13 Best Backpacks For Backpacking & Long Trips

Bringing suitcases or roller cases can make it easier to keep track of your things because you can open them and see everything right away. However, they are bulky and hard to move around, especially if you’re getting on and off trains and buses and trying to fit them into hotel lockers.

There’s a reason why backpackers are another name for people who move for a long time.

Also, there are a lot of different kinds of backpacks out there. There’s a lot to unpack, from the different amounts of literate (pack size) to the different support straps, openings, and weight distributions made for women’s and men’s bodies.

At a glance, here is a list of the best travel backpacks for backpacking:

  1. Osprey Fairview Trek 50
  2. Kathmandu Hybrid 70L Trolley
  3. Gregory TETRAD 60
  4. Osprey Atmos AG 65
  5. Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Windrider Backpack
  6. Osprey Exos 58 Men’s Backpacking Backpack
  7. Granite Gear Blaze 60L Backpack
  8. Osprey Aether 65 Men’s Backpacking Backpack
  9. Deuter Aircontact Core Backpack
  10. Arc’teryx Aerios 45
  11. Mystery Ranch Glacier Backpack
  12. Deuter Transit 50 Travel Backpack
  13. Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Backpack

1. Osprey Fairview Trek 50

Osprey is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to adventure travel bags and backpacks, and for good reason. They are always coming up with new sizes, styles, weights, and features and testing them with real travelers to make the best backpacks available.

With the Fairview Trek 50, you can have the comfort and portability of a backpack with a suitcase-style opening that lets you get to specific things when you need them. You don’t have to buy packing cubes or take everything out to find something.

It’s the perfect travel and trekking backpack for longer trips where you don’t want to take too much weight. This could be because the weather is warmer or because you’re moving and have access to a washing machine all the time.

This backpack has hidden pockets for protection, zippers that lock, and twin pockets on the hip belt that also have zippers so that all of your valuables may remain safe and sound. In addition to this, it protects against the dreaded sweat patch by having breathable trampoline mesh on the back.

Quick Takeaway

In general, it is available in both women’s and men’s cuts, which means that it molds to the shape of your body and distributes weight and pressure to optimal locations for maximum comfort.

Two top zipper pocketsNo internal pockets
Water bottle pockets
Mesh back ventilation panel
Hip belt pockets

2. Kathmandu Hybrid 70L Trolley Backpacker’s Bag

Suppose you want to travel for extended durations but aren’t entirely keen on the backpacker lifestyle and want more than one choice for transporting your belongings. In that case, this 70-liter Kathmandu Hybrid Trolley could very well be the answer you’ve been looking for.

It is constructed of a very lightweight material that is extremely long-lasting, has stood the test of time, and may be used regardless of where your journey takes you.

Quick Takeaway

Because it has a backpack panel with ventilation, this hybrid trolley can be used for long periods of time without causing the wearer to become wet, uncomfortable, or experience unequal weight distribution. This Kathmandu Hybrid Trolley is an adaptable travel bag that can be used either as a trolley or as a backpack.

Extendable handleNot that stable
Durable wheelsNot enough pockets
Lockable zips
Internal mesh pocket
Tough outer fabrics

3. Gregory TETRAD 60 Backpacks For Backpacking

Look no further than the Gregory TETRAD 60 if you are searching for a travel backpack that is suitable for a lengthy trip and features a streamlined design in addition to being comfy and easy to access. It is a versatile alternative that does not appear to be as bulky as your typical backpacker bag thanks to an attached zip-off 20-liter day pack that is linked to the exterior.

This backpack is made out of highly durable nylon and has an alloy steel frame. As a result, it is not only lightweight but also sturdy and secure, even after being thrown around at the airport or while being transported in the cargo holds of buses and trains. When you’re out hiking or enjoying your next city break, you’ll have peace of mind thanks to the rain cover, which also protects against damage and theft.

It is a choice that is both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly comfortable, and it comes in either black or a bright orange color.

Quick Takeaway

On the whole, this backpack is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to easily locate their backpack on a luggage belt or in a pile of bags at a bus station.

Adjustable Carry systemLack outside pockets
ActiveShield pocket

4. Osprey Atmos AG 65 Bags For Backpacking

For a number of years, the Osprey Atmos AG 65 has been my pick for the best backpacking pack. It is also easily one of the styles that are seen most frequently out on the trail. If you place a premium on organization, the Osprey Atmos AG 65 is an excellent choice because it features a plethora of pockets, lash points, and gear loops.

Two reasonably large zippered pockets are located in the pack’s top lid, and there are two mesh water bottle holders, an exit port for a water reservoir and sip tube, and a big mesh stuff-it pocket located on the front of the pack. All of these features are standard for this type of pack.

In addition to that, there is a specific compartment for a sleeping bag that has a zipper at the bottom. The sleeping bag compartment, on the other hand, seemed a little superfluous to me in light of the new dual-side zipper access.

Osprey also incorporates two straps on the front of the pack, one on either side of the mesh pocket, for the purpose of carrying trekking poles and ice axes. There is a unique connection place for trekking poles along the left shoulder strap, which allows for convenient storage in the event that you need to release your grip on the pack for a brief period of time.

The fact that the ventilation design of the Atmos doesn’t impair the performance of the rest of the backpack elevates it from simply being a decent feature to a fantastic one. This is yet another high-quality product offered by Osprey:

The pack is built of long-lasting materials (210D nylon on the main body of the pack and 500D on the bottom), has careful organization, and has not shown any signs of excessive wear despite being able to carry a load that is heavy enough to last for multiple days in comfort. The materials are a significant increase in thickness from designs that are less in weight (many of which are 100D), and they are meant to survive for a long time.

Quick Takeaway

For the most part, this is the best travel backpack for people looking for plenty of pockets, and it is perfect for everyday use.

Awesome pocketsNot suitable for 40-pound weights
Excellent ventilationIt is not lightweight
General comfort
Generous padding
Well-executed suspension system

5. Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Windrider Backpack

  • Material: Dyneema
  • Volume: 3356 cu in
  • Support/Suspension: Dyneema Hardline, removable aluminum stays, padded back panel
  • Shoulder Straps: sewn-in spacer mesh, 3/8-inch foam
  • Waist Belt: yes

Durable Dyneema DCF (previously known as cuben fiber) is utilized in the construction of the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Backpack. This backpack is designed for through-hiking as well as multi-day backpacking journeys in harsh terrain. This backpack is designed in the classic shape of the ultralight bag, with a spacious main compartment, side pockets for water bottle holders, and a huge pocket on the back.

The main compartment features a closure system similar to that of a dry bag, which provides great top compression for the purpose of supporting your load. Because the fabric that makes up the DCF pack body is likewise waterproof and because the seams on the interior of the pack are taped, the pack is exceptionally resistant to the effects of rain.

The 3400 Southwest Pack has a total of five pockets on the exterior: two pockets on either side for water bottles, a larger pocket on the back, and two pockets on the hip belt.

Because the pockets are made of solid 210 deniers Dyneema reinforced nylon (Dyneema Hardline), the pack can be used roughly or in off-trail situations that would quickly shred mesh pockets. This is made possible because the pockets are made of strong 210 deniers Dyneema reinforced nylon.

It has a highly adjustable roll-top closure system, which enables it to carry a broad variety of loads, in addition to providing a significant amount of volume for its weight.

Quick Takeaway

By and large, those who are interested in reducing their overall weight and the amount of energy they consume now have various options. There are lots of backpacks with great things to offer, and the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 3400 pack is a great example of those things.

Durable fabricLacks support for heavier loads
Adjustable roll-top closure systemExpensive
Impressively light and strong

6. Osprey Exos 58 Men’s Backpacking Backpack

Because it has a ventilated, suspended mesh back panel that keeps you cooler and drier in hotter weather and because it weighs less than 3 pounds, the Osprey Exos 58 Backpack is one of the most popular backpacks that hikers and lightweight backpackers use.

The Osprey Exos 58 is a fully complete backpacking pack that doesn’t have a lot of extra add-ons that aren’t necessary, so it has all the functions you could want. This backpack has roomy side pockets that can be accessed while the pack is being worn.

It also has an exterior mesh “shove-it” pocket, an interior water bladder sleeve, a removable lid with two zipper pockets, a trekking pole holder on the shoulder strap, hip belt pockets, a loop for an ice axe (or trekking pole), and attachments for a sleeping pad. All of these features can be found on the backpack.

These are all the pockets that may possibly be desired on a backpack. The fact that this bag does not have an excessive number of compartments, which would only serve to increase its weight and make it more difficult to keep track of little objects, is of the utmost importance.

In addition to this, it has a torso-length adjustment system that is made possible by an injection-molded strap harness adjustment system. In addition, it has a hip belt that has a size range of 20 inches and a sternum strap that can be moved in order to change how well the pack fits. The weight can be adjusted by removing the straps that hold it in place.

Quick Takeaway

The ripstop pack material on this backpack includes a DWR coating, which stands for durable water repellent. However, the bag itself is not waterproof. Therefore, it has a moderate resistance to water, but it won’t keep your belongings dry in the pouring rain. Additionally, DWR coatings do not have a particularly long lifespan. Therefore, as time goes on, the bag will lose even more of its ability to repel water.

LightweightNot waterproof
Great pockets
Highly adjustable backpack

7. Granite Gear Blaze 60L Backpacks For Long Trips

  • All new A.C. (Air Current) Frame with 50lb (22.7kg) load rating
  • Dual density shoulder harness with load-lifter straps, removable sternum strap and whistle buckle for safety
  • Cinch-and-roll closure with crossing webbing straps to compress and secure the pack's contents
  • Removable lid compartment with DWR treated zipper that converts to optional chest pack to carry on your front
  • Hydration port & internal hydration sleeve

The Granite Gear Blaze 60 is a fantastic backpack for hiking and other outdoor activities. Almost every aspect of this pack’s design was up to the highest standards. It is really unusual to find a decent pack that is both lightweight and capable of carrying hefty items in a comfortable manner as this pack does. In addition to this, Granite Gear doesn’t compromise the quality of its superb features in order to reduce its overall weight.

The main compartment can be reached either from the top, where it is secured by a drawstring, or from the front, where it is opened by a zipper that runs the length of the bag. The floating top lid of the Blaze is removable and can be used for storing a variety of items, including travel documents, navigational accessories, and gloves. In addition to that, there are two sizable hip belt pockets that have zippers.

This backpack is distinguished by its compression and gear attachment system, which makes it simple to carry large or oddly shaped gear on the exterior of the bag without having to dig through the main compartment.

Additionally, this bag has three levels of compression straps on both the front and the back of the bag. When carrying a smaller or lighter load, you can use these to cut down on the overall volume of your pack. You may open any of the three side webbing straps by using the side release buckles, which need you to squeeze together in order to open.

Quick Takeaway

Ideally, this backpack boasts a number of very unique characteristics, such as the top lid’s ability to serve a variety of purposes, the vertical zipper that provides access to the main compartment, and so on. The Granite Gear Blaze 60L is an amazing backpack that is designed for the experienced hiker but is used by anybody. It is intended for longer excursions.

LightweightTiny buckles hard to use with gloves
Comfortable with heavy loads
Perfect pocket combination

8. Osprey Aether 65 Men’s Backpacking Backpack

Adjusting the torso length frame, shoulder straps, and hip belt length of the Osprey Aether 65, a multi-day expedition backpack, lets you customize the fit without replacing parts. It is easy to use for a variety of trips, from backpacking in the wilderness to climbing mountains, thanks to its features and external attachment points.

Even though it has an internal frame, the Aether 65 is able to carry hefty loads with the same ease and comfort as an exterior frame backpack. Let’s say you have to carry a lot of weight, but you really value the organizing qualities that an internal frame backpack offers. If this is the case, the Osprey Aether 65 is the solution to your problem.

Even though backpacking isn’t for everyone, there are still a lot of people that need backpacks that can carry a week’s worth of food and gear into wilderness areas where they can’t be resupplied or carry big basecamp gear for family camping trips. But what makes this pack different from others like it is that it fits and you can change it yourself without having to remove or replace any of the pack’s parts. That’s a great new idea that a lot of tourists will like.

Quick Takeaway

In all, the Osprey Aether 65 is a great backpack because it fits well and can take heavy, bulky loads with ease.

Very comfortableHeavy
DurableWater bottle pockets can be inconvenient
Plenty of compartments

9. Deuter Aircontact Core Backpacks

If you are willing to make an investment in a reliable bag that is quite large, you should think about purchasing the AirContact backpack from Deuter. Maybe you’re going to be out in the wilderness for a while, or traveling for a significant amount of time. The Deuter Aircontact Lite 65+10 has been designed with the utmost attention to detail and provides the utmost comfort.

However, what do you think about the quality of this backpack in general?

This Deuter backpack is fantastic for longer journeys as well as hikes that are technically difficult. The level of comfort is the primary selling point. Second, it possesses all the appropriate characteristics and operates in all the appropriate manners.

What is a person’s initial reaction? Premium. The high quality was achieved by the combination of 100D High Tenacity Polyamide and 600D Polyester in the construction of the Deuter Aircontact Lite 65+10 Backpack. In addition to that, the building should be sturdy. It maintained a consistent level of considerable weight during the entire process.

You shouldn’t have too much issue carrying this Deuter backpack on your back due to its sturdy construction and comfy design. In addition, if you feel that hip belts are essential for your body type, the fact that these belts are integrated to fit you will give you the peace of mind that they won’t become detached.

The Deuter Aircontact Core is a durable backpack that has been constructed to last for a long time. In addition to its various functions, it is built with a robust suspension and a generous amount of padding. Its cushioning is somewhat bulkier and warmer than that of most similar products, but it functions very well elsewhere.

Quick Takeaway

So, if you are an experienced hiker or tourist, buying this backpack is a decision you won’t come to regret. Spending that much money, however, may not be the greatest course of action for someone who is just starting out.

Exceptionally comfortable suspensionNo rain cover included
Well padded
Great for an experienced traveler
Lots of pockets
More torso height adjustment

10. Arc’teryx Aerios 45 Backpacks For Backpacking

The Aerios 45 is a remarkably lightweight yet completely indestructible knapsack that was developed for use when hiking and in other outdoor activities. It is the perfect size for light, multi-day camping trips, or it might even be used as a roomy daypack during the winter months.

It is constructed out of two different types of Cordura nylon: 210D Cordura Ripstop Nylon and 100D Cordura Nylon. Both of these materials are extremely resistant to the effects of the elements, making them an excellent choice for the wide range of climatic conditions that we experience. Despite this, the total weight of the package is a little over one kilogram.

Because of its sleek construction, the Women’s Aerios 45 Backpack does not restrict your mobility in any way. When it comes to transporting it, the system has ventilated shoulder straps, two sternum straps, and a hip belt with padding so that it may be carried about easily. The AeroForm technology allows for ventilation to be provided to the padded back as well.

In addition to that, it possesses a compartment within the lid, an elastic holder in the front, and a roll closing. The connection loops for trekking poles and the two pockets that are located in the padded hip belt are two additional wonderful features that come included with this backpack.

Quick Takeaway

Overall, this travel backpack is constructed out of a high tenacity and liquid crystal polymer ripstop fabric, which gives exceptional stability and durability while having a low weight while you are on your extended trip.

Shoulder harnessLimited sizing
Stretchy sternum strapsOnly for women
Zippered pockets
Huge side pockets
Roll-top closure

11. Mystery Ranch Glacier Backpack

I understand that some folks are trying to find the lightest feasible backpack that still has all the functionality they need to do their job. Some want a more unstructured backpack, but others need specific features like a place to store a sleeping bag and a top lid to store toiletries and snacks.

Others are still looking for a backpack that will allow them to carry heavy loads with the least amount of discomfort and that is durable enough to withstand a lifetime of carrying such weights. Mystery Ranch Glacier should be your first and only stop if you belong to the crowd that is interested in all of these qualities.

It is a lightweight but sturdy frame that is meant to carry up to 70 pounds in a comfortable manner. High-density foam is completely encased around the shoulder strap, the hip belt, and any other areas of contact with the body. This ensures that the foam will remain in good condition for a very long time. Those who are in need of a room can take advantage of its pockets, top cover, sleeping bag compartment, and other convenient features.

Quick Takeaway

In all, consider purchasing the Mystery Ranch Glacier if you are planning on going on a lengthy excursion and are looking for the most sturdy and comfortable backpack that also provides you with some degree of adaptability and the ability to bring a few creature comforts. Regarding the amount of weight that it can carry, it belongs to a class all by itself.

Durable materialA bit heavy
Great Suspension system
Large compartment

12. Deuter Transit 50 Travel Backpack

  • Fully breathable foam back
  • Vari quick system
  • X-frame
  • Bottom compartment
  • Outer pockets

Deuter is another reputable brand that makes backpacks specifically designed for hiking and backpacking. They are famous for both the unparalleled quality and innovative designs of their products. With the Deuter Transit 50, fortunately, there is not even a single exception to be found. If you are looking for a backpack that can be used for both vacation and day-to-day life, this is the greatest option available.

It comes with a daypack that can be removed! The primary backpack, which has a capacity of 50 liters, is quite spacious. Despite its size, several airlines continue to let passengers bring it on board as carry-on luggage, which is a very useful perk. You now have access to a U-shaped pocket that can be reached easily from all sides, which will make packing and unpacking much simpler.

It features chest, waist, and shoulder cushioned belts that can all be adjusted, and they can all be stowed away. You can also attach the long shoulder strap that comes with it to carry it like a regular bag on just one shoulder like a traditional bag.

Another noteworthy component is known as the Aircontact system. Because of a pumping effect, the air is forced through the porous back, which cushions every move. Because of this, there is 15% less sweat produced compared to when using comparable backpacks of a similar design.

Excellent if you have to carry it for a long distance or if you live in a warm climate. Because of the zipper on the main bag, the smaller backpack, which has a capacity of about 12 liters, may be swiftly attached.

Quick Takeaway

In all, if you want to go sightseeing without having to carry around a large bag, this is the perfect size for you to use. The only disadvantage of the Deuter Transit 50 that I can think of is that it does not come with a designated space for storing a laptop. However, if you place your laptop inside a cushioned sleeve, which you should do anyhow, and then put that sleeve inside the main compartment of your bag with the rest of your clothing, it ought to be safe enough.

Excellent shoulder padding & hip supportHeavy frame
Easy-access front loaderNo rain cover included
Nice detachable daypack

13. Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Backpack

  • GLOBAL COMPANION 40L - This organizational machine allows access from the top or bottom, along with middle access to a wide butterfly opening with dual interior compartments; Backpack Dimensions: 13.75 x 21.5 x 8 in | 3 lbs 9 oz
  • MADE FOR ADVENTURE - Designed ergonomically padded shoulder straps and hip belt with moisture-wicking backpack straps, back panel & hip belt for long term comfort and support
  • UNISEX FIXED SUSPENSION - Built for men and women with padded suspension & sternum straps that offer further load stability for comfortable all day wear
  • LONG LASTING & DURABLE - Luggage made with Bi-Tech fabric base is weather and abrasion resistant, and easily wipes down
  • NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY - Eagle Creek's Lifetime Warranty, plus the added insurance of repair or replacement due to product failure during the product lifetime, regardless of the cause

Imagine that you are looking for a backpack that you can carry with you whether you go hiking, to the airport, or to the city. If this is the case, then the answer is the 40-liter Global Companion backpack made by Eagle Creek. Because it has a large capacity but does not weigh much by itself, it is an excellent choice for people who enjoy being outdoors.

The bag is designed to be carried comfortably with padded straps and a hip belt. Because the shoulder strap adjusters, sternum straps, and top load adjusters on the pack allow you to adapt it to fit your body, it has a stabilizing impact on long hikes. This effect is made possible by the adjustability of the pack.

A bit like luggage, the bag is divided into two independent parts for the storage of belongings. First, there is a separate area for shoes at the bottom of the bag, which keeps soiled footwear separate from other items in the bag. In addition, this bag features a padded laptop sleeve that can be accessed simply as well as a mesh stuffer pocket at the front that can be used to separate your wet items.

Quick Takeaway

In general, the Global Companion has lockable zippers that allow the bag to be sealed even when it is completely full of items. The Global Companion 40L is also fully covered by Eagle Creek’s warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about sending it back to the manufacturer for repairs or a replacement.

Made of durable materialsPoor waist strap
Lockable zippers
Great Compartment

Tips For Buying The Best Travel Backpack For Long Trips

Best travel backpacks for backpacking

What constitutes the best backpack is very debatable. Finding the ideal backpack is difficult because of the many variables involved.

The following is a list of factors that you should think about while selecting the best backpack for long trips:

1. Backpack’s Price

I can’t guarantee that a high-quality backpacking pack won’t be pricey, but I can guarantee that it will be worth the money if you choose one that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, will endure for thousands of miles, and contains pockets that are handy for keeping your belongings organized.

Spending more money, if at all possible, is something you should do because, in the long run, it will be less expensive than replacing a worn-out or ill-fitting bag. The backpacking packs on this list are known for their high level of craftsmanship as well as for excellent performance.

2. Backpack’s Overall Weight

Because your backpack will be one of the four items you carry that are the heaviest (the others being your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad), this is an excellent spot to save weight. When shopping for backpacking gear, one of the most significant considerations is weight. The lighter your load, the more comfortable it will be, the further you will be able to hike, and the more fun you will have on your journey.

That is not to suggest, however, that camping packs that are heavier are inherently inferior. Imagine that you routinely handle loads of more than 40 pounds or that you are hard on your equipment.

If this is the case, you will probably find that a more robust camping pack is both more comfortable and more long-lasting for you. Because heavier backpacks typically have higher capacities, they are an excellent choice for longer journeys in more distant places and for hiking in the cold.

3. Bag’s Volume

Even when they are undertaking a thru-hike, many lightweight backpackers opt to carry a pack that is between 40 and 50 liters. Imagine that you have a penchant for bringing along a few extra luxuries or that you are aware that you will need to transport a significant amount of clothing, food, and water.

If this is the case, you may consider purchasing a bag that has a somewhat larger capacity so that you have more options. In addition, if you want to use your backpacking pack for winter excursions, you should think about getting one that has a larger capacity so that you can carry heavier and bulkier items.

4. Backpack’s Fit

In the world of backpacking, one of the most critical considerations is how well the pack fits the user. However, it is also one of the qualities that is the most difficult to determine unless you have a camping pack that is fully loaded and worn on your back. Those backpacks that I described earlier are extremely popular due to the comfort they provide.

Before you go out and buy a new backpack, all you need to do is measure your torso length and the circumference of your hip belt.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: a rundown of the finest backpacks for backpacking and long trips that you can put to the test and enjoy, whether you’re hitting the woods, discovering cobblestone towns, sprinting about cities, or combining different types of travel.

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of these businesses and brands provide quality guarantees and warranties, with some even going as far as to give a lifetime warranty, in the event that your bag breaks or is damaged. Consequently, it is always worthwhile to check with them personally to determine if they offer this service.