14 Best Camera Travel Backpacks For Photography

If you’re serious about getting better at travel shooting, you’ll need a dedicated camera backpack. There is a camera bag for every photographer’s needs, whether you’re on a tight budget and need a cheap photography backpack, you’re planning a trip to the mountains and want a lightweight photo backpack, or you want to keep your camera concealed at a formal party.

You shouldn’t gamble with your equipment, but picking the finest bags from the vast selection available can be challenging.

I’ve gone ahead and done the labor for you by carefully selecting a variety of top-notch examples, spanning from messenger bags to adventure backpacks to rolling cases.

At a glance, here is an overview of some of the best camera backpacks for photography travel:

  1. Gura Gear Kiboko Camera Backpack
  2. Shimoda Action X70
  3. Shimoda Explore 35 V2
  4. LowePro FreeLine BP 350 AW
  5. Manfrotto BeFree Backpack III
  6. Wandrd All-New PRVKE 21L
  7. Toxic Valkyrie Camera Travel Backpacks
  8. PolarPro Boreal Bags For Photographers
  9. Lowepro ProTactic 450
  10. CADeN Backpacks For Photography
  11. f-stop – Loka UL 37L Bundle
  12. MindShift Gear BackLight
  13. Tenba Fulton V2
  14. Tenba Shootout 14L

1. Gura Gear Kiboko Camera Backpack

Since the “day-use” bag is the most common type, most brands will try to grab your attention with flashy advertisements. It’s also the field where manufacturers make the most compromises in an effort to attract the largest possible audience of photographers, making it exceptionally tough to zero in on a single backpack that excels in every conceivable scenario.

Because it could be the most for most people, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 was the finest option for years despite its many flaws. The Kiboko city backpack puts an end to that, as it outperforms every other backpack on the market.

It has a roll-top closure, making it ideal for transporting bulky items like a sweatshirt or jacket, as well as numerous exterior pockets for storing additional items, and an appropriately split interior for storing a number of lenses and other camera accessories. Although not completely waterproof, the Kiboko City’s X-pac cloth encases everything except the bag’s zippers to keep everything inside dry.

Quick Takeaway

In addition to the standard features of a backpack, this one offers easy access to your camera via a side panel, a hidden magnetic water bottle compartment, a tripod holder in the central channel, comfortable shoulder straps, and Fidlock magnetic closures. You’ll get more use out of the bag than you would from a cheaper backpack.

Stylish roll-top designExpensive
Durable materials
Plenty of storage space
Great access to gear

2. Shimoda Action X70

If you’re a fast-moving action photographer, you need the Shimoda Designs Action X70. Its compact design makes it ideal for travel and urban discovery, relieving the stress and strain of constantly lugging around heavy camera equipment.

The X70 can go wherever your travels lead you thanks to its lightweight construction and detachable waist belt and harness straps. This backpack, like the rest of the Shimoda backpack products, has a modular carrying mechanism. With its X-Large DV Core Unit and roomy main compartment, you can store any and all of your tools and necessities with ease.

You won’t feel the weight of your bag thanks to the cleverly designed strap system. The ergonomic shoulder straps are padded and wider across the torso so that the bag feels like it’s hugging you while you carry it; this also serves to keep the bag’s contents from sliding around on your back. You can customize your level of comfort by adjusting the height of the collar to fit your body.

The main compartment can be accessed through a wide opening on the bag’s side, eliminating the need to take the pack off completely. The EVA-padded back opening provides weather protection and unhindered access to your belongings. Because of the roll-top closure, you can store an extra 7 liters of gear without sacrificing flexibility.

With so many places to put things, your stuff is never out of reach. There are two compartments for a tripod and a water container, as well as a phone sleeve on the inside of the shoulder straps and a mounted strap pocket. If that isn’t enough, there are external attachment spots for a helmet and a padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop.

Quick Takeaway

The backpack is made of extremely tough and durable weather-resistant nylon, making it ideal for use on outdoor photographic expeditions. It has waterproof YKK splashguard zippers, so your gear will stay dry no matter where your travels lead you. In addition, it is made for adventurers who regularly trek through the rough territory and need a sturdy pack to protect their gear.

Anti-theft Rear Camera AccessNo hip belt pockets
Adjustable Torso HeightExpensive
Expandable Roll-Top
Sport-Friendly Design

3. Shimoda Explore 35 V2

An adventure photographer needs a backpack like the Shimoda Explore V2 35L. It’s great for trekking because of the padded shoulder straps and the airy mesh construction. It has a roomy main section for clothes and snacks and a second, padded compartment for your camera equipment.

A number of years ago, Shimoda Designs introduced their Action X Series of camera bags(opens on a new page). The Explore series is advertised as a “refined travel and landscape adventure camera bag system” in contrast to the X series’ “rugged and sport-focused” emphasis.

If you plan on doing a lot of hiking, you can carry a compass, spare batteries, memory cards, and a water bottle in one of the many exterior pockets.

Quick Takeaway

The Shimoda Explore V2 is, without a doubt, an extremely well-made backpack designed for nature photographers who may need to hike significant distances. The exterior material, zippers, and straps are all of a superior grade. Unlike most bags, it has a sleek leather-like finish and tan leather zip tags, both of which are pleasant stylistic highlights.

Adjustable and comfortableSide pockets can be difficult to use
Durable/weather-resistant materialsCamera Core Units are sold separately
Good organizationa little bit pricey

4. LowePro FreeLine BP 350 AW

LowePro is known for making good backpacks at reasonable prices, and the new Freeline is a good addition to the brand. It’s small, so it’s great for day trips or taking photos in the city, but it’s still big enough to hold a DSLR and two lenses. Both sides have side pockets, so it’s easy to get to your camera when you have an idea.

I like the way it looks, too. It’s a camera backpack, but it doesn’t look like it was made for climbing a mountain as most of them do. It’s made of materials that can stand up to the weather and feel strong enough to take a lot of wear and tear in the real world.

Quick Takeaway

It can hold a 15-inch laptop and has straps on the outside that can be used to carry a tripod. Since it doesn’t have waist straps, it’s not the most comfortable bag for long walks (at least not when it’s full), but it’s fine for everyday use in town.

Well-padded dividersHeavy
Plenty of room for kitNo waist straps
Hardshell top

5. Manfrotto BeFree Backpack III

Manfrotto is known in the camera world for its tripods, but it also makes good backpacks. The Advanced BeFree Backpack III has a simple, discreet form that is all black and hides a lot of storage space. The main place to store your camera can be reached from the back, and it has enough space for a DSLR and at least a couple of extra lenses.

On top of the bag, there is more room for things. You can make the front pockets bigger so that a laptop can fit inside. You can put tripods or water bottles in the side pockets and straps, and if you want to use the bag as a normal backpack, you can take out the camera storage unit.

Quick Takeaway

For long walks with heavy gear, the chest straps need to be more comfortable, and the lack of waist strap support doesn’t help. Still, it’s good for everyday use and day trips with a decent amount of gear.

LightweightNo side pockets
Nice compartment

6. Wandrd All-New Prvke 21L

The Wandrd Prvke looks more urban with its roll-top and magnetic tote handles, and the black, blue, and green colors are right on style. The bag’s chunky metal also gives it a bit more personality, but it goes well with the rest of the bag’s simple style.

The camera blocks allow you to customize every aspect of your experience. I look at the front flap and think, “Do I have enough things to fill all these pockets?” because there are pockets everywhere. You can fit an additional jacket or some snacks that you forgot thanks to the 5L of extra room provided by the extended roll-top.

The Wandrd Prvke’s clamshell shape is great for keeping things organized, and the side panel makes it easy to grab your camera when you’re on the go. The cubes are also easy to take out and change, which makes the Wandrd Prvke a great backpack for a lot of different uses.

Quick Takeaway

The snug, fleece-adorned gadget pouch excels in providing swift retrieval of personal belongings, while the concealed rear pocket for passports and currency has garnered favor for its ability to securely store precious items nearby.

ExpandableCamera cube sold separately
Easy Camera Access

7. Toxic Valkyrie Camera Travel Backpacks

The Toxic Valkyrie Backpack has been in the works for five years. It comes from a new brand made by the British tripod company 3-Legged Thing, which is a spin-off. It has a smart design and material that stands out, especially when it’s in the sun. This helps the Valkyrie stand out from the boring black camera backpacks that are everywhere.

But this isn’t just a case of style over substance, as everything is smartly built to make carrying your camera gear and daily necessities as easy and comfortable as possible.

Quick Takeaway

The Toxic Valkyrie is a great backpack because it’s easy to get to everything and has some really cool features. It’s also very flexible and will protect your belongings with ease.

Stylish design with substanceExpensive
Multiple entry points for accessing gearHeavy
Range of color options and sizes

8. PolarPro Boreal Bags For Photographers

I have been impressed with PolarPro’s professional-level photography and video equipment for a while now, so it’s no wonder that the company’s first backpack is a beast.

The Boreal is made of thick, waterproof materials and has chunky zippers that are easy to use with gloves. It is made to go out in all kinds of weather and come back in good shape. Its water-resistant cover makes it easy to wipe off mud and dirt without hassle.

It has a lot of space for multiple cameras, lenses, drones, telephoto zooms, and anything else you might need to get the shot on site. Even when it’s full, it’s still easy to carry because the shoulder straps are wide and thick. Also, the roll top can expand to fit more clothing. 

Quick Takeaway

This isn’t a bag for casual day trips because of how big it is, but if you’re a serious tourist looking for a tough camera backpack, it’s a great option.

Adjustable shoulder, waist, and chest strapsDoesn’t look modern
Meshed side pocketsExpensive
TSA-approved combination travel lock
Lightweight rain cover

9. Lowepro ProTactic 450

The Lowepro Protactic 450, which has two straps, is possibly one of the best travel camera backpacks. Its armored body and thick padding protect your camera and its tools. It’s a great backpack for bringing camera gear because it has flexible dividers that make everything fit better.

This bag is great if you want a comfy backpack camera bag. It has Activzone technology and a belt that can be turned into a utility belt. It keeps the shoulders and waist comfortable even after long hours of wearing. The cradle-fit pocket on the Protactic 450 also makes it a great laptop bag, as it can hold laptops up to 15 inches.

Quick Takeaway

This bag is the perfect travel partner because it comes with a protective all-weather cover, a utility pouch, holders for a bottle and a tripod, and two straps that can be locked quickly.

Pros Cons
Adaptive, flexible dividersNo side access to the main compartment
Multiple zipped pockets

10. CADeN Backpacks For Photography

The CADeN Camera Backpack is the best camera bag for people who want a good product that doesn’t cost too much. It’s a medium-sized bag that could hold most people’s accessories, from three extra batteries to a 15.6-inch laptop, without any problems.

It’s made of material that doesn’t let water in, so it keeps your camera gear dry. For the best security, it is also easy to carry and won’t get scratches.

The inner padding can be taken out and is made of several layers to protect against shocks and make it last longer. The CADeN backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, soft memory foam, and breathable mesh on the outside, just like more expensive brands.

It also has a single, stylish pocket on the front, mesh pockets on the sides for bottles or umbrellas, and a buckle on the outside to hold your tripod.

Quick Takeaway

You get all of this in a high-quality backpack for a fraction of what other brands charge. It’s definitely worth checking out and makes a great gift for someone who want a nice camera backpack.

Very durableHandle material not durable

11. f-stop – Loka UL 37L Bundle

Some of the best trip photography backpacks are made by F-stop. Even though they are more expensive than similar products from other companies, the bags are of high quality and made to last.

Asa professional tour photographer going on trips, I choose these backpacks because they are made to fit and are easy to carry. The Loka Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack isn’t very big, but it has room for a camera, a few lenses, and other important items. It’s also very comfy, and you can buy fitted inserts along with the bag and change them to fit your needs.

Quick Takeaway

If youare going around the world and want to keep your camera as safe as possible, this F-stop backpack is reliable and very durable.

Adaptability and modularityExpensive
Lightweight materialHard to access

12. MindShift Gear BackLight

The MindShift BackLight 26L isn’t very stylish, but it’s big, so it’s great for serious travel shooters who are out in the field all the time.

It’s made to take heavy gear for long periods of time, and it has enough space for multiple camera bodies, a few lenses (including longer telephoto lenses), and accessories. It also has a number of inner and outer compartments that can hold storage drives, filters, cleaning cloths, and more.

Quick Takeaway

The compartment on the back panel gives you quick access to your gear, and your back hides the main opening to make it safer. The backpack is also comfy, and a waist belt makes it easy to carry for long trips.

Extremely ComfortableIt’s a bit heavy
Plenty of room for non-camera gear
Well-built and well-designed
Great design

13. Tenba Fulton V2

The Tenba Fulton v2 rucksack, while not exorbitantly priced, proves to be an exceptional choice for wandering lensmen who frequently encounter challenging conditions such as downpours, snowfall, airborne particles, and ice pellets.

The backpack has the best safety features, like a fabric that doesn’t let water in and a rain cover that won’t let water in. These features will keep your camera safe in any weather.

Quick Takeaway

Even though the Tenba Fulton V2 might not be as big as some of the other choices on this list, it can still hold a lot of gear, like a camera, five or more lenses, and a lot of extras.

Comfortable for long shootsToo small for DSLR telephotos
Can store a 16-inch laptopNo side access
Advanced weather protection

14. Tenba Shootout 14L

Many bags are big, even if you only have a few things to carry. The Tenba Shootout 14L Slim is a great choice for people who want the comfort of a backpack instead of a sling bag but don’t need a lot of space for a full-frame DSLR and a 70-200mm lens.

Let’s be clear about what won’t fit in this bag. So you have a light DSLR and a compact camera and want a backpack? Here you go. The Tenba Shootout 14L Slim is made of water-resistant fabric and is cheap, tough, and easy to carry.

Quick Takeaway

It has a slot for a 10-inch tablet and extra straps and pockets that make it easy to store a tripod or monopod (though not a laptop). Also, there is a handy place for a water bladder, making this a great choice for photographers who like to go hiking.

LightweightNo laptop storage
AffordableWon’t accommodate a full-frame DSLR
Multiple tripod storage options

Finding The Perfect Backpack For Photography (Guide + Tips)

Best camera travel backpacks for photography

Choosing the ideal backpack may seem like a daunting task. If you haven’t decided which is best for you yet, or if you just like the thrill of shopping, think about the following things when picking the best camera backpack for your needs:

1. Type Of Camera Backpack

There are many different kinds and sizes of camera bags, so you will need more than one to meet your needs. Some backpacks are better for photographers who are always on the go, while others are better for traveling long distances and not doing much.

A sling bag or messenger bag is great for day trips and shooters on the road who only need one or two lenses and one camera body. But a camera backpack is the best of all worlds because it can be used for more than one thing.

2. Capacity Of The Bag

Backpacks for cameras vary from about 15L to about 50L, with 25L to 30L being the norm. If you move a lot, you should get a bag with a roll-top that can be used to make it bigger.

A majority of backpacks boast attachable elements, enabling the affixation of a tripod to the base or flank, a liquid container to the opposing side, and occasionally, fastenings to secure objects on the frontal aspect.

Think about what you need and how likely it is that you will use these features. Extra straps could be annoying if you know you won’t use them. Then you would be better off with a smaller size.

3. Backpack’s Organisation Features

When buying a camera backpack, this is the most important thing to think about. Most backpacks come with foam inserts that you can connect with velcro and use in different ways to store things. You should also keep in mind that your camera gear will grow and change over time, so you need a bag that can grow with it.

Also, check how many extra pockets the backpack has on the sides because you will have a lot of little things that need a place to go.

Batteries, filters, SD cards, and lens caps are the first things to go missing if your bag doesn’t have multiple places to put things.

4. Bag’s Flexibility

As backpacks get more complicated, sometimes the ease of use goes away. It seems like a good idea to have a lot of designs and pockets, but how much time are you willing to spend making the bag work for you? You don’t have to take the backpack off to get to the camera, but these access

panels often make it harder to set up. Clamshell styles let you open the front flap all the way to get to the main section, which gives you a lot of room to organize.

But you have to take these off to get to anything, which might not be the best in all situations. If you want to use it as a travel backpack, look for a bag with more than one way to get into it and a way to separate your camera gear from your personal things.

5. Weather Resistance

Will you ski with your camera backpack or go deep into the woods with it? Or will you zip around the city or bring your camera to a concert?

Weatherproofing seems important, but not everyone can afford it, and not everyone needs it. A water-resistant backpack could be a good compromise to keep water out.

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Final Thoughts

To end things off, because there are so many options, it can be hard to choose and buy a backpack. Don’t worry, though, because every item in this article was chosen because it is of high quality and works well.

The Shimoda Action X70 is the best all-around camera backpack, if I had to choose just one because it has a perfect mix of style and function.

The backpack is sleek and modern, but the fact that it is easy to adjust and has a lot of storage space makes it a great everyday backpack and camera bag in one.