Top 11 Travel Backpacks For Digital Nomads

The hardest part of getting ready for your upcoming trip as a digital nomad will be deciding which backpack is best for you.

As a digital nomad, your bag will serve as your primary possession, as you will be always on the move. Whether you’re planning on staying put for three days or three months, a well-equipped backpack will make your time there more convenient, comfortable, and pleasurable.

Fortunately, I’ve already done the legwork and compiled the following list of the best travel backpacks for digital nomads on the market:

  1. Prima System Modular Backpack
  2. Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45
  3. Tortuga Outbreaker
  4. Goruck GR3 Multi-Purpose Backpack
  5. tomtoc Travel Backpack 40L
  6. Nomatic Backpack 20L
  7. Nomatic Navigator Lite 15L
  8. KOPACK Security Backpack
  9. Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2
  10. Bellroy Transit Backpack
  11. Topo Designs 30 L Global Travel Bag
  12. BANGE 35L Travel Backpack

1. Prima System Modular Backpack

The Prima System Modular Backpack markets itself as one of the most thoughtfully designed backpacks for day-to-day use that can currently be purchased in the market. The Prima System aims to deliver, whether you require a backpack for your daily commute or want a lot of space to store your photographic gear for your upcoming weekend excursion. This is not merely a nomad backpack; rather, it is a backpack that connects to the back and features a holder for a camera as well as a separate sleeve for a laptop.

It is constructed out of 750-denier nylon, making it extremely durable and resistant to water. It has a spacious main compartment that loads from the top and has a zipper that runs the length of the bag for easy access. It is the ideal size for a carry-on bag due to the fact that it is roomy enough for a weekend getaway. It offers several organizing features, such as a compartment for your laptop, a pocket for your tablet, a hidden RFID pocket, a top pocket with easy access, an expandable pocket for your water bottle, and more.

Because of the padded strap system that is permeable to air, not only is it comfortable to carry, but it also helps to keep you from overheating. The buckles may be closed with one hand and automatically lock themselves using magnets; also, there is a pass-through for luggage to make traveling more convenient.

The separate laptop sleeve provides security for laptops, as well as a sleeve for tablets, as well as several compartments for storing headphones, cables, and other items. The camera case is cushioned, can hold a DSLR camera as well as lenses, and may be attached to the side of the backpack through a clip.

Quick Takeaway

The only drawback is that it is a bit costly, but in all honesty, it is difficult to imagine a better nomad backpack than this one because it meets all the requirements.

Side access pocketThere’s only one water bottle pocket
Durable and water-resistant material
Luggage pass-through
Magnetic auto-lock buckles

2. Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45

The Pac Safe EXP45 ECONYL is the ideal backpack for digital nomads who are looking for capacious backpacks for long-distance travel. It was designed to appeal to intrepid travelers who are always on the move.

Why is this bag so popular among digital nomads? Security.

This fashionable backpack is designed to protect its contents from being stolen by including a number of different anti-theft mechanisms. As a result of features such as lockable zippers, cut-resistant materials, the Roobar locking system, and a locking cable made of stainless steel, you can be confident that criminals will be unable to access the contents of your bag.

This backpack has enough compartments and features to make it suitable for any kind of travel. It opens up like a clamshell, which allows for various packing layouts, and it complies with the carry-on regulations of the majority of airlines.

The interior is not particularly complex, which results in more space for you to pack all of your possessions. The laptop sleeve is located on the exterior of the bag and provides convenient access for digital nomads. Additionally, there are lockable sections for you to store your phone chargers, portable battery packs, and any other electronic devices that you might need to transport.

When loaded to a weight of less than 7 kilograms, this backpack can be carried comfortably on one shoulder.

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Ultimately, for both support and comfort, the backpack features a sternum strap that can be adjusted as well as a padded hip belt.

Strong anti-theft measuresBulkier and heavier than other bags
Comfortable straps
Lots of space
Looks stylish

3. Tortuga Outbreaker Backpacks For Digital Nomads

This laptop backpack is constructed from X-Pac® VX21, which is a material that is both sturdy and waterproof. It is designed to withstand the life of a digital nomad and preserve everything that is stored inside it as they travel. The accessibility and organization features have been meticulously planned out and executed. The main section of this backpack opens up to reveal four smaller pockets, allowing you to store items that aren’t as bulky as the rest of your belongings. The opposite side features two sizable pockets for added storage and organization options.

After you have closed that section, you will see that there is a fleece-lined padded laptop sleeve on the other side of the bag, along with many pockets for storing all of your various chargers and cords. In case that wasn’t enough, the front pocket opens up to reveal an organizing panel that can hold a variety of items, including your passport, sunglasses, keys, and credit cards. In addition, there is a convenient hip belt pocket and a mesh pocket on the side for holding water bottles.

Quick Takeaway

Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, sternum straps, and waist straps, transporting this incredible backpack is not only easy but also really pleasant. This bag is quite difficult for digital nomads to beat in terms of its features, but it is highly expensive.

Spacious with many side pocketsExpensive
Lots of internal organizationThe hip belt is too long
Comfortable harness system

4. Tomtoc Travel Backpack 40L

A sizable travel pack that can be worn as a backpack and satisfies all of the needs for family vacations or short work travels. The bag has a number of different compartments that serve several purposes and may contain a variety of items, such as laptops, tablets, telephones, power banks, books, wallets, clothing, umbrellas, cameras, and so on. A fantastic option for journeying, commuting, going on business trips, hiking, camping, and other activities in the great outdoors.

The main compartment of this backpack can be accessed with ease, and it also features storage pockets for electronic devices. Your clothes, toiletries, books, and a laptop of up to 17 inches can be neatly stored in the front pocket, which also provides organizational assistance. The bag may be opened up like a suitcase and unzipped for convenient packing and unloading. The bag offers great ergonomic comfort thanks to its three-dimensionally padded back panel and its curved, thick shoulder straps. 

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The bag also has an adjustable chest belt and hip belt, which work together to take some of the weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to carry it more casually and in greater comfort. A versatile carrying experience is provided by the presence of two handles, one on top and one on the side.

Large CapacityLimited Color (Black Only)
Convenient Storage
TSA Friendly & Flight Approved
Ultra-comfortable & Easy Carry

5. Nomatic 20L Backpacks For digital nomads

The NOMATIC 20L backpack has a sturdy exterior that will keep your laptop and other belongings dry in the event of rain or accidental splashes. We can all agree that it’s crucial to protect our electronic devices, and this bag is ideal for doing just that!

The underlying science is simple. The contents of the bag will be safe from the effects of water because the bag is composed of a specific material that repels water. The RFID-blocking material it’s made from keeps your valuables safe from scanners.

The NOMATIC Backpack features high-quality YKK Zippers, which are known for their long lifespan and high level of reliability. To ensure that your valuables are kept secure, it is similar to having an additional layer of protection.

The YKK zipper makes use of a double-tooth design in order to function properly. This one-of-a-kind configuration results in the creation of a locking mechanism in which the top tooth is engaged while the bottom tooth is disengaged. Because the zipper won’t accidentally open, all of your belongings will remain secure. It is equipped with technology that blocks RFID signals, which shields your credit cards and other important information from prying eyes.

Quick Takeaway

Overall, all of these features together make this bag one of the most impressive digital nomad backpacks currently available.

RFID protectionCan be Heavy
Numerous pockets and compartments
Ergonomic design
Durable construction and materials

6. Nomatic Navigator Lite 15L

This Navigator Backpack 15L from Nomatic, like all of its other products, is tailored to meet the needs of business professionals and digital nomads.

This backpack is like a safe for your electronic devices, and it also has the added benefit of appearing fashionable.

The Nomatic Navigator Lite comes packed with a wide variety of useful features. Still, the pockets, separating wall, and false bottom must be the most astounding aspect of this bag because they were created with the express purpose of protecting your laptop and tablet from damage.

Even if you drop the backpack by mistake, your electronic device won’t be damaged because the pockets that hold your laptop and tablet are lined with a unique foam that can absorb shock.

The addition of the zipper enhances the functionality of the backpack by making it simpler for you to access the items you require when you do so in a timely manner.

Furthermore, it provides an additional layer of safety for the things that you have in your backpack, which means that you won’t have to worry about those things falling out. You don’t have to be concerned about the zipper wearing out over time because it was constructed to be long-lasting and sturdy from the very beginning.

Quick Takeaway

In general, because it is constructed out of nylon that is both lightweight and waterproof, you won’t have to worry about the contents of your bag getting wet. Even when you are carrying a big load, you will not sweat because the shoulder straps and hip belts are also made from breathable mesh. This will allow you to maintain your comfort level.

Affordable, high-qualityLack of padding on the back panel
It comes with several storage compartments
Ergonomic shoulder straps

7. KOPACK Security Backpacks For Digital Nomads

Any modern digital nomad would be pleased to be seen carrying their belongings in the Kopack travel backpack. This bag has several safety features that will keep your valuables safe while you’re on the go.

There are no zippers on the front of the backpack that can be seen. The main compartment’s zipper is completely concealed. It’s useful for safeguarding valuables like wallets, laptops, and phones. Pickpockets and robbers won’t be able to access the backpack’s zipper.

As you stare at the backpack, you may start to feel overwhelmed about how to best organize all of your many pieces of equipment. The backpack’s designated compartments are secretly placed elsewhere. When you regularly examine the bag, you won’t see them. Even the owner would require assistance navigating the system of secret compartments.

This Kopack backpack is a great choice if you’re worried about getting wet on your trip or if you’re constantly thinking about the possibility of water getting into your belongings. The bag’s construction is unique in that it is resistant to water. Consequently, the bag doesn’t get wet inside the pack. It protects your stuff from moisture and light rain.

Although many bags claim to be able to hold all of your travel essentials, only a select few actually succeed. This anti-theft backpack has plenty of compartments for all of your gear. There are more than 10 compartments, so you can put your stuff where you want it. With its multiple compartments, it’s easy to keep your paperwork organized. You may rest easy knowing that everything you need for your trip is neatly stowed away in its designated spot.

No worries about your electronic devices being jostled around. A stretchable, adjustable strap is included for secure device storage. This backpack has useful qualities like being stable and secure.

Quick Takeaway

Travelers should prioritize safety, but comfort is also essential. The priority with this bag is the customer’s ease of usage. And it developed a new kind of backpack that’s easy to carry around all day. When carrying work-related items like a laptop, folders, and other documents, a backpack can quickly become cumbersome and heavy. This backpack avoids the problem by being extremely lightweight.

Proper VentilationNo Hydration Pocket
Unisex DesignBulky
Multiple Usage
Budget Friendly

8. Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2

If you’re a digital nomad, you should get yourself a Peak Design Backpack V2. It’s an excellent choice for travelers who want to pack light without sacrificing convenience because of its flexible organizing system, extendable capacity, ergonomic carrying, weather-resistant construction, and many access points.

When you first get your hands on a Peak Design Backpack V2, the quality of its construction is the first thing that jumps out at you as being immediately noticeable. Every bag has a high-end design and feels, as well as being created from long-lasting materials that are 100% recyclable. When you add in the fact that the bags are solution-dyed to save water and energy, you end up with a durable backpack that is also kind to the environment.

The MagLatch lid is one of the features that sets the Everyday Backpack V2 from Peak Design apart from other backpacks. A magnetic hook is located on the top flap of the bag, and the front of the bag features four metal connection points. Together, these components make up the system. The top flap may be opened with a quick pull, and everything will be found inside. It offers “instant access”, and I have never come across a bag that can compete with it.

This bag offers a total of three different entry points to its main compartment: one on the top, one on each of the side panels, and one in the middle. A significant advantage is presented by the fact that one can get into the bag from any direction. In spite of that, it makes entering and exiting the pack an absolute breeze. Also, it gives you unrestricted access to all of your travel goods at all times.

Quick Takeaway

In general, the Peak Design Everyday V2 combines utility coupled with comfort, which will bring a hassle-free experience each and every time. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or where life takes you next; this backpack has you covered.

Great designLimited interior padding
Very versatileLarger items may not fit in pockets
Excellent build quality
Side access and handles

9. Bellroy Transit Bags For Digital Nomads

The Bellroy Transit bag is the ultimate bag for digital nomads, and it’s ideal for traveling light and taking on adventures.

If you believe that being organized while traveling is the most effective strategy, you should give the Bellroy Transit Backpack some serious consideration. It is a comfortable and elegant 28-liter backpack that is full of organization that has been carefully thought out and offers a sufficient amount of room in the main compartment.

It should come as no surprise that the Bellroy Transit Backpack excels in both the quality of its materials and the aesthetics of its design. In most cases, Bellroy does an excellent job of picking out elements and putting them together in a deliberate manner. This pack is a perfect illustration of that statement.

This ultra-contemporary and carry-on-friendly nomad backpack was developed with the traveler in mind.

It can accommodate laptops with a maximum screen size of 15 inches, it features an internal compression strap that helps to decrease bulk while also organizing your belongings, and its lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry on lengthy journeys. You have the option of purchasing it in either black, night sky, or ranger green color, so you may pick the one that most closely matches your personality.

Quick Takeaway

Overall, this is the ideal bag for every kind of traveler since it has exterior pockets that provide quick access to storage for critical belongings like passports and wallets, a small mesh pocket that prevents shirts from becoming wrinkled, and it is constructed from an environmentally friendly material that is composed of recycled woven cloth

Large capacityIt only comes in one size
Lightweight designNo TSA-ready laptop sleeve
Good quality
It comes in different colors

10. Topo Designs 30 L Global Travel Bag

The Topo Travel Bag is offered in two sizes (30 and 40 liters) and three colors (navy, black, and olive green). The material is tough nylon treated to repel moisture. It’s more pricey than cheap luggage but cheaper than a designer or trendy options.

The backpack’s aesthetic value, however, is only half the story. The lightweight convenience of a backpack is one of its main selling points. Topo 30L Travel Bag comes in at just under 3 pounds or 42.4 ounces.

Even when completely loaded, this bag slides neatly beneath the seat in front of you. There is no need to panic about finding an empty overhead bin if you are in the last boarding party. It fits the definition of a great backpack.

The majority of bags are divided into two main compartments, each of which may contain one or two dividing pockets, in addition to a front pocket. The Topo Travel Bag features a main compartment in addition to two exterior organizing pockets on either side.

This backpack is a wonderful alternative to conventional roller luggage, particularly for a weekend or other shorter journeys, as well as for travelers who want to have their hands free while they explore their destination. When traveling through airports, it is much simpler and faster to do so when carrying a backpack. It relieves the stress of having to drag luggage all around different cities or hotels.

The backpack has enough space to contain all of your necessary travel items, but it is still small enough to stow away under the seat of an airplane. The bag may be carried in a variety of different ways, and it provides a great deal of space and compartments for you to organize your belongings.

Quick Takeaway

In addition, it is a lovely backpack that you won’t mind having next to you at any time.

High-quality, weather-resistant materialsNo water bottle pockets
FlexibleThe laptop compartment is too small
Slim profile
Incredibly lightweight

11. BANGE 35L Travel Backpack

This BANGE water-resistant laptop backpack is a very stylish and small bag for traveling. This is great for people who need to bring their laptops with them when they travel. It’s sturdy yet light enough to transport with ease. The best thing about it is that it can hold a lot, enough for a 3- to 4-day trip. It has many sections that make it easy to keep clothes and other things in order.

The fact that this backpack was designed with the intention of preventing theft is one of its standout characteristics. The zipper on the rear pocket of this backpack offers you the ability to secure valuable items and important documents, such as your cell phone, wallet, and passport, against the possibility of being stolen. In addition to that, it features a shoulder strap that can be modified to fit the user’s requirements. In addition to that, it has a chest belt that prevents slipping.

Quick Takeaway

In general, this backpack has a contemporary look to its design and is versatile enough to go with a wide variety of different dressings/looks.

Very durable and sturdyBlack is its only color
Huge capacity
Comes with an anti-theft feature
High-quality waterproof material
Organized with multiple compartments

How to Select The Right Backpack For Digital Nomads?

Best travel backpacks for digital nomads

The selection of a backpack involves more than simply selecting the appropriate size. Here are some significant considerations to take into account to find out the right backpack for you as a digital nomad:

1. Bag’s Total Weight

Your ability to carry a backpack effectively determines its usefulness. While a huge backpack may seem appealing, it will be of little use if you are unable to easily carry it. Give the roomy, yet lightweight, backpack a try.

Try it on with a variety of your clothes to make sure it fits well. Pick a bag with adjustable straps that can be worn over the chest, around the waist, or all three. These won’t make the bag much lighter, but they will help spread the load and make it easier to carry.

2. Backpack’s size

When shopping for a backpack, size is only one of several factors to think about. You should bring a large bag that can hold all of your belongings while still being lightweight and easy to carry.

It’s also a good idea to get a backpack with a lot of separate compartments. It will be less of a hassle to maintain order, and you won’t have to unpack everything every time you need to find something.

3. Comfortability Concerns

When shopping for a backpack, comfort should be one of your top priority.

Whether or not the bag is built of sturdy materials or costs $50 less than the leading competitor makes no difference. If it doesn’t make you feel relaxed and at ease, it’s not the one for you. You’ll be carrying your bag for the vast majority, if not all, of your trip.

That’s why you need to find peace with it. Investing in a bag that doesn’t suit your needs can be a source of stress on the road.

4. Backpack Straps

When looking for a backpack, it’s important to pay attention to the number and location of its straps.

A backpack’s hip straps are an essential feature. Back pain is a common complaint when carrying heavy loads on one’s back. Hip straps allow the upper body to carry the backpack in a more comfortable and efficient manner.

The straps should be wide enough and soft enough to prevent shoulder pain. Straps on low-quality backpacks are frequently too thin and too fragile, leading to pain and discomfort after only a few minutes of use. Spend the extra money to acquire a backpack with ergonomic straps that can be paddled.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, it might be difficult for travelers to select the most suitable backpacks for their needs. However, if you put in the effort to do adequate research and think things through, you should be able to locate something that is a perfect match for your requirements.

Each backpack on the list possesses one-of-a-kind characteristics and advantages that are tailored to the specific needs of a particular type of traveler. These are the best backpacks that will satisfy your needs if you want to travel, or whether you’re a digital nomad, a backpacker, or someone who just enjoys getting out and about.