label and vibrant blue color it possesses.

Even though it does not have padding, this bag is really sturdy. It is constructed of the same type of ballistic nylon that was utilized by the military before Kevlar was developed. Because of the material, the bag is both lightweight and unobtrusive. In addition to being light enough to fold up into a small space, it comes with a storage bag that is attached.

The long strap of this bag allows you to carry it over your shoulder like a handbag. Carrying for extended distances is less pleasant than using a method that utilizes straps in the shape of a backpack, yet. It could be difficult to zip up the bag because the material is so rigid. Because the spring stop is not particularly stable, the weight of the car seat has the potential to pull the drawstring open.

To ensure that the bag remains closed throughout the duration of the flight, you might need to tie a knot in the string. Nevertheless, the drawstring opening is covered with a sizable flap that can be pulled closed to shield the strings and keep more delicate objects from escaping.

Quick Takeaway

Overall, if you give this backpack a shot, you won’t be putting much of yourself in danger. The company backs its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that lasts a lifetime. They will gladly replace any item that is broken or faulty without any questions being asked.

Bright colorNot padded
Made of military-grade ballistic nylonDifficult to close tightly
Large enough to fit many strollers

10. KangoKids Car Seat Travel Bags

This bright orange backpack stands out immediately from wherever you are in the room. Because it says “handle with care”, it may inspire the people who handle the baggage to be more careful. The extra-large size is suitable for use with the majority of brand-name car seats as well as compact strollers. This bag is lightweight despite the fact that it has ample storage space.

The 420D nylon is more robust and substantial than the material used in the construction of certain other bags. The carrying handles and shoulder straps have been given additional support on the interior of the bag.

Quick Takeaway

The closing on this backpack has room for improvement, despite the fact that it is a robust and generously sized bag. There are occasions when the drawstring remains closed. Even though there is a flap covering the aperture, it is possible for some items to escape.

Water and mold resistantNo padding on the bag or straps
Reinforced strapsFitting the bag into the pouch is hard
Durable nylon

11. Evenflo Gold Revolve360 Convertible Car Seat Bag

The Evenflo Gold Revolve360 is a travel car seat that can be converted into multiple configurations. Age diversity is one of its defining characteristics. It can accommodate children weighing between 4 and 120 pounds, making it suitable for newborns, toddlers, and school-aged kids.

The Evenflo is not convertible into a carrier like many other types of infant travel car seats are. Because it is only intended to be used in the automobile, it does not come with a handle that may be used for portability.

However, it is one of the car seats that offers the greatest convenience. It comes with a base that can rotate a full 360 degrees. You can turn the seat around so that it faces the door, which will make it much simpler for you to put your child in and take them out of the seat.

Quick Takeaway

In addition, installation is simple because there is an indicator for the bead level on the side. You may use the level indicator to get the seat into the ideal recline position regardless of whether you use it with the child looking forward or backward.

It’s comfy for extended tripsExpensive
Seat swivel for easier access

How to Choose the Right Car Seat Travel Bag for your trip?

Best car seat travel bags

When you go shopping, the following considerations will assist you in determining which car seat travel bag is most suitable for your needs:

1. Padded Backpack Straps

When shopping for a travel bag that can fit on a car seat, the backpack strap needs to be of high quality. Shoulder straps should be adjustable and should be so comfy that you will forget you are even wearing them.

Be on the lookout for contoured straps that have shallow S-shaped curves in their shape. Because they are more in sync with your body, the muscles that they are placed over will be relaxed rather than pinched when you use these.

Also, seek foam that has a dual density. This type of foam has one side that is closed-celled and prevents the padding from collapsing under heavyweight, and the other side that is open-celled and gives additional cushioning. Last but not least, it is smart to equip the bag with buckles so that it may be secured in a single position.

2. Wheeled Travel Bag Seats

If you are someone who travels rather frequently, adding wheels to your car seat travel bag is a fantastic idea. Depending on the number of wheels that you choose (two or four), there are a few things that you should keep in mind: check to see what kind of wheel it is; is it an inline skate wheel or a spinner wheel?

An inline wheel is integrated inside the bag, making it more resistant to harm from the outside environment. They are comprised of a polyurethane polymer that allows them to readily glide across surfaces that are not level. Be aware that in order to move your bag about when using these wheels, you will need to push it, and if you do this for extended periods of time, your wrist and shoulder may have to carry most of the work.

3. Bag’s Mobility

Does the bag for the car seat come with straps so that it may be worn as a backpack? Do the waistbands have straps? Can you simply maneuver it with the rotating wheels that go all the way around? You should investigate the features of your car seat to see which ones make it easy for you to maneuver it.

The number of people in your group should also factor into your decision. Your top goal should be to make sure that at least one of your hands is free so that you can hold your child if you are traveling by yourself with your child or two or more small children.

Although a backpack car seat bag may allow you to have both hands free, it is quite doubtful that this will be the sole piece of luggage you bring along. In this situation, you might want to think about obtaining a mobile car seat bag for your travel needs. In addition, you will have space inside to store your child’s personal items, such as diapers, baby wipes, additional bottles, and so on.

4. Car Seat Bag’s Capacity

Unfortunately, producers of car seat bags do not always state the suggested weight that may be comfortably fit and transported with the goods that they sell. This might make it difficult for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. In this scenario, the load that the bag is capable of carrying will be indicated by the material it is made of as well as the way it is constructed.

Make sure you look out for specifics like “tear-resistant” and “double stitch”. Your car seat bag for travel should not come unattached from its handles and shoulder straps under any circumstances. This is the worst possible outcome. This will become incredibly inconvenient for you as you make your way from airports to airplanes.

Therefore, you should make it a point to buy only products that are constructed from long-lasting material and feature clean seams and stitches. Pick a backpack from the options that I have provided above, and you shouldn’t have any problems with your purchase.

5. Bag’s Security Features

Check that the safety and locking elements of the car seat bag live up to your criteria for safety, taking into consideration the specifics of your situation. There are backpacks available that only have drawstrings, but some have double zippers that may be padlocked, which is a characteristic that is required when checking in.

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Final Thoughts

To sum it up, at the end of the day (or your vacation), it is important that you be able to make the most of the value offered by your car seat backpack. It’s possible that it doesn’t matter to you whether you paid a low or high amount for it. What is important is that it fulfills its function, which is to keep both you, your kids, and the car seat safe.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a comfortable, durable, and well-padded car seat travel bag, go no further than the J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack. The straps are much more ergonomically designed, making this backpack much more bearable to carry for a long period of time.